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Bill Gates says in-person meetings aren’t the ‘gold standard’ anymore and that 50% of business travel will go away even after pandemic

Bill Gates wearing a suit and tie talking on a cell phone: Bill Gates. Hou Yu/China News Service/VCG via Getty Images

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Bill Gates. Hou Yu/China News Service/VCG via Getty Images

  • Bill Gates is predicting that business travel and office work won’t return to pre-pandemic levels in the future. 
  • “My prediction would be that over 50% of business travel and over 30% of days in the office will go away,” Gates said at The New York Times DealBook conference on Tuesday. 
  • In-person business meetings won’t be the “gold standard” anymore, Gates said, predicting that most companies will have a “very high threshold” for doing those types of business trips. 
  • Many major tech companies, particularly in the tech realm, are reconsidering the future of work. Some, like Twitter and Slack, have said employees may work remotely forever. Others, like Microsoft, after planning to implement hybrid models of work. 
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The sweeping changes we’ve seen this year to office work and business travel won’t go away, even after the pandemic subsides, according to Bill Gates. 


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Gates described how he envisions the future of work during an interview with Andrew Ross Sorkin at The New York Times DealBook conference on Tuesday. According to Gates, one of the biggest changes to how business is conducted will have to do with work-related travel. 

“My prediction would be that over 50% of business travel and over 30% of days in the office will go away,” Gates said.

The type of business travel where it’s important to fly somewhere to physically sit in front of someone else to discuss something in person won’t be the “gold standard” anymore, Gates said. He predicts most companies will have a “very high threshold” for doing those types of business trips. 

When it comes to working from home, “some companies will be extreme on one end or the other,” Gates said, likely alluding to companies like Twitter, who have said their employees may work remotely forever, from anywhere. 

Gates did reveal one downside of virtual meetings versus in-person events: the inability to meet new people. He told Sorkin that he hasn’t made new friends this year because he never meets people at random.

“More could be done on the software side to allow for serendipitous run-ins after meetings,” Gates said. 

Many companies, particularly those in the tech world, from which Gates hails, are reconsidering the future of work now the the pandemic has shut down the majority of travel and in-office work this year. Twitter isn’t the only company who has said employees never need to return to the office: Slack, Stripe, and Facebook have all said employees may relocate away from company headquarters, though in some cases, they’ll take pay cuts.

At Microsoft, the company Gates founded with Paul Allen in 1975, employees will shift to a “hybrid workplace” where they’ll only report to the office for half the workweek. 

Gates’ predictions on business travel line up with research from industry experts, who have estimated that it will likely take several years to return to pre-pandemic levels. According to

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Hearthstone’s new Duels mode feels like a fun vacation away from Standard

My board is far from threatening. I’ve got a 2/3 Mana Wyrm, a Wand Thief, and my opponent has just cleared my Firebrand. Until this point I was quietly regretting that I’d picked Book of Wonders as my treasure. In any other game mode, stuffing 10 cast-when-drawn spells into your deck is a recipe of disaster. But this is the new Duels mode, and here it’s kinda the point. 

I proceed to draw three Scroll of Wonders in a row, buffing my minions with Power of the Wild, clearing two enemy minions with Cleave, and gaining two extra Mana Crystals with Lightning Bloom. Thanks to the extra Mana, I slam down Archmage Antonidas and generate a couple of Fireballs to burn my way out. 

The key mistake the other player made was going for a relatively sensible Mage build, with a passive spell damage buff thanks to the Robe of the Apprentice treasure, plus multiple Frostbolts and Arcane Missiles. Whereas I have put my faith in the roulette wheel.               

The Duels mode launched in Early Access a couple of weeks ago, and it strikes a good balance between creative Dungeon Run-style deck-building and RNG in its current form. It’s only possible to play casually at the moment. Heroic Duels, with similar awards to the Arena mode, will arrive alongside the Madness at the Darkmoon Faire expansion on November 17. The lack of stakes right now makes questionable deck choices all the more exciting to experiment with. 

If you’re yet to give it a whirl—probably because entry currently requires pre-ordering Darkmoon’s mega bundle—here’s how it works. Initially you pick one of four Heroes from Hearthstone’s 10 classes. You then pick one of three possible hero powers (although only one per class is unlocked right now), a starting treasure, and then use your collection to construct a 15-card starter deck. 

Similar to the Dungeon Run PvE formula introduced with Kobolds and Catacombs, the further you go, the more cards and treasures you add to your build. Although this time you’ll be testing out your skills versus other players, rather than AI opponents.

The thing that I love about Duels so far is that it encourages me to be creative, without asking me to build the perfect deck from the get-go. There’s only room for 15 cards initially, so it forces me to weigh up what kind of deck I actually want to play. However, unlike other modes, it feels like there’s more room to try entirely different builds each time without getting super-punished for it.

(Image credit: Blizzard)

I’m sorely lacking the Kripparrian-level skills needed to create a solid Arena deck, and at this point in the Hearthstone expansion cycle, viable constructed archetypes have mostly been solved. I’ll be honest, the only time I feel confident enough to construct decks entirely from scratch is during the first few days of a new expansion, when everything feels new and I can get away with running unrefined builds in Ranked.

While there are already

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Spooktacular at County Recreation Center celebrates Halloween | Aiken Standard – Aiken, SC

GRANITEVILLE — Dressed as convict, Mark van der Linden greeted guests as they arrived in cars and trucks Friday night for Spooktacular, a Halloween drive-thru event at the Aiken County Recreation Center.

Joining van der Linden, who is the director of the county’s Parks Recreation and Tourism Department were members of his staff, including Jeff Mayberry, who wore a Grim Reaper outfit, and Carolyn Rushton, who said her costume was inspired by the phrase “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.”

She brought lemons and a container with fake, bright yellow lemonade in it to Spooktacular.

There were four stations under small tents where motor vehicles could stop so the children they were carrying could receive bags of candy, color-changing cups, pencils, temporary tattoos and hotdogs.

“Normally, we do a carnival-style event outside for the younger kids, and there is a costume contest,” said Tandra Cooks, who is a recreation supervisor for the county. “Then we have a haunted house inside for the older kids.”

But because of the novel coronavirus pandemic, plans were changed to make social distancing easier.

Cooks said there were enough goodies for 200 children, and there was a line of automobiles waiting to enter the drive-thru before Spooktacular’s scheduled 6 p.m. start.

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Pair finalists for Victorian Disability Sport and Recreation Awards | The Standard

news, latest-news, Terang Athletic Club, Cindy McDougall, Caytlyn Sharp, Athletics Victoria, Warrnambool athletics, Athletics South West Turbines, Victorian Disability Sport and Recreation Awards

Terang’s Cindy McDougall has always encouraged her kids to give back. So it’s no surprise she and daughter Caytlyn Sharp are finalists for the Victorian Disability Sport and Recreation Awards. For the first time, Cindy has been nominated for the official of the year and Caytlyn, the volunteer of the year. Winners will be announced at the virtual ceremony on December 3. Cindy has officiated for the past five years and is a qualified Athletics Victoria official in many disciplines. READ MORE: But she’s long had a passion for helping athletes with a disability. “It probably started about eight years ago at Camperdown Little Aths and Caytlyn was competing and had just got her diagnosis,” she said. “There weren’t a lot of para athletes back then, it wasn’t as well known as it is now. “So we actually made it a bit of a passion for the club to go out and try and get inclusion happening for them.” When she was on the Western Country Region (WCR) committee she pushed for the introduction of a para inclusion officer. “It was really so we could make it focal, visible and get it out there to parents that there were options for their kids,” she said. As Cindy said “it snowballed” from there with the first ever para multi-class region event held in Warrnambool about two years ago. She said a year later Little Athletics Victoria implemented that initiative on a wide-scale. Cindy, who officiates for Athletics South West among her many roles, also plans to officiate at Camperdown Little Athletics this summer. Meanwhile, Caytlyn, normally being recognised for her athletic achievements, has been acknowledged for her commitment to helping others. She’s chuffed to be a finalist. “I’ve haven’t really won any (awards) for volunteering or been nominated so was quite surprised when I was nominated, I was like ‘oh ok’,” she said with smile. “Normally I’m just there for the sportsperson or something like that so I was like ‘that’s cool to go into something different’.” The 18-year-old, an athlete with autism and an intellectual disability, has been helping other youngsters at Terang Athletic Club (TAC) for years. She’s happy to share lessons she’s learnt from her coach Jeremy Dixon. It brings her joy to see young athletes progress. “It makes me happy, to see they’re enjoying it just as much as I am,” she said. Caytlyn volunteers mostly at TAC and helps with officiating at Little Athletics in Camperdown and Warrnambool. She also assists her coach, guiding other athletes through warm-ups. The teenager also volunteers at many events including the WRC track and field championships and cross country, the Terang Gift and Terang Lions Club Noorat-Terang Fun Run. Caytlyn was awarded the Victorian disability sports and recreation junior sportsperson of the year award in 2018. The 2020 ceremony will be a free event with details released

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