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ARD Playgrounds Closed until further notice


ARD COVID-19 update


March 20, 2020 – Per the State’s stay-at-home order, ARD has greatly reduced its staffing. We will be operating with the bare minimum of staffing until at least April 10th, unless otherwise modified. Because of this, ARD has instituted the following:


All ARD parks are still open for use. Park users are reminded to maintain a social distance of 6 feet. Please see this article for more information.
All ARD playgrounds are closed. Playground closures will be reassessed as we receive more information from Placer County Public Health.
All ARD park bathrooms will be opened on a modified basis beginning March 21. Bathrooms will be opened between 7-8am and closed between 6-7pm. The bathrooms may be closed during the Stay-At-Home order due to new information, new orders or a lack of supplies.
All ARD community centers will be closed during the stay-at-home order.
As is standard procedure, parks and facilities may be closed after a rain event. You can find out which facilities are closed by visiting our field conditions page.


The changes listed are subject to change should further directives be issued or new information provided.


As stated above, ARD is doing everything it can to meet the stay-at-home order, and will not have park staff available to provide our standard park maintenance. You may see staff mowing or weed-eating during this time, as we need to keep up on these basic tasks or face larger problems when we return. We appreciate your cooperation during this time.


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