Vinny Guadagnino Feels Like This Is Missing From Season 4

Vinny Guadagnino is an instigator – especially when it comes to pushing Angelina Pivarnick’s buttons. Both reality stars are back for Jersey Shore: Family Vacation Season 4, but Guadagnino admitted something is missing from this season. 

Vinny Guadagnino
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Angelina Pivarnick and Vinny Guadagnino have a love/hate relationship 

Pivarnick was on the outskirts of the Jersey Shore family for a long time, but when she returned to be part of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, everyone welcomed her with semi-open arms. 

That is, everyone except for Guadagnino. He maintained his faux hate for Pivarnick, often making her the butt of the joke. Now, their love/hate relationship has become something many Jersey Shore fans look forward to seeing on the show. 

The torturing continued after the season 3 finale of Family Vacation, wherein Pivarnick’s wedding drama was finally revealed. The backlash from fans got a little too intense, so Pivarnick took a brief break from social media. Naturally, upon her return, Guadagnino was there to harass Pivarnick.

“Omg Angelina shut up,” he tweeted. “I liked it better when your Twitter was deleted.” Pivarnick replied in a way fitting to their relationship:

It was NEVER deleted sweetie pie. Just do yourself a favor and learn how to talk to the QUEEN of Staten Island!!! [You] are a peasant and I am your ruler. Get that straight and we shall be good. Whoever messes [with] the queen shall face [the] consequences.

Pivarnick and Guadagnino may be on good terms, but their dynamic has definitely changed.

Season 4 of ‘Jersey Shore: Family Vacation’ looks a lot different

After the drama that unfolded at Pivarnick’s wedding in November 2019, the Jersey Shore family experienced a falling out. Once again, Pivarnick was on the outskirts. After backlash from many Jersey Shore fans, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi chose to step away from the show. The biggest difference about season 4 is that Polizzi is not part of the cast.

Another thing that is drastically different this season is how it was filmed. The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic shut much of the world down for a while. Despite the many setbacks the pandemic has caused, MTV figured out a way to safely film a new season of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation in quarantine. 

Yet another altered aspect of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation Season 4 is that Pivarnick isn’t fighting all with Guadagnino. Instead, her attention is focused on the feud between Farley and Cortese. 

Vinny Guadagnino misses fighting with Angelina Pivarnick

During an interview with the Jenny McCarthy Show, Guadagnino admitted there’s one thing missing from season 4 — his chance to argue with Pivarnick. 

While Ronnie Ortiz-Magro joked that Guadagnino and Pivarnick’s relationship was “strictly sexual,” the truth is Guadagnino had to take a step back from Pivarnick this season. 

“We do go at each other like we always do,” Guadagnino said of season 4. “I will say it was kind of overshadowed because the drama really wasn’t between Angelina and I this season.”

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“There was a lot of other drama between her and other people,” Guadagnino continued. “It was weird because I’m like, ‘Hey! I want to fight with Angelina, too!’ I missed it.” Instead of picking on Pivarnick, Guadagnino stepped back to let the women of Jersey Shore resolve their differences.

Though Pivarnick’s grudge is with the other castmates, many fans are confident Guadagnino will find a way to work a jab or two in at her expense. 

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