The Heart of Europe to handover 2,000 units within Phase I as it re-creates the charm of the French Riviera through St. Tropez Hotel

Construction of the project’s innovative landmarks, including the Floating Seahorse Villas, Sweden Beach Palaces, Germany Island Villas, Honeymoon Island, Portofino Hotel and Côte d’Azur Resort are progressing in full speed with all the Phase I projects having topped out while engineers are currently putting finishing touches on the exterior facades and interior décor – making them ready to receive tourists from all over the world – when large-scale tourism traffic starts to pick up.

“At the beginning of the year, we made a commitment to deliver part of the Phase 1 of the Heart of Europe to the owners by the end of 2020,” Josef Kleindienst, Chairman of Kleindienst Group, said. “At that time, we were not fully aware of the devastating effects of the Coronavirus pandemic and its magnitude.

“However, despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, we were determined to go ahead with our planned development and as the lockdown was announced in March, we shifted our entire team to the Heart of Europe islands and continued to construct. During the lockdown, we were isolated from the mainland and confined to the island and focused on construction.

“Now, I am pleased to announce that, we are ready to hand-over residential units to home-owners so that they can fit out the interiors. This reflects our strong commitment to the investors and as they start taking over, I am also excited to announce that we have started construction of the Phase II of the project – and plan to complete the development of the island by 2022.”

Since about 90 percent of the developments of the island are hospitality units, hotels and resorts will be opened when large-scale tourism traffic starts to pick up, he says.

“We are also getting ready to commercially open more than 1,500 hospitality units in five hotels and resorts – when the tourists start to travel – after the situation normalises. The recent announcement of the COVID-19 vaccine is encouraging and if most people are vaccinated in the first half of 2021, we will open the world-class leisure destination to local, regional and international tourists ahead of the Expo 2020 that starts in October 2021,” Josef Kleindienst says.

St. Tropez – an exclusive boutique hotel offering 200 keys – is gradually taking shape at the Heart of Europe, the most sustainable luxury leisure tourism destination in the world. Part of the four-hotel Côte d’Azur Resort, it will add to the growing attractions of the Heart of Europe, once complete in a few months.

Overlooking the Arabian Gulf, St. Tropez offers magnificent sea views – of a large body of crystal clear blue waters at an inter-connected destination of six islands that makes up the Heart of Europe, which will be one of the most sought after holiday destinations in the world.

St. Tropez promises to deliver luxury suites where every window overlooks mesmerising seascapes that shine under the sun. Guests will be able to surround themselves in the spellbinding beauty of the azure blue sky and golden sands of the longest private beach in the UAE.

St. Tropez design draws inspiration from the splendour of the French Riviera. The resort, which is located next to the Rainy Street, is taking cues from a rainbow in its architectural style. It is boasting vibrant, enlightening, multicoloured facades straight out of a Summer landscape with colours that transform from purple into blue, green, and pink – like Summer rainbows at the end of the storm, a natural wonder of nature often found in the South of France.  As they say, it takes both sunshine and rain to make a rainbow. The hotel will ooze a sense of glamour and local character, just like the local venues that seek to stand out and impress in a town built on fame, yachting and exuding taste and sophistication.

Like in Saint Tropez in France, the destination will have a picturesque beachfront full of tiny boats, yachts, colorful facade and, of course, many chic cafés and restaurants that celebrate the ‘chic artist life’ as the locals say.

Yachts moored in front of St. Tropez will be able to order breakfast to watch the sunset from their deck and the sun rise over the hotel.

The suites were designed with the investor in mind, with a limited inventory and designed to offer the penultimate second home and holiday lifestyle in the world. The best of Europe and the French Riviera are found in one place only 10 minutes away from Dubai shores.

Visitors will be in for a lot of pleasant surprises when they walk into the splendid lobby, just like in St. Tropez city where celebrities have been flowing through its streets, heavy trunks in tow for their holidays. Coco Chanel, Jean Cocteau, Mick Jagger, Brigitte Bardot and Clark Gable were just a few of the visitors that contributed to the fame of the city. The hotel’s lobby is adorned with a private collection of portraits in black and white of celebrities in St. Tropez.

In this Provencal retreat with a palatial feel, crisp whites, warm sandy tones and a feast of the striking colours of the Summer season are adding to the feel of coastal glamour. One of the highlight of this ultra-swish property are the 4 suites with evocative names such as ‘Call my agent’, ‘Paparazzi’, ‘Private jet’ and ‘St. Tropez’, each offering a fresh Provencal décor with striking colourful design accents.

Construction of St. Tropez is on a fast track and has already topped out, which will be connected to the UAE’s largest unbroken private pristine beaches stretching up to 700 metres – where visitors could spend the whole day in peace and tranquility. It is one of the 15 hotels that are being built on the Heart of Europe as per the developer’s grand vision.

Once completed, St Tropez will be the fifth hotel in the Heart of Europe that will host year-round European festivities to enthrall visitors. St Tropez’ construction marks completion of 50 percent of the Heart of Europe’s master plan.

Being built on a plot of 43,442 square metres, Côte d’Azur Resort comprises four boutique hotels – Monaco, Nice, Cannes and St. Tropez – each named after the most famous and picturesque resort cities along the French Riviera and offering distinct European hospitality and culture in Dubai.

Guests at St. Tropez will be spoilt with a wide variety of lifestyle facilities and entertainment options alongside three other hotels, including the largest and most sustainable swimming pool in the Middle East, the Rainy Street – the 1-kilometre long walk where it will rain and breeze on command to maintain temperatures at 28˚C as in the South of France during the Summer season as well as the year-round European festivals that will recreate Europe in the Heart of Europe.

“We achieved the construction milestones of the St. Tropez Hotel without compromising the sustainability features and design elements as these features will strengthen the buyers’ return on investment. The value of each unit within the Heart of Europe is growing manifolds to the delight of our investors,” Josef Kleindienst, says.

“However, the biggest achievement is to be able to create the emotions and re-create the charms of the St. Tropez city – that is a retreat of the super luxury tourists. We are re-creating this for a new generation of modern-day luxury tourists. The hotel will carry on with the legacy of St. Tropez and offer it in a more dynamic setting at the Heart of Europe.

“International tourists and residents will soon be swept off their feet when they discover the best of St. Tropez, which is going to encourage visitors to stay extra nights on the island.

“The sustainable features and the steady progress in the construction of the Heart of Europe is already paying dividends as the price of the assets have jumped more than four-fold due to these reasons. Besides, the overall value proposition – being developed as a miniature Europe that will recreate the European environment off the coast of the Arabian Gulf – is adding to the value proposition.

“What we had envisioned during the early days of the masterplan and design stage, is now coming to a reality. People can now see that our grand vision is becoming a reality – which is attracting more investors to our properties.”

St. Tropez is scheduled to be completed along with other hotels including Côte d’Azur Resort, Portofino Hotel and residential units as part of the Phase I, in 2020 and 2021. When complete, Côte d’Azur will offer 796 standard suites, 4 Super Deluxe suites, 61 Suite rooms and 32 Star suites. The upscale beachfront resort incorporates key features of the French Riviera’s most impressive architecture, design and lifestyle.

Once complete, St. Tropez will recreate the ambience and charms of the famous French Riviera town with the same name and offer a combination of the village charm and celebrity glamour. It will host a main restaurant, ‘Pampelonne’ named after the most famous beach in St. Tropez, in addition to three cafes that will recreate a wonderful sense of rustic glamour and artistic liberty – La Reserve Ramatuelle, a gastro-bistro with colourful beach parasols; Papagayo, a feast of Provencal cuisine with an artistic touch; and Tahiti, named after one of the most beautiful beaches in St. Tropez, an ice cream parlour with a touch of French-Oriental décor offering the largest ice cream menu in Dubai.

St. Tropez will offer 7 distinct cultural festival annually celebrating traditions and lifestyles under the umbrella name ‘Colors of Saint-Tropez’.  Saint Tropez is a city of splendid traditions which have been formed through many centuries and the hotel will recreate the town’s environment for visitors.

These include the Pearl Regatta – a boat festival in September – in which about thirty yachts participate in thematic excursions, cruises and floating picnics – bringing back the memories of St. Tropez.

The Festival de Ramatuelle is an annual must-see event devoted to theatrical art in all its manifestations in October, which includes drama, humour, and avant-garde art. The venue of the festival is Sunset Beach, in the open air. The main feature of the festival is that guests can not only enjoy the beautiful theatrical performances but also have a great rest in the fresh air of the longest private beach in Dubai.

Castle Night is a delightful musical event held in the magnificent lobby of St. Tropez where guests can listen to classical music with fantastic views of the sea filled with gorgeous sailboats and yatchs.

Fete de la Musique is a rich eclectic music festival celebrated in Saint-Tropez on June 21st. The venue of the event is a picturesque recreation of the streets of the city on Sunset Beach.

Bravades is a very long-standing traditional festival, held in May that celebrates the formation of the army created in the mid-16th century to fight off pirates. Expect traditional music, dancing, food and parades. Fifes and drums precede the sailors and other Musketeers in a peaceful sea parade. Guests are encouraged to dress up in empire uniforms to march with the band. This is the most culturally important festival in Saint Tropez and is set to be a huge local favourite.

Ramatuelle Jazz Festival is a tribute to swing jazz. It gives pride of place to American and French jazzmen, oscillating between new discoveries and established musicians, intimate atmospheres and crazy swing jazz sessions, every night for one week.

Les Voiles de St Tropez is the most extravagant Mediterranean regatta with evening events and parties, and one of the most significant events in the world of yachting. Both ultramodern yachts and rare wooden yachts participate in it.

The event will be held in the beautiful bay of Saint-Tropez facing St. Tropez Hotel. Yachtsmen of different levels of training, including beginners, take part in the regatta. During one week there will be a competition between classic and modern yachts.

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