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Check Into This Washington D.C. Hotel Where You Can Sleep in a Historic Townhouse

Pandemic notwithstanding, hotels in Washington, D.C., are filling fast for January’s inauguration festivities. Some of the newest accommodations in the capital not only have impeccable aesthetic pedigree, but they also make social-distancing protocols easy to follow. Opening today and comprising six individual one-bedroom homes-away-from-home, the town houses at Georgetown’s Rosewood hotel each offer 1,100 square feet of serenely decorated space spread among their five levels, plus a private entrance, terrace, and courtyard.

Rosewood tasked the D.C.-born, -bred, and -based designer Thomas Pheasant with the job of creating the one-bedroom super-suites, each of which occupies a petite, early-19th-century brick row house steps from the hotel itself.

A look inside the newly renovated living room.

Photo: Rosewood/Ryan Forbes

“The idea was to create a villa-style experience here in Georgetown,” says Pheasant, whose studio is walking distance from the hotel and who also looked after the recent redo of Rosewood’s beloved Mansion on Turtle Creek property, in Dallas, Texas. “Even before COVID-19,” he continues, “people often wanted something other than the typical hotel. Visitors coming for two weeks or a month on business, or for other purposes, want something more private, a space that can give them the sense of really living in D.C.”

When the town houses came to Pheasant, he found them in a rather dire state. Originally designed as workers’ residences, they didn’t have much in the way of detail, and they had suffered some benign neglect, if not outright abuse. An additional challenge? “While they all look the same from the outside, it was sort of a free-for-all when they were built,” Pheasant says. “Some were narrower than others, some a foot shorter.” He rose to the occasion, tweaking his scheme to meet the needs of each unique space, imagining, for example, a beautiful little study in a bay-windowed nook off the entryway of one unit. “The odd ones that had a lot of quirks turned out to have the most interesting to work with,” he says. 

Inside the bedroom of the Rosewood hotel.

Photo: Rosewood/Ryan Forbes

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