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Rex Burkhead didn’t travel home with Patriots after suffering knee injury

Patriots coach Bill Belichick didn’t have any further updates on the severity of injuries sustained by Rex Burkhead and Isaiah Wynn in the team’s loss to the Texans on Sunday.

Burkhead suffered a serious and potentially season-ending knee injury in the third quarter, and the running back was carted off the field. Belichick said Burkhead didn’t travel home with the team from Houston, but he’ll be back soon to undergo tests to further evaluate him.

Wynn left in the fourth quarter on Sunday with a right leg injury. Belichick said the left tackle was going to have tests on Monday afternoon.

Burkhead’s injury, though, seems far more serious. Echoing sentiments from teammates after Sunday’s loss, Belichick had high praise for the running back, who was on pace for a career year before the injury.

“I always had a high appreciation and respect for Rex,” Belichick said. “Rex is a great teammate, works hard, does whatever he’s asked to do, he contributes in a lot of different areas. He’s always prepared, ready to go to do his best and he’s been productive for us in everything we’ve asked him to do on all four downs.”

In his weekly appearance on WEEI’s “The Greg Hill Show” on Monday morning, Cam Newton, who described Burkhead’s loss as “devastating” on Sunday, reiterated his disappointment.

“I just know how hard he works and I know he’s such a great guy, above all, and a lot of times as fans or people who follow the game from a far, you don’t necessarily get the in-depth relationships, what the person outside of what he may post on Instagram or what he may post on social media or what you may see on TV,” Newton said. “But Rex is one of the guys that you question or scratch your head like, how does something like this happen to him?

“He brings his lunch pail to work every single day, extremely low maintenance and all he wants to do is just win. When you have teammates like that on your team, it’s just devastating, just to see something like that happen to him.”

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Best Western CEO slams Congress for being ‘numb’ to the travel industry’s pain and suffering

The hotel industry is crumbling — and Uncle Sam may not be coming to the rescue.

a close up of a street in front of a building: 2D2JKED Florida Orlando Best Western hotel empty vacant parking lot Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic illness infectious disease health biological crisis outside

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2D2JKED Florida Orlando Best Western hotel empty vacant parking lot Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic illness infectious disease health biological crisis outside

More than 2 million hospitality jobs have already disappeared during the pandemic. Within the next six months, a stunning 38,000 US hotels could be forced to close, according to the American Hotel & Lodging Association.


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“If we don’t get a vaccine soon and business doesn’t return, it’s going to get much worse,” Best Western CEO David Kong, the industry’s longest-serving CEO, told CNN Business.

Kong, who in March met with President Donald Trump at the White House to discuss federal aid, expressed deep frustration with the leaders of Congress for failing to reach a bipartisan agreement on another round of fiscal stimulus.

“They are just so stuck in their positions. I feel so aggravated by it. Why can’t we work something out?” the Best Western CEO said.

Like many hotels, Best Westerns are owned by franchisees, rather than a deep-pocketed corporation. These Best Western small businesses have cut an estimated 20,000 jobs since the start of the health crisis. That’s on top of the layoffs of 800 corporate associates at the parent company that owns the hotel brand.

“We’re putting them out on the street during a pandemic,” Kong said. “They don’t have a safety net. It’s a very heart-wrenching situation.”

With stimulus talks stalled, leading hotel CEOs wrote a letter to Trump on Thursday pleading for help.

“Your engagement is desperately needed to support struggling businesses, stem the impending wave of foreclosures and save millions of jobs,” the hotel CEOs wrote.

‘There is so much pain and suffering’

Politicians may not feel a sense of urgency to spend trillions more because of the uneven nature of the recession.

Although hotels, airlines, restaurants and cruise lines are in crisis, other parts of the economy are recovering swiftly — or already have. Home prices are soaring. Millions of jobs have been added to the economy. The S&P 500 has raced back to record highs. And companies like Amazon, Zoom and Apple are booming.

a young boy sitting on a wooden table: Maura Robson right, her son Magnus, husband Dusten and stepson Raidyn.

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Maura Robson right, her son Magnus, husband Dusten and stepson Raidyn.

“There is so much pain and suffering, but they’re numb to it because the stock market is doing well and unemployment is below 9%,” Kong said.

Even the deadlock in Congress on another round of fiscal stimulus has failed to deal a meaningful blow to the stock market. The S&P 500 is just 2% away from its early September record high.

“A lot of people would say they don’t understand why the market is seemingly going up and up,” Kong said. “That’s not Main Street. That’s Wall Street. They don’t seem to feel the pain of most businesses.”

A broken-down car away from disaster

Maura Robson was working full-time at a Holiday Inn in Webster, New York, when the pandemic erupted. The

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