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Can your boss make you use sick leave or vacation time for COVID?

Only certain employers are required to give sick time under the Families First Coronavirus Response Act.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — You go to work. You wear your mask. You wait away from others and you wash your hands. You still get COVID or a coworker does and you’re at risk. Can your employer require you to use your sick leave or vacation time? Yes and no.

The Families First Coronavirus Response Act or FFCRA requires only certain employers are required to provide employees with paid sick leave or expanded medical leave due to COVID-19.

Covered employers are public or private employers with fewer than 500 employees and small businesses with fewer than 50 employees may be exempt. This means employers with 51 to 499 employees are covered under this special sick leave, but the rest are not.

“The government thought employers who had more than 500 employees would provide sick leave to their employees without facing hardship.  The government wanted those large employers to do the right thing, whether they do, that’s up to them,” said Nicole Patino, an attorney at The Law Office of Fred T. Hamlet.

A viewer asked 2WTK this week:
Please look into employees being sent home for COVID issues and not being paid!!!!!! Or being made to use vacation time.

Patino says if the business is closed for cleaning due to COVID the employer may be able to require the employee to use their vacation time or unpaid time.   

In North Carolina, if a facility is closed, let’s say due to bad weather, employees who are not salary would not be entitled to pay under the law.

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Danny’s Place: Marshfield police raise money for vacation house for sick children – News – Wicked Local

Danny Sheehan, 7, is such an inspiration to the community that a group of police officers is helping to raise money for a room in his name at a vacation home for sick children in Falmouth

MARSHFIELD — Danny Sheehan has a few ideas about how he wants his ideal vacation room to be decorated.

Race cars. Sharks. French fries. Pizza. Strawberries, because that’s what he dressed up as one year for Halloween. Somewhere in the room should be a cubby for Doritos so he can get up in the middle of the night for a Cool Ranch flavored snack.

Danny wants rainbows because he has seen them in person and a music player loaded with a long he loves a lot — “Baby Shark.”

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Danny will hopefully see his room come next summer at the vacation house in Falmouth run by the charity Tommy’s Place, a former inn that is being renovated to become a getaway for sick children and their families.

The cost to sponsor a room, and make it fully his, is $25,000, not including the costs to turn it into something befitting Danny’s vision of a proper room, but he did get a little help from his friends in the Marshfield Police Department on Monday. They donated $4,000 as part of their no-shave October. The police made Danny an honorary officer in 2019.

On Sunday, he got a little help from the drive-in at the Marshfield fairgrounds where his pick, “The Goonies,” earned the charity $600. Danny only got about half-way through the film before it scared him a little too much.

“It was getting very creepy,” he said.

When Danny was 4, doctors diagnosed him with pineoblastoma, an aggressive brain cancer that can spread in the brain and along the spinal cord. Despite his struggles against cancer, he has remained friendly, dancy, talkative. Marshfield Selectman Chris Rohland even read a proclamation to the boy, announcing Nov. 1 through 7 as his week, as he has inspired residents of the town by his brave face and dancing.

Marshfield Lt. Arthur Shaw and Officer Jon Toomey are raising money to reach at least the $25,000 sponsorship goal for Danny’s room at the Tommy’s Place house by offering a chance to win a one-week stay at a house that sleeps 12 on Martha’s Vineyard next September.

In years past, Marshfield police officers have raised money for Cops for Kids with Cancer, a charity that gives $5,000 to families of children with cancer. Last year, they raised almost $100,000, Shaw said. In 2018, they raised $75,000 for the charity.

Tickets for the chance to win vacation home cost $100 each and are being sold through local restaurants, including Haddad’s Ocean Cafe, the Cask ‘n Flagon and the Bridgwaye. Tickets are also being sold through Tommy’s

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