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Gravel Travel’s line of well-designed travel essentials is all you need to boost your wanderlust and make sure you’re prepared for wherever your next trip takes you — whenever that might be. Right now, Underscored readers can get a bonus 20% off their purchase with the exclusive code CNN20 at checkout.

We’re breaking down two of the bestselling favorites from the brand, including a packable travel blanket you’ll want to use all the time and a toiletry bag with a well-deserved five-star rating and 1,300 reviews. Read on for more, below.

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Explorer Plus Toiletry Bag

Explorer Plus Toiletry Bag ($53.72, originally $67.15; graveltravel.com)

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Blue Layover Travel Blanket

If you’ve ever had a toiletry bag that’s just a black hole of tiny shampoo bottles and travel size toiletries, this is not that. Instead, this highly organized cosmetics and toiletry bag has no fewer than eight pockets that hold all the essentials safely and securely.

Plus, it has a hook for hanging up and a clear TSA bag so you can take liquids out and replace them all easily after passing through security. Bonus: The bag can hold a full-size electric razor, so there’s no need to compromise on your shave when you’re on the road.


Blue Layover Travel Blanket ($87.72, originally $129; graveltravel.com)

Having a blanket for chilly flights, late trains or handily, as a makeshift pillow while traveling is a sound investment when it comes to comfort and the chance of a few extra hours of sleep. Gravel’s Layover takes travel blankets to the next level: It can be bundled up as small as a pillow by stuffing it in its envelope pocket, snaps around your neck for uninterrupted warmth while you doze off, and you can expand or retract the blanket by snapping or unsnapping it.

It’s also spill proof and antistatic, so it can go with you on any journey — even camping. It has eco-friendly credentials, too, with insulation that’s 100% recycled from water bottles.


Explorer Plus Toiletry Bag & Blue Layover Blanket Bundle ($141.44, originally $176.80; graveltravel.com)

Get both of Gravel’s best-selling products in one bundle with the discounted Explore Plus Toiletry Bag and Blue Layover Blanket. The toiletry bag, which originally raised more than $1 million through crowdfunding, is back with its organized interior and handy TSA-compatible liquids bag, and it’s paired in this bundle with the Layover Blanket. The cozy covering packs down to the size of a fist, and it even has a foot pouch so your toes don’t get cold while you sleep. (Also available with the gray blanket). With both on hand, you’ll be set for whatever your travels throw at you.

Explorer Plus Toiletry Bag & Blue Layover Blanket Bundle

© Gravel
Explorer Plus Toiletry Bag & Blue Layover Blanket Bundle

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