The City of Calgary – Fee Assistance

In order to get access to Calgary Recreation’s Fee Assistance Program, each applicant must first be approved by Fair Entry. For application information please visit Fair Entry.

Note: Once you are approved for The City’s Fair Entry program (and have chosen Calgary Recreation Fee Assistance), you can attend any Calgary Recreation leisure centre or aquatics centre to receive your Calgary Recreation Fee Assistance Card and begin using it right away. Please provide Recreation staff with your Fair Entry approval letter and a piece of photo ID so they can search your information quickly.

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Registered Programs

Note – Fee Assistance cannot be applied to online registrations. 

Almost all registered programs offered by the City are eligible under the Fee Assistance program (some restrictions may apply).

Effective Nov. 25 Calgary Recreation will not accept JumpStart individual funding for registered programs.

Children and youth (17 years of age and under) may take up to four programs to a maximum subsidy of $250 (whichever comes first) during a 12 month period. Fee assistance recipients receive 90% of the registration fee to a maximum of a $100 credit towards their program. For example, if a program was $39.50, the fee assistance rate would be $3.95. For a day camp that costs $168, the fee assistance rate would be $68. The customer pays the total balance due, on any charges over and above the $250 maximum subsidy.

Adults may register in one program per 12 month period and pay 10 per cent of the registration fee. The maximum subsidy is $50. The customer pays the total balance that is over the maximum subsidy, For example, a class that costs $41.15 would cost $4.11 under fee assistance.


Aquatic Fitness Facilities and Leisure Centres – Customers with a Fee Assistance card will receive a 75% discount on the general admission drop-in rates at our Indoor Pools, Fitness, and Leisure Centres.

  • 75% discount for all admissions, 10x punch cards, and term (1-month or 12-month) passes

    • Fee Assistance discount is NOT available for:
      • Babysitting
      • Shower
      • Pre/post care
      • Continuous monthly passes
  • Transition from punch cards / passes purchased prior to Jan 1, 2020:
    • Punch cards / passes purchased prior to Jan 1, 2020 remain valid under the Terms and Conditions for when they were purchased. Eg.
      • Expiry dates
      • Tiers/services for which they were purchased (Eg. Tier 1 passes are only valid at facilities that were formerly Tier 1)
    • If customer purchases any form of punch card or term-pass in the new 2020 model, cancellation fees for pre-2020 punch cards / passes may be waived and pro-rated refund given.
      • The new punch cards / passes are wholly applicable to the Terms and Conditions of 2020 card / pass use AND Fee Assistance policies. Eg. May only have one 10x punch pass at a time.
      • It is not a trade-in, but rather a cancellation/prorated refund and a NEW purchase.

10x Punch Cards (Aquatic & Fitness Centre (AFC), Leisure Centre (LC), Skating, and Shinny)

  • Customer may not hold more than one 10x pass at a time. Ie. a new 10x punch card may not be purchased until all 10 punches from previous card are used (may be sold on same day or later of the last punch).
  • 10x punch cards cannot be purchased less than 10 days (9 days or less) prior to Fee Assistance expiry.
  • Only valid for facility/activity type of punch card (AFC, LC, Skating, Shinny); not transferable.
    • Top-up fees for admission to Leisure Centre are not applicable to punch cards.
  • For use by cardholder only; cannot be used for other individuals.
  • Expire 2 years from date of purchase.

1-month and 12-month Term Passes (Recreation Pass and Recreation Pass Plus)

  • 1-month term pass ‘renewals’ may only be purchased 29 days in advance of the next month. Ie can only hold current month plus next month pass at one time. Eg. Current 1-month pass is effective March 12 to April 12, 2020; cannot purchase next month’s (April 13 – May 13) pass prior to March 13.
  • 1-month term pass must be purchased within one month of Fee Assistance expiry. Ie. pass must expire no later than 1 month after FA expires.
    • If outside of this timeline, 10x punch cards are applicable for FA discount if purchased 10 or more days from FA expiry.
  • 12-month term passes must be purchased within the first month of subsidy allotment/renewal. Ie. pass expiry date cannot be later than one month after FA expiry.
    • If outside of this timeline, individual 1-month purchases are permitted.
      • Note: There is no cost difference for purchasing a 12-month term pass versus 12, 1-month term passes. All term passes must be paid in full (after Fee Assistance discount) at time of purchase.
  • Recreation Pass is valid for all AFC admissions and drop-in opportunities (Public Skate and Shinny) at applicable Arenas.
    • Fee Assistance discount is applicable on top-up fees for admission to Leisure Centres.
  • Recreation Pass Plus is valid for both Leisure Centres, all AFC admissions, and drop-in opportunities (Public Skate and Shinny) at applicable Arenas.
  • For use by cardholder only; cannot be used for other individuals

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