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Travel Explorer (TraX) offers a centralized source of travel information to include travel assistance, training, access to trip tools, and other useful information.

  • Travel Assistance
    TraX provides assistance to DoD travelers by functioning as an extension of the Travel Assistance Center (TAC). Travelers/Administrators have the ability to submit a help ticket, and track the progress of open tickets, while TAC representatives conduct research, or search and review responses to previously submitted questions.

    Before submitting a help ticket, users are encouraged to use the Knowledge Center which provides instant access to hundreds of frequently asked questions and corresponding answers. Users can search, rate, and receive automatic notifications of updates related to questions.

  • Training

    The Training section allows access to all travel training offered by DTMO. TraX will recommend courses based on the role selected by a user. TraX can also provide a full listing of available courses including web-based, distance learning, and instructor-led formats. Once the desired course has been selected, users can launch a web-based course or register for upcoming sessions. In addition, TraX maintains a user’s class schedule and keeps a record of completed training.

  • Trip Tools
    TraX can provide trip planning information on airline City Pairs, per diem rates, rental car ceiling rates and destinations forecasts. Trip Tools can be used to estimate travel costs, provide maps and location reports that include travel advisories, health and safety considerations, embassy phone numbers, as well as weather forecasts.

To access TraX, users must register through Passport, DTMO’s web portal, at

Click here for instructions on accessing Travel Explorer via the Passport web portal.



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