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Man shocked by wife’s ‘surprise’ vacation plans: ‘I am not going’

A husband refused to go on a surprise vacation when he discovered his wife’s family would be going too.

He consulted Reddit’s r/AmITheA****** forum to find out whether he had made the correct decision. His wife surprised him with a romantic dinner and a pre-planned three-week vacation in a secluded cabin — but that wasn’t all.

“I adore my wife but I absolutely hate her family. Her mom is a know-it-all who thinks everything is her business,” he wrote. “Her sisters are b***** snobs who criticize everything despite being anything but successful themselves. Their kids are spoiled brats. Her dad is just a broken man who seems to have given up decades ago and the rest of her extended family is pretty much like the rest. Somehow and in some way, my wife got all the good genes and ended up being an extremely sweet, beautiful, caring, empathetic woman.”

His wife surprised him with the trip, and at first, it sounded like a dream. 

“My wife decided to surprise me. She prepared a really romantic meal, wine, candles — the whole shebang for my shabby a** after I got home from work,” he explained. “And she told me we were going on a three-week-long vacation to a secluded cabin in a great hiking area of my country. Given I had to take up my vacation weeks anyway, I was honestly pretty damn excited. I love hiking.”

Then she dropped the family bomb.

“She revealed with the biggest smile that it would be a huge family vacation with her mom, her dad, her sisters, their kids and a cousin and her kids,” he said. “And honestly, my heart just dropped. Trust me, I do my absolute best to stand these people when I see them for the sake of my wife and act like the perfect son-in-law. But the idea of spending my only vacation days in a cabin with these absolutely horrible people is just a full-on no for me … I straight up said that I was not going to do that again and that she was free to go but I am not going. She started crying and seemed extremely upset I reacted the way I did, despite never hiding how I feel about her family.”

Reddit didn’t think the husband was obligated to go on the surprise vacation.

“A three-week vacation is something you discuss before finalizing plans,” one person commented.

“She’s free to spend time with her family, doesn’t mean you have to use up all your vacation time on them,” another wrote.

“She shouldn’t have expected you to go for three weeks with people she knows you don’t like,” someone else said.

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