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getaways mean more vacations….

While many people dream of spending weeks on sun-drenched tropical beaches, a growing number of families or couples are recognizing the advantages of vacation or holiday fun in shorter doses.

Two-income households with a gaggle of kids in tow especially have little time to plan, budget and organize a long trip.

So it’s no surprise that weekend getaway trips are catching on across the country.

In times of economic hardship, it’s especially important for families to budget travel expenses without giving up the fun and adventure that a full-tilt vacation may provide.

Short getaways or long weekend trips include much less planning and, of course, the chance to get out of town at a moment’s notice.

Make Your Vacation Seem Longer – Take Weekends

By opting for longer weekends, many vacationers feel they are getting more, not less, vacation time. Spreading the traditional 14-21 vacation days over the four seasons also provides lots of opportunities
for a short family road trip, fall foliage or winery tour, winter getaways or extended stays at summer campgrounds, theme parks or winter holiday ski trips.

“It all
depends on your attitude,” says New York native Mary Donough
who, along with her husband and two kids have taken quick
trips around the NYC
metro area, Boston
and Washington
– even Cancun
and Bermuda.

“While long stay vacations are fun to plan, it’s so much more exciting to pack a few things, grab the kids and go, especially in the off-season. Once you find out how fun and affordable it can be,
weekend trips are the only way to go.”

For the best deals during peak season also look for US destinations that traditionally offer cheaper airfares, hotel room and meals – like Orlando or Las Vegas – for a complete travel package that won’t break the bank.

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