This Alcohol-Free Fragrance Is the No-Travel Vacation We Didn’t Know We Needed

As passports gather dust and searches for far-away Airbnbs register as the “new norm” for nightly entertainment, a little wanderlust—in the form of a new fragrance import—seems to be just what this stay-at-home society ordered.

Enter Brûmée, a straight-from-Grasse (all the ingredients are sourced from the South of France) natural fragrance line that’s hitting stateside come mid-November. While the scents—Pine Tree + Vetiver, Aromatic Spices + Jasmine and Cedarwood + Vanilla—are deliciously crafted, the formula behind the range isn’t so standard, as all three boast alcohol-free fragrances that the company says are simply “kinder on your hair and skin.”

While the water-based fragrances wouldn’t necessarily flag any differences in a simple “sniff test,” the formulas look slightly “milkier” than the norm, as the line boasts a one-size-does-not-fit-all result as it works with your skin’s natural pH to create a scent that’s unique to the individual. 

The secret: A little behind-the-scenes chemistry and R&D magic that uses a new procedure the company refers to as “aqueous emulsions or WPE” that mixes water and oil into one emulsified mix and extends the shelf life of the scent. The result: Rich and distinct scents that are intriguingly complex and successfully check off the box for a truly 100-percent natural, vegan and cruelty-free product that also hits the European ECOCERT standards.

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