WIRED HOTEL ASAKUSA | Local Community Hotel in Tokyo Japan

WIRED HOTEL ASAKUSA | Local Community Hotel in Tokyo Japan

WIRED HOTEL Asakusa is a LOCAL COMMUNITY HOTEL that organically integrates into the traditional neighborhood of Asakusa in Tokyo, Japan. We partnered with local Asakusa craftsmen to create our unique design and amenities, and hold regular cultural and community events in our first floor restaurant. A boutique hotel with only 30 rooms, we offer a personal way to enjoy.


  • Asakusa is a neighborhood in Tokyo that has resisted change so retains much old world Japanese charm. The variety of temple, shrines, and traditional architecture makes Asakusa one of Tokyo’s top tourist attractions.

  • WIRED HOTEL is located in a deep part of Asakusa away from the main tourist sites and the neighborhood offers a real Tokyo lifestyle experience. We partnered with local craftsmen and artisans to create our hotel’s unique interior & amenities, and to provide local community events.

  • WIRED HOTEL Asakusa is the first hotel by Cafe Company Inc., a Japan-based cafe and restaurant company with the goal of building community around all our locations. Our signature brand is WIRED CAFE, and WIRED HOTEL now brings our philosophy to the hospitality industry.

Here at WIRED HOTEL our three different types of rooms are built to accommodate your personal travel style.


WIRED CHAYA is our cafe / restaurant located on the first floor and it is a brand by Cafe Company.
Inspired by traditional Japanese tea houses WIRED Chaya specialises in various types of rice bowls, modern Japanese sweets, and delicous drinks.Come and spend a relaxing moment by dropping by for a coffee, a casual lunch or dinner.

WIRED HOTEL and local craftsmen and designers from Asakusa.

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    10 minute walk from Asakusa Station Tokyo Metro Ginza Line / Tobu Isesaki Line , 10 minute walk from Tawaramachi Station Tokyo Metro Ginza Line , 3 minute walk from Asakusa Station Tsukuba Express

    From TOKYO Sta.
    From SHINAGAWA Sta.


    1 hour from Narita International Airport on JR limited express “Sky Access”, and about 10 minutes on foot from Asakusa Station / 45 minutes from Haneda Airport on Keikyu Airport Line, and and about 10 minutes on foot from Asakusa Station.

    From NARITA Airport
    From HANEDA Airport

  • BY BUS

    55 minutes from Osaka International Airport (Itami Airport) by airport limousine bus (Departing and arriving at Kyoto Station Hachijo Exit) 15 minutes on foot from Kyoto Station Hachijo Exit

    From Nishi-Asakusa 3 Chome
    From Asakusa Koen Rokku




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