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The Top Women’s-Only Travel Tours That Offer Flexibility For Booking

In the past few years, women’s-only tours have grown in popularity. Right now, travel is at a standstill and no one knows for certain when it will resume—but that isn’t stopping female-identifying people from booking future travels to remain optimistic and someday soon experience one of these tours for themselves.

Of course, you might be a little hesitant to book a tour right now. What you want is a company that prioritizes safety and allows you to book with confidence. What women’s only tours can consumers consider that offer flexibility with booking and a generous change policy? Here are TK tour companies to consider.

Purposeful Nomad

Purposeful Nomad specializes in small group tours that focus on culture and use local guides. They practice and preach sustainable travel by working with responsible organizations for authentic community connection and a meaningful impact. Some of their destinations include Mongolia (new for 2021), Georgia, and Tanzania. Trips are confirmed at least 60 days prior to departure, but if the company must cancel then clients are refunded completely.

Intrepid Travel Women’s Expeditions

Intrepid Travel launched their Women’s Expeditions because they found that some experiences in certain countries weren’t possible in co-ed groups. Some unique experiences include getting to know Bedouin women in Wadi Rum, Jordan, or relaxing in a women’s only salon in Iran. Intrepid offers a new Flexible Bookings Policy, which permits changes to travel plans 21 days before a scheduled departure, allowing for new travel dates or an entirely different trip, with no change fees.

Origin Travels

If you’re looking for a women’s-only tour that doesn’t feel like a typical travel tour, check out Oirgin Travels. Their Kenya trip is a perfect example: whereas many Kenya tours focus solely on the safari experience, Origin Travels connects travelers with local women who are changemakers, and the tour heads to the coast. They offer payment If your trip is cancelled to COVID-19 related reasons, a rescheduled date will be offered, or the full trip amount can be credited towards a future departure. 

Wild Terrains

Wild Terrains tours don’t just cater to women—they’re also powered by women. They partner with incredible women locally for all of their tours, including their most recent destination, Argentina. This tour company’s booking policy has always embraced flexibility. They ask for a 50% non-refundable

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‘Any Type Of Travel Needs To Stop,’ Says Top Critical Care Pulmonologist

With 157,000 new Covid-19 cases yesterday, according to data from Johns Hopkins University, the United States is in the midst of an enormous surge that is not expected to peak until mid-January.

But, despite the CDC’s recommendation not to travel for Thanksgiving, millions of Americans did it anyway. In fact, air travel broke a pandemic record over the holiday weekend, according to Transportation Security Administration (TSA) data.

Now one of the country’s top Covid-19 experts is urging folks to cancel upcoming trips for the immediate future. “Any type of travel needs to stop for all Americans. We need to stay put for the next few weeks,” said Dr. Vin Gupta on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” this morning.

A noted critical care pulmonologist, Dr. Gupta is an assistant professor of Health Metrics Sciences at the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) at the University of Washington, whose much-cited Covid-19 death-projection model is now estimating that the disease will claim over 470,000 American lives by March 1, 2021.

MORE FROM FORBESState-By-State Guide To Quarantining After Thanksgiving Travel

While vaccine news provides a light at the end of the dark pandemic tunnel, Dr. Gupta said Americans should hunker down through the holidays and curtail travel until those vaccines become widely available to the general population.

“This is a really dangerous time before relief is on the near horizon,” he said. “Come March and into the summertime we will have relief.”

Most people don’t appreciate how easily the virus transmits itself, according to Dr. Gupta. “Any type of travel, given the transmission dynamics, is dangerous. So please stay home. It’s too dangerous right now.”

He added that this is “a really, really, really challenging time” due to widespread staff shortages at hospitals around the country. “The big killer here is not going to be a lack of ventilators,” said Dr. Gupta. “It’s going to be [a lack of] human personnel, adequately trained personnel.”

For most families, it comes as a shock to see a loved one land in the ICU infected with Covid-19. “They didn’t know that somebody unwittingly passed it to a family member on holiday, for example, when they were traveling to see them,” said Dr. Gupta. “They didn’t know that that family member who was vulnerable because of a pre-existing condition then got Covid-19 and then ended up seeing me or my colleagues in the ICU a few days later.”

Asked what other behaviors people should modify before a vaccine rolls out, Dr. Gupta replied, “Let’s be mindful of indoor dining. Do outdoor dining to the extent possible in the wintertime, and take out of course.”

“But indoor dining just can’t happen,” he said. “You just can’t have curfews. Covid-19 doesn’t just transmit itself after 11 pm at night. We need to think about a full stop to indoor dining as community transmission rates increase and hospitalization rates increase as well.”



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Civic Center, new cemetery top recreation department’s sixth-penny priority list | Local News

CHEYENNE – With another sixth-penny sales tax ballot coming down the pipeline, members of the city’s Community Recreation and Events Department outlined their top priorities – Cheyenne Civic Center renovations and a new cemetery – at a City Council work session Monday night.

According to City Treasurer Robin Lockman, the city has collected $33,691,443 out of the previous $40,850,000 ballot thus far, and Council President Mark Rinne said he anticipates another sixth-penny ballot to go out to voters next fall.

“I think it would serve us well to start doing our homework now and get some background on the sixth-penny projects that some of our departments would like to move forward,” Rinne said at the work session.

The first proposal outlined an expanded remodel of the Cheyenne Civic Center, which hasn’t seen many updates in its 40-year lifespan, according to Community Recreation and Events Director Teresa Moore. The department completed a conceptual design in 2019, in anticipation of sixth-penny discussions, and the proposed project totals around $40 million, though Moore noted the renovations could be scaled back with budgetary constraints.

“This facility was built in 1981; it’s coming up on 40 years. During those 40 years, there has been little investment in this building,” Moore said.

Currently, the Civic Center has no loading dock for performers, an outdated HVAC system, inadequate seating and insufficient equipment that leads to using rentals.

The renovations would revamp the front of the building, allowing more visibility for the facility and advertising for events. The bathroom facilities would also be expanded, doubling the amount of water closets and urinals; a loading dock would be added; the concession area would be expanded; and the seating would be improved to meet Americans with Disabilities Act requirements.

A multi-purpose room would also be added for rehearsals, weddings, lectures and meetings, and it would be available to rent.

“Cheyenne and the region support the Civic Center and deserve better functionality and a high-quality experience,” Moore said. “Cheyenne has made an investment in this asset, creating it in the first place, and we think it needs our protection and our investments for future generations.”

The second proposal from Community Recreation and Events is for a new cemetery that would be built at the arboretum, next to the new Cheyenne National Cemetery. According to department Deputy Director Jason Sanchez, the city is currently running out of space.

“Most of the available spaces are single spaces; they’re undesirable. We don’t have any family plots remaining,” Sanchez said.

The new cemetery would house 3,644 interments, which Sanchez said would last the city about 20 more years, as they do an average of 150 burials annually. A cemetery master plan was completed in 2014, and the estimated cost is just over $7 million for the new cemetery, as well as to update the irrigation system at Lakeview Cemetery.

While some councilmen questioned whether the city should let the private cemetery industry take over, the department stood by the idea that this is a service

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Taiwan Top Choice in Asia for Post-Pandemic Travel

TAIPEI, Nov. 30, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — The Asia Super Team competition, organized by Taiwan’s Bureau of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Economic Affairs and executed by Taiwan External Trade Development Council, promotes incentive travel in Taiwan by revealing Taiwan’s numerous attractions through a variety of different themes and contests since 2013. At the 2020 championship press conference on November 26, results of the event’s Asia Incentive Tourism Destination in the Post-Pandemic Era Survey were announced, in addition to the champion team — JTB Global Marketing & Travel from Japan, winning an incentive travel package valued at US$50,000.

Asia Incentive Tourism Destination in the Post-Pandemic Era Survey Results

Asia Incentive Tourism Destination in the Post-Pandemic Era Survey Results

The impact of COVID-19’s grounding of cross-border travel in 2020 has caused many companies across the world to cancel their incentive travel plans. MEET TAIWAN surveyed Asian corporate business travelers to gauge their interest for incentive travel in light of the global pandemic. The results of 3,939 valid questionnaire responses showed that once the dust settles after the epidemic, 90% of corporate employees in eight Asian countries look forward to company incentive travel plans, indicating that after the end of the lockdown business traveler demand for incentive travel is stronger than ever before.

Of particular note, more than 80% of Asian business travelers will prioritize the integrity of local disease prevention measures when they participate in future incentive travel, and public security will be a second priority; this shows that the pandemic has prompted companies to focus on safety factors when choosing their next incentive travel destination. Statistically, Taiwan is rated as the top destination for incentive travel among Asian companies and countries due to its rich tourism resources and spectacular disease prevention success. Up to 99% of business travelers expressed confidence in Taiwan’s disease prevention and safety, which will be a boon to the country’s tourism after the epidemic.

With regard to incentive travel itineraries, most survey respondents expressed their preferences for cuisine and local cultural experiences, followed by sights of historical significance. The survey answers will assist Taiwan with future preparation and marketing after the epidemic, in addition to serving as reference for other interested international destination providers. The Asia Super Team competition continues to achieve breakthroughs and innovations. It has attracted multiple target markets through diverse, creative, and integrated marketing. The continued implementation of creative marketing contributes to making Taiwan a prime destination for exhibitions and incentive travel in Asia.

Japanese Team Wins Reach for the Stars Championship

This year saw Asia Super Team held as an exclusively online competition for the first time. Elite corporations from Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, and Vietnam participated in the event, completing the online Reach for the Stars challenge in a week-long contest. The onslaught of COVID-19 was overcome by developing a brand-new format of innovative competition that overturned past approaches, using novel technological elements and digital tools to promote and generate buzz

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Top picks for skywatching, nature and travel from Celestron, Nikon and other top brands

Nearly everyone who starts out in skywatching believes that they must have a telescope. However, humble binoculars are incredibly useful for observing and can often prove more effective for viewing some targets such as star clusters, sweeping the surface of the moon and catching a pass of the International Space Station. Easy to use and require very little maintenance, binoculars are ideal for beginners and young astronomers looking for a simple way to skywatch without making a large investment.

a person standing in front of a sunset: null

© Provided by Space

Here at Space.com, we’ve tried and tested a wide selection of binoculars and rounded up the very best for terrestrial and astronomical views. Whether you’ve got a low, medium or high budget, our top pick will guarantee great observations and the very best deals on high-quality optics.

Ask any seasoned astronomer which is the best binocular magnification for getting started in skywatching and the answer will be 10×50. However, the TrailSeeker 8×42 from Celestron offers a slightly different view to the norm — and it’s all down to the amount of light the 42 mm apertures collect during observations. What’s more, the lower magnification offers a wider field of view over 10x50s.

While the moon, for example, appears a touch smaller through this binocular than through the barrels of 10x50s, the optical system combined with multi-coated optics offers a much crisper and brighter image. Compared to other binoculars we’ve tested and thanks to nitrogen purging and a waterproof design, the optics didn’t fog up either, especially when used in a variety of ambient temperatures and when moving between the warmer indoors and frostier outdoors.

Another advantage of the Celestron TrailSeeker 8×42 is the lack of false color — also known as chromatic aberration — which often takes the form of a purple or blue hue around brighter targets. Very little is detected in the field of view, particularly along the limb of the moon, as we studied a plethora of craters, rilles and lunar mare on its rugged terrain. 

Star clusters such as the Beehive Cluster (Messier 44) in Cancer (the Crab), look stunning through the TrailSeeker 8×42 — like jewels studded in a velvet-black background. Meanwhile, Venus appeared as a bright disk with no false color.

The TrailSeeker 8×42 binocular is also quite light at 2 lbs. (1.0 kilograms). But over long periods of observing time, we discovered that our arms began to shake making it difficult to get a steady hand-held view: if you’re prone to trembling arms, a tripod is definitely a recommended accessory.

CYBER MONDAY DEAL: Space.com also recommends the Celestron Cometron 7×50 Binocular, especially if you’re looking for an easy — and low-budget way — to get into skywatching. This binocular provides a wide field of view, while coated optics improve light transmission allowing for bright sights of a selection of targets.

© Provided by Space

Celestron Cometron 7×50 Binocular: $34.95 $32.79 at Amazon

Lightweight, yet extremely durable, the Celestron Cometron 7×50 Binocular is now 6% off at Amazon. Ideal for

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Top safety tips for vehicle travel during pandemic

In a year full of unknowns and uncertainties, what’s normally the busiest travel season of the year will certainly slow down. People will decide what makes most sense for them when it comes to family gatherings and trips. For those who choose to travel this holiday season, their family’s health and safety is a top priority, more so than ever.

Celebrating the holidays virtually to avoid large gatherings would be the safest option, but those who are planning to see family members should plan to quarantine ahead of time to decrease the risk of exposure. That said, many see traveling by car as a way to have more control over potential exposure to COVID-19. In fact, a recent survey conducted on behalf of Toyota shows more than half of Americans see their vehicle as a “safe haven” from the coronavirus.

Despite the pandemic, the survey also found:

  • 42% of U.S. adults are likely to go on vacation or travel by year-end
  • 56% said they were less likely to venture outside their home state
  • 72% said they would take a vehicle versus flying

“Safety is one of our top priorities, but it reaches well beyond making our Toyota vehicles among the safest on the road,” says Mike Goss, general manager, social innovation. “Our mission extends to making the roads safer for everyone who travels by car. Starting with the safety of infants and children, to teens behind the wheel, and graduating up to safe driving for seniors — it is an all-encompassing safety commitment.”

Buckle Up for Life is a national safety program from Toyota and Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center that educates parents and caregivers about the proper use of car seats, booster seats and seat belts.

Regarding infants, a startling 75% of child safety seats are not used correctly. Beyond installing the seat in the car, do you know which way your child should face? The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends children remain in rear-facing seats until age 2, or until they exceed the height and weight limit for the seat. And don’t forget to remove your child’s winter coat before you buckle them into their car seat. Puffy coats and excess clothing can prevent straps from tightening enough to properly restrain your child if an accident occurs.

Buckle Up for Life, a national child passenger safety program created by Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center and Toyota, teaches parents how to help keep their children safe. Here are the top safety tips provided by Buckle Up for Life and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for traveling during the pandemic:

1. Conduct vehicle safety checks. Before departing, have a service shop check your vehicle’s tire pressure, battery, fuel filter, radiator coolant and brake fluid. Also top off your windshield-washer fluid.

2. Plan your route. When considering your destination, the CDC suggests asking yourself the following questions:

  • Is COVID-19 spreading in the community or the area you are visiting? If so, you may have a higher chance of becoming infected or infecting others.
  • Will you be able to maintain a distance of 6 feet between yourself and others during travel and at your destination?
  • Does the destination require visitors to quarantine themselves
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STB investigating gathering alleged to flout Covid-19 rules at RWS hotel, Singapore News & Top Stories

SINGAPORE (THE NEW PAPER) – Another investigation has been launched over a possible breach of safety measures at a hotel at Resorts World Sentosa (RWS).

Videos of a group of at least six women and a man were uploaded on social media on Sunday (Nov 15), when they allegedly held a party to celebrate the 33rd week of pregnancy of one of the women.

Some of the women had uploaded several videos on Instagram, showing themselves play-fighting with pillows and clothes on beds.

Social gatherings of more than five people are prohibited due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Responding to queries from The New Paper on Monday, Mr Chew Tiong Heng, executive director of infrastructure planning and management at the Singapore Tourism Board (STB), said it was aware of the alleged incident and was investigating.

“STB takes a serious view of any breach in safe management measures,” he said.

“Hotels are required to comply with all safe management measures, including ensuring that gatherings do not exceed five people if they are not from the same household.”

An RWS spokesman said it takes a serious view of non-compliance and requires all guests to be registered with the hotel front desk.

Safe management measures are highlighted to guests during check-in, and signs are displayed at common areas as a reminder.

He said: “We strongly urge all guests to strictly observe and adhere to all safe management measures for the health, safety and well-being of the Singapore community.”

This is the second such gathering at RWS that has allegedly breached safe management rules in as many months.

Last month, it was reported that a group of at least 10 people, mostly women, were seen drinking and dining together in a hotel suite there. Investigations over the incident are being done.

A reader tipped off TNP on the latest alleged incident and claimed it involved six women and two men who held significant influence over youth here.

One of the women involved has about 57,000 followers on Instagram.

The posts have all been removed from their Instagram accounts.

Individuals who breach safety measures may be fined up to $10,000, or jailed for up to six months, or both.

The maximum sentence is doubled for repeat offenders.

Asked what possible action may be taken if such breaches repeatedly occur at the same location, Mr Chew said hotels that are found to be non-compliant may face closure of its premises.

Businesses that do not comply may also be ineligible for government grants, loans, tax rebates and other forms of assistance.

Rules for staycations at hotels

Staycations are allowed at hotels approved by the Singapore Tourism Board and Ministry of Trade and Industry.

The hotels must comply with existing safe management measures, such as the wearing of masks and practice of safe distancing in public and common areas.

Gatherings, even those in private rooms and adjoining rooms, must be limited to five persons or fewer.

The exception is if the gathering consists only of people who have already

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Top destinations private jet flyers are heading for winter

  • Wealthy leisure travelers are returning to the skies in private jets this winter to escape for the holidays. 
  • Business Insider polled some of the country’s leading private jet firms to see where they’re heading. 
  • The mountain and beach regions of the US continue to be popular but flyers are also leaving US shores for more exotic locals.

Winter is fast approaching, and so is the holiday travel season. 

While budget travelers shop around for the cheapest commercial airline tickets for a Thanksgiving or Christmas getaway, the wealthy are calling their aircraft brokers to book their private jet flights. Pent up demand for safe travel has brought the private aviation industry an abundance of new business and Business Insider polled leading private aviation firms to see just where their clients are going.

After a summer of unusual flying patterns, private jet firms are reporting a return to the traditional destinations for the winter. Mountain destinations are still popular for ski lovers while the beach provides a warm escape from the winter cold as temperatures and flyers head south. 

International destinations are less prominent on the list as travel restrictions still impact Americans but Latin American and Caribbean destinations remain a popular escape. Countries in those regions have relaxed their entry requirements for US citizens arriving by air as they rely on tourism dollars

“Last year, we saw our clients traveling to London, Paris, Venice and other international destinations, but this year they’re sticking to familiar locales,” Flexjet Chief Operating Officer Megan Wolf told Business Insider in a statement.

Here are the top destinations to where the wealthy are flying this winter. 


Aspen Colorado

Aspen, Colorado.


Colorado is proving to be an all-year-round destination for the wealthy in 2020 as the mountainous state is among the most popular destinations for four jet companies. Jet Linx, Flexjet, FXAIR, and Silver Air Private Jets are all reporting an increase in flights to the state that also saw a busier than expected summer season for wealthy tourism.  

Aspen and Eagle are the most popular points of entry to Colorado, offering direct access to the ski slopes and an idyllic setting for social distancing in the mountains. Winter travel to these destinations can also prove difficult due to the mountain terrain, especially at night or on longer flights to the East Coast where a fuel stop might be required, so flyers should be flexible.  


Palm Beach, Florida,

Palm Beach, Florida.

Walter Bibikow / Getty Images

Florida is also once again topping the lists as a top destination for the wealthy, according to FXAIR, Flexjet, and Jet Linx. Palm Beach and Naples are the favorites in the Sunshine State and were similarly popular during the summer as Florida reopened before most.

The New York-Palm Beach route is among the most popular in the US thanks to a mix of private jet and commercial traffic. And even the president of the United States spends winter weekends in Palm Beach.


Cancun, Mexico

Cancun, Mexico.


The wealthy are also heading south of

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Cabins for YOU voted Top 50 Vacation Rental Property Managers in the World

Family Company Lands in Top 50 Vacation Rental Property Managers in the World

GATLINBURG, Tenn. (PRWEB) November 15, 2020

Rentals United released their annual ranking of the world’s Top 50 Vacation Rental Property Managers on October 29, 2020 — and Cabins for YOU, a family company, is proud to be listed among them! The ranking is based on company size, growth speed, and use of technology to manage short-term rentals, as well as pave new paths in the vacation rental industry.

Family-owned and -operated since 2001, Cabins for YOU started with a handful of cabins, a passion for service, and…a basement. Now, we currently manage 445 vacation rentals in Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge, and the surrounding areas in Tennessee. We have multiple offices and facilities to provide full-service management, from marketing and web development to housekeeping and maintenance.

It’s our pleasure to help property owners get the most out of their vacation rental properties and create memorable experiences for our guests in the Great Smoky Mountains. Ranking in Rental United’s Top 50 Vacation Rental Property Managers in the World is a huge achievement for any company, let alone a homegrown family business. We’re ecstatic!

For the original version on PRWeb visit: https://www.prweb.com/releases/cabins_for_you_voted_top_50_vacation_rental_property_managers_in_the_world/prweb17546723.htm

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Relief, recreation and discovery in Ubin, ST Editorial News & Top Stories

New species of fauna are not something usually associated with urbanised Singapore. Yet the first comprehensive Ubin biodiversity survey on Pulau Ubin has discovered a spider species new to science, documented six animals not seen here before, and 13 others that are firsts for Ubin. The survey’s preliminary findings, released in September, are heartening for several reasons.

First, they are a vivid reminder of Mother Nature’s resilience. Pulau Ubin, despite its associations with rustic charms, has seen much human interference, primarily from granite mining. Its current abundance is a sign that nature can recover – and fairly rapidly. Second, Ubin’s success as a wildlife sanctuary is testament to how a civil society and government partnership can work for the benefit of all, as the example of preserving Chek Jawa in the early 2000s also showed. Third, the island is a capsule that offers ongoing lessons for Singapore as it strives to become a biophilic city under the National Parks Board’s 10-year vision, which entails not just a more intensive greening of this concrete jungle but also recognition on the part of citizens of the value of our natural environment.

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