Want To Meet A Presidential Ghost? Book This Hotel Room

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — From the gleaming marble floors and stately columns, to the Tiffany-glass-domed garden court, the Palace Hotel in San Francisco drips luxury like the thousands of pieces of crystal hanging from its chandeliers. It’s no wonder that foreign royalty, presidents of the United States, business titans, and movie stars have all stayed in the glorious suites.

But one president, some believe, is said to inhabit the hotel to this day. It was in the Presidential Suite, room 8064, that President Warren G. Harding died on Aug. 2, 1923. Harding suffered from pneumonia when he arrived in the city by train two days earlier.

His death certificate states the cause of his demise to be cerebral apoplexy. But Mrs. Harding refused to allow an autopsy, and some question the official version of events. It was Harding whose administration was embroiled in the Teapot Dome scandal, and he is also accused of marital infidelities. Some conspiracy theorists believe that Harding was poisoned.

According to Curbed San Francisco, some guests still report seeing Harding wandering the hallways from time-to-time.

So if you’re looking for a spooky night in San Francisco, book room 8064 at the Palace Hotel (don’t ask for the presidential suite – it has moved), and perhaps rub elbows with a president who’s been hanging around for almost a century.

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