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For any outdoor-centric Coloradan, there’s a new podcast to consider.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife at the end of October launched Colorado Outdoors, audio segments “designed to share the work taking place in the agency,” according to a news release.

Topics will include “parks, wildlife, trails, outdoor recreation, safety, natural resources, research, biology, energy and more.” The podcast “will also give the agency a communication tool to share information on hot and pressing topics,” according to the release.

Colorado Outdoors launched with a 37-minute interview with Dan Prenzlow, director of the government enterprise funded by sporting licenses, park passes and other fees.

The balance between conservation and recreation has “really hit a crescendo in the last five years,” Prenzlow said, alluding to record crowding at parks and the state’s ever-rising population. He said CPW is “working with the governor’s office” to come up with a “balancing” plan.

“Everybody that makes a decision — every county, every city, the state and federal government — anytime you approve something or disapprove something, you’re adding to that complexity,” Prenzlow said. “Long story short, we’re gonna work to balance that.”

Another Colorado Outdoors episode focuses on Fishers Peak, the 42nd state park that recently opened. The park’s manager, Crystal Dreiling, said she expects it to take two years to finalize a master plan for developing the 19,200-acre preserve.

She described the “raw and rugged” nature of the park. “Hopefully we can keep it that way in a sense,” she said.

Colorado Outdoors is available wherever you stream podcasts, including Spotify, Apple/iTunes, Google and Amazon.

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