VacationSF is overwhelmed by the support of our customers- because of your continued shopping with us @vacationsf4sale we are able to pay the majority of our rent for April as well as offer some money to our full time employees who we love and miss dearly. Further we can pay our bills!! In the month of March at the start of Shelter in Place due to #covi̇d_19, we pledged to donate all shipping costs to a true Tenderloin Miracle- an organization on the frontlines here in our neighborhood. BECAUSE OF YOUR SUPPORT FOR US- we were TOGETHER able to raise $1,200 for @stanthonysf. We chose St. Anthony’s because they are providing direct, immediate COVID-19 relief for the community here in the Tenderloin. The TL is facing such immense challenges during this time. St. Anthony’s is #stillservingsf and has been a TL based institution in SF for 70 years. Typically, they are run by a core staff and over 80 volunteers, however due to COVID-19 safety regulations they are currently operating without ANY volunteers, only the core, small staff. That’s a handful of employees doing 80 people’s work! Under normal circumstances pre-COVID 19- St. Anthony’s feeds approximately 2,200 people a warm, healthy meal everyday in their dining room. AS OF NOW-they are serving over 3,200 meals daily – following strict COVID-19 food handling safety precautions and serving meals to-go in compostable containers. The explosion in food costs and the cost of compostable containers has been extraordinary! The dedication of their core staff, continuing to serve the community sans volunteers is extraordinary. Since the shelter in place order they have also installed and maintained an additional 8 hand-washing and sanitizing stations on Golden Gate Ave. They continue to offer hygiene kits, and essential clothing to the community. This is vital and IMPORTANT for a community of people that do not have Shelter. Link in Bio to donate directly to the very front lines of survival in the special and vulnerable neighborhood Vacation is proud to call home .

We are frantically scrambling to update our online shop on this website, and have been actively uploading to ETSY, where there are new items posted every day.

Also just listed, are gift cards! Buy now shop later! These are crazy times, and we appreciate your support so much. We DO NOT!! I repeat! DO NOT!! want to be an online shop forever. WE LOVE our customers, we love being in San Francisco. Because of being a REAL LIFE Brick & Mortar shop, we have an overhead expense that is looming in our uncertain future. Every little bit of support goes towards employees pay, our rent, our insurance, our taxes, buying inventory, etc etc. You may purchase a gift card HERE. It does not expire, and is good for Instagram, Etsy and Online. Everyone stay safe, much love and patience, hope and good vibes from VACATION. BUY GIFT CARDS HERE

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