The District of Summerland is reviewing over the recreation and health needs of the community – Penticton News

The District of Summerland will be reviewing the Summerland Community Recreation & Health Centre Engagement Strategy Summary and the Draft Needs Assessment report from the Director of Community Services on Monday. 

The update on the project will provide an overview of community summary and further information on options presented from the program and space requirements excerpt.

This section of work on the project is targeted to be completed by the end of January 2021.

Consultants hired by the district have now completed the comprehensive community engagement process. The public survey included over 600 responses, online open houses, stakeholder workshops, stakeholder questionnaires, and meetings with the Steering Committee, Parks & Recreation Advisory Committee and the Penticton Indian Band (PIB), as well as content for the project website.

From the results, the consultants have begun to develop program and space requirements for the new facility. First choice options for spaces and costs details will be provided, along with options and costs for secondary spaces for Council’s consideration. 

Key feedback from the community on the project include replacement and improvement of the aquatic centre as the highest priority. There is strong support for a larger pool, more than one pool, a hot tub, and better accessibility. 

The community would also like to see replacement of the fitness centre, building a better workout space with access to cardio machines, and weights. There is also a demand for gymnasium space, adding to indoor activities for all ages in fall/winter/spring; event and community gathering space, programs and drop-in for children, youth and families. 

Additional community services would also like to be improved in the community centre, including youth programs with a dedicated youth space, childcare/daycare for children up to 5 years old, Seniors’ services as well as  a dedicated seniors’ spaces. 

There is a need for better access to family doctors, a walk-in health service option, and space for dedicated mental health professionals (Interior Health).

After Monday’s meeting, the summary of the results will be posted on the website. The community is encouraged by the District to review the documents and provide feedback on their level of support for the options presented. 

Funds for the initial phase of the project are budgeted for $80,000 and are included in the District of Summerland 2020 Financial Plan.

Full details of the Community Engagement Summary and the Program and Space Requirements Excerpt will be presented to the council on Monday.

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