This Travel Company Wants To Help You Literally Dream Your Way To Vacation With “Dream Tourism”

When you think of a dream vacation what comes to your mind’s eye? First class travel? A cabana by the ocean? A luxury high rise hotel in the city? Home swapping site Love Home Swap has officially changed the way we experience dream trips—and it doesn’t even involve dusting off your passport (or getting out of bed).

For travel-lovers who are looking to get away this year, but don’t want to risk getting sick or becoming stuck somewhere in such uncertain times, Love Home Swap has teamed up with a lucid dreaming expert to introduce ‘Dream Tourism.’ A program that was made to teach aspiring travelers how to literally dream of being on vacation anywhere in the world. Sounds pretty wild, right?

The innovative service promises to “transform the world’s dreaming patterns” while transporting people to new places through the power of the mind—without having to worry about quarantining, risking exposure, or even booking time off.

Using  scientifically-proven techniques known as dream incubation and lucid dreaming, dream tourists can choose what they want to dream about, or rather, where they want their dreams to take them in the world.

While it may seem sci-fi at first glance, scientific research within dream incubation has actually been well studied and documented for decades—and it’s actually quite simple to figure out if you’re committed to giving it a go. In 1978, a study found that 38% of subjects could use similar dream incubation techniques to alter the outcomes of their dreams within a mere few days of practicing the proper techniques.

More recently, Harvard University psychologist Dr Deirdre Barrett found that 75% of research participants could intentionally influence their dreams using pre-sleep suggestion and dream incubation techniques before bed. While the techniques may not be guaranteed to work for everyone, if it means the chance of a stress-free dream vacation during a global pandemic, sign us up. 

Interested in trying it out for yourself? Love Home Swap and dream incubation expert Charlie Morley want to make it as easy as possible for just about anyone to take off on a dream vacation. The collaboration resulted in Dream Passport, a free how-to manual that will provide dream incubation and lucid dreaming techniques to help you become the architect of your dream. From studying images of your dream destinations before bed, writing out in detail what your dream vacation would look like, and even drawing pictures of yourself enjoying your vacation, think of this lucid dreaming experience as an extension to your vision board.

“Dream incubation is a real thing. It has been studied by sleep researchers since the 1970s and is surprisingly easy to do. Combining visualization, affirmations and pre-sleep hypnotic suggestion, most people will be able to influence the content of their dreams within a few nights of practice and essentially choose what they want to dream about,” Dream expert Charlie Morley said in a statement. “This dream holidays project uses exactly the same techniques to allow people to dream of being on a home-swapping holiday, something which in these crazy lockdown times might be very appealing!”

For more information on Love Home Swap or to download the Dream Passport how-to manual, be sure to visit the official Love Home Swap website.

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