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Rico Nasty Drops Debut Album ‘Nightmare Vacation’

For longtime Rico Nasty fans, today is a global holiday of sorts thanks to the release of the genreless artist’s debut studio album Nightmare Vacation.

As Nasty explained during a recent in-depth chat with Zane Lowe for Apple Music, much of this album was written and recorded during a time in her life where her personal confidence wasn’t dialed up to its usual level of 10. She attributed this to both the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and “growing up,” though the ultimate result was a fresh sense of pride in the self.

“That’s why I named it Nightmare Vacation because all the shit that I was scared of at one point, scared to do and scared to say, it just became my second nature,” Nasty told Lowe. “I want to say that shit. I don’t care if I hurt somebody’s feelings. I’m going to wear it. I don’t care if I get dirty looks … Nightmare Vacation is really just about being yourself, your truest self, going through things that people tell you you can’t get out of and getting out of them, coming out a rockstar.”

The album touches on virtually every aspect of what makes Rico Nasty such a compelling artist, building its sonic peaks across a wide range of production from 100 gecs, Kenny Beats, Take a Daytrip, and more.

“I heard about 100 gecs from my A&R,” Nasty told Lowe of her introduction to the acclaimed brand of pop made possible by the duo of Dylan Brady and Laura Les. “I’m always asking him to put me on to weird sounding shit. I was looking for something. I like ear orgasms.”

Stream Nightmare Vacation, featuring appearances by Gucci Mane and more, below via Spotify.

Moments before the album dropped, Nasty hosted a live YouTube event dubbed Sometimes You Have to Tell People to Shut the F*ck Up.

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Rico Nasty ‘Nightmare Vacation’ Album Stream

After several delays, Rico Nasty‘s debut studio album Nightmare Vacation has finally arrived.

Clocking in at approximately 40 minutes, the 16-track project features guest verses from Don Toliver and Gucci Mane on “Don’t Like Me,” Aminé on “Back & Forth,” Trippie Redd on “Loser,” 100 gecs on “OHFR?” and ppcocaine, Sukihana an Rubi Rose on the remix of “Smack A Bitch.”

In a recent Apple Music interview with Zane Lowe, the rapper explained that quarantine and the general life path of growing up shot down her ego. The album is “just about being yourself, your truest self, going through things that people tell you you can’t get out of and getting out of them, coming out a rockstar.”

“I feel like I’m still the same boastful b*tch that I’ve always been,” she said, “So obviously, I just think this whole project, it was made during the time where this is probably the first time in my life where I wasn’t on 10, as far as confidence. Within myself, my personal life, normally everything’s great. And making this album just started getting real tricky balancing life.”

She added, “That’s why I named it Nightmare Vacation because all the sh*t that I was scared of at one point, scared to do and scared to say, it just became my second nature. I want to say that sh*t, I don’t care if I hurt somebody’s feelings. I’m going to wear it. I don’t care if I get dirty looks. Just et cetera, et cetera, it goes on and on.”

Stream Rico Nasty’s Nightmare Vacation on Spotify and Apple Music.

Elsewhere in new music releases, Aminé dropped off the deluxe version of his August 2020 release Limbo.

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Rico Nasty: ‘Nightmare Vacation’ Album Review

Nightmare Vacation, the debut studio album from hip-hop rage queen Rico Nasty, is a musical manifesto proclaiming her sonic boldness and emotional progression. Although she is still considerably new to the rap game, Rico quickly made it clear that she would carve out her unique path with her bare hands if she had to. A slew of mixtapes, which she began releasing in 2014, showcased a ravenous young artist turning her vehemence into gold. Last year’s Anger Management was the pinnacle of her righteous indignation; the nine-track collaborative mixtape with Kenny Beats powerfully outlined all of Rico’s harrowing complexities with clarity.

This new record zeroes in on Rico’s vocal nimbleness and her cogent authenticity that has become more transparent with each project she releases. Opener “Candy” is a classic in her arsenal; its boisterous, bass-heavy percussion shows she can accelerate from docile to spine-chilling in under five seconds. “Call me crazy / but you can never call me broke” is not as much a taunt as it is a threat, which she expresses in a deceptively cheeky manner.

“Don’t Like Me” is a synthy trap dream where appearances from Gucci Mane and Don Toliver compliment Rico’s craziness with a more soothing approach. However, it still maintains its excitement as all three virtuosos bring a certain quirkiness to the song. “IPHONE” is one of the best moments on Nightmare Vacation, as Rico channels her playful side in the most alluring of ways. Amidst declarations of unapologetic madness, the lightness of “IPHONE” is a nice distraction and even a line like “Smoking so much gas / I forgot to put my mask on” feels jovial with its timely double entendre.

“STFU” feels slightly stale, with a repetitive chorus that spells out the acronym quite predictably. “Back and Forth,” which features a cameo from Amine, is lackluster, as well: Two of hip-hop’s most capricious personalities join forces on a track that holds a multitude of promise, only for the duo to remain subdued throughout its execution.

“Let It Out” is the halfway mark of Nightmare Vacation and serves as the perfect moshpit anthem. Rico’s raw screams of “If you wanna rage / Let it out” are visceral and even when she recites lines like “I’m a asshole / What the fuck’s new? / If it’s fuck me, then it’s fuck you!” it feels more defiant than offensive. “Loser,” where she teams up with Trippie Redd, is a thrill ride from start to finish. The young pair successfully team up for a collaboration saturated with moody melodicism that feels entirely natural.

“No Debate” starts off promising with a slinky and hypnotic beat, but 30 seconds in, it becomes obvious that something is missing. It’s as if Rico’s virulent disposition has been gently tucked away for a slightly more dulcet tune. In fact, this jarring shift runs deep throughout Nightmare Vacation. Rico is either dialing up the drama with chaotic caterwauling or doling out sweetness whenever the mood strikes her. Despite

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Rico Nasty ‘Nightmare Vacation’ Review

“If you wanna rage, let it out,” Rico Nasty barks over a strangled guitar that sounds like it could have been ripped straight out of a Korn song. The Maryland rapper uses her music as an outlet for aggression, her bottled-up emotions smashing open into a million shards. On “Let It Out,” a highlight from her new album Nightmare Vacation, she encourages the listener to take part in that same catharsis, to give in to their basest instincts. “I’m the asshole, what the fuck’s new?/ If it’s fuck me, then it’s fuck you,” she snarls, surrounded by cackles and bleats. “These bitches be trippin’, we are not cool/ Get the fuck out my way when I come through.”

It’s been a long journey to be able to harness the reckless abandon that Rico Nasty yields with such confidence on Nightmare Vacation. The rapper born Maria Kelly has put out six mixtapes in the last six years, all of which have found her refining her style without sacrificing any of her integrity. In 2018, Nasty marked her big breakthrough and it presented Rico as an already dominant force, shit-talking her way through battle-blasted beats and wielding her anger like a broadsword. Last year’s Anger Management, a collaboration with producer Kenny Beats, was another triumph, a 19-minute tantrum that had all the intensity of a hardcore record.

Nightmare Vacation is billed as Rico Nasty’s major-label debut album, but she’s already a force to be reckoned with. She stomps around like a horror movie villain, slashing her way through all those that doubt her talent and the demons in her own psyche. She’s freaky and fun, feral, deranged, batshit and leaning into her persona with full-throated enthusiasm. She’s built herself up as a formidable figure with a clear vision, a self-described “pop-punk princess” with a killer sneer. As she’s gotten more of a budget, she’s adapted that vision into high art. In her promotional photos, she’s wild-eyed and decked out in chains and spikes and designer outfits that feel decades ahead of the curve. On the cover of Nightmare Vacation, she’s floating in the sky on a messy bright-red bed, a rainbow and a lightning strike representing the sweet and sinister sides of her aesthetic.

She’s wildly ambitious, and those ambitions are hard-won, as she lays out on opening track “Candy,” a victory lap that takes her critical adoration and stan dedication as a given. Her first lines begin with a knowing cliché before twisting it to show how she’s ahead of everyone in the game: “On a dark and stormy night, I don’t blend in, bitch, I shine bright/ I heard your favorite rapper and he sounds like all-caps, sound like all hype/ But I don’t write reviews, that’s something y’all do, that’s something y’all type.” On “Candy,” she invites you along for the ride but reminds you she’s in the driver’s seat. “I won’t change the way I act no matter where I go,” she insists, hyping

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Rico Nasty shares tracklist for debut album ‘Nightmare Vacation’

Rico Nasty has shared the tracklist for her upcoming debut album ‘Nightmare Vacation’ – you can see it below.

Set to arrive on Friday (December 4), the album will feature the singles ‘OHFR?’ with 100 gecs’ Dylan Brady, ‘Own It’, ‘iPhone’, as well as her Gucci Mane and Don Toliver collaboration, ‘Don’t Like Me’.

Other guests that feature on ‘Nightmare Vacation’ include Aminé and Trippie Redd.

Last week, Rico posted a trailer for the album. In the two-minute clip, she discussed how she feels about the album while different snippets of songs from the record play in the background.

Speaking in a recent interview with NME, Rico said she thinks women should stop worrying about the opinions of men and instead do what they want to do.

She discussed the impact of Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion‘s controversial new track ‘WAP’, and how it’s offered liberation to many with regards to sexuality.

Getting behind the track and its message, Rico said: “Let these guys know that they can’t tell you what to do. I’mma shake this ass, and you’re going to watch it and you’re going to pay my bills.

“I love it because it’s time women stop worrying about what men think about them. We might not say we are, but [women can be] really mean and like ‘That’s that hoe shit!’ and it’s really not. It’s really just having fun and enjoying your life.”

Meanwhile, Rico has spoken about her admiration of Joan Jett, saying that the pioneering Blackhearts frontwoman “taught me how to take ‘No’ and smile”.

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Rico Nasty Unveils Her Anticipated ‘Nightmare Vacation’ Tracklist

Rico Nasty has been teasing her upcoming album since this past spring. Now after ushering in the beginning of a new era with the singles “IPhone,” “Own It,” and “OHFR?” Rico Nasty has finally uncovered some more details about her impending release Nightmare Vacation.

Rico Nasty returned Monday to officially unveil her Nightmare Vacation album art and tracklist. Speaking about the project in a recent interview with W Magazine, Rico Nasty addressed certain pressures she faced while penning the album:

“I started feeling like I should make what I hear on the radio. I was only making those songs to please my A&R, like, does this sound mainstream? By the time the studio session is over, you have a song that you wouldn’t listen to if somebody paid you. […] I look back at my tracklist like, not only did I overcome people trying to tell me what I should sound like, but I overcame a f*cking pandemic and was still able to create it. I think I’m on the cusp of being ready to just take sh*t head on, take it for what it is.”

Check out Rico Nasty’s Nightmare Vacation cover art and tracklist below.


1. “Candy”
2. “Don’t Like Me” Feat. Don Toliver and Gucci Mane
3. “Check Me Out”
4. “IPhone”
5. “STFU”
6. “Back & Forth” Feat. Amine
7. “Girl Scouts”
8. “Let It Out”
9. “Losers” Feat. Trippie Redd
10. “No Debate”
11. “P*ssy Poppin”
12. “OHFR?”
13. “10Fo”
14. “Own It”
15. “Smack A B*tch (Remix)” Feat. PPCocaine, Rubi Rose, Sukihana
16. “Smack A B*tch (Bonus)”

Nightmare Vacation is out 12/4 via Sugar Trap / Atlantic. Pre-order it here.

Some of the artists covered here are Warner Music artists. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.

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Rico Nasty Enlists Gucci Mane, Trippie Redd & More For “Nightmare Vacation”

Rico Nasty’s new project is due out this Friday.

There isn’t a rapper out right now that’s like Rico Nasty. She’s pushing the boundaries both in music and fashion and it appears that we’re just about ready to receive the long-awaited album, Nightmare Vacationthat she’s been teasing for a while. Earlier this month, she revealed the project would be arriving on December 4th and days before its release, she’s officially given fans a taste of what to expect on the project.

Josh Sisk/For The Washington Post via Getty Images

Rico hit the ‘Gram today with a glimpse of the tracklist for the project that includes a few heavy hitters. As expected, Gucci Mane and Don Toliver appear on the tracklist for the song, “Don’t Like Me.” Along with those two rappers, Aminé also makes an appearance on “Back & Fourth.” Rico also hosts a women-only posse cut for the “Smack A Bitch (remix)” with Sukihana, Rubi Rose, and Ppcocaine. The project is sixteen tracks in total with the inclusion of the bonus track.

Nightmare Vacation will solidify Rico Nasty’s position in the game. She’s received some heavy co-signers over the years including from Cardi B who declared the “Smack A Bitch” rapper as the rapper who’s “up next.”Juicy Jalso revealed that he’s produced some music for Rico, though it’s unclear if we’ll hear their collab on her new project. Check out the tracklist below. What song are you most excited to hear?

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Rico Nasty shares trailer for her debut album ‘Nightmare Vacation’

Rico Nasty has dropped a full length trailer for her forthcoming debut album ‘Nightmare Vacation’.

The two minute clip sees the Maryland rapper discussing how she feels about the album while different snippets of songs from the record play in the background. You can view the trailer below.

It comes after she recently shared new single ‘OHFR?’, earlier this month.

As well as ‘OHFR?’, the new album is set to feature previous singles ‘iPhone’, ‘Own It’ and ‘Don’t Like Me’.

Rico will release ‘Nightmare Vacation’ on December 4 via Atlantic, and the album is set to feature collaborations with the likes of Trippie Redd, Aminé, Gucci Mane and Don Toliver.

The latter two artists recently guested on Rico’s single ‘Don’t Like Me’.

It follows on from the success of her breakthrough mixtapes ‘Sugar Trap 2’ (2017) and ‘Nasty’ (2018), as well as her 2019 Kenny Beats collaboration ‘Anger Management’.

Speaking to NME earlier this year, Rico described ‘Nightmare Vacation’ as sounding like “‘Sugar Trap’ on steroids” and admitted that she is “nervous” about releasing the album.

Explaining how she “really tried to perfect her craft” while writing and recording ‘Nightmare Vacation’, Rico added: “I made ‘Anger Management’ in a week. I made ‘Nasty’ and ‘Sugar Trap’ in around three months. I made ‘Tales Of Tacobella’ in a month – two, tops. I made this album in a year.

“I hope that I’m not one of the people that over-perfected it and took away what [the fans] enjoyed.”

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Atlanta school principal and college professor wife drown on Puerto Rico vacation

An Atlanta-area high school principal and his college professor wife drowned while vacationing in Puerto Rico this week. 

Jamar and Ann Marie Robinson were swimming in the ocean Sunday behind their beach resort hotel near San Juan when Ann Robinson was dragged by rip currents, according to a Puerto Rico news report. Jamar Robinson tried reaching for his wife and they both went under the water, the report said. 

Onlookers unsuccessfully tried to rescue the couple, authorities said. 

“Our hearts are broken for the family of Mr. Robinson and Mrs. Robinson and the entire Westlake community,” Bobby May, a football coach at Westlake High Scool, where Robinson was principal, tweeted. “We will always remember Mr. Robinson as the principal who worked tirelessly, was always upbeat, passionate, never missed a game or event and LOVED his students with a heart that was unmatched.” 

The couple leaves behind two boys, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported. 

A message posted to the school’s website said Robinson “left a legacy of PRIDE that will live on through the faculty members and students that he impacted and encouraged to #BeTheChange.”

Robinson had been principal of the school, located just outside Atlanta city limits, since 2018. He was recognized as an “Outstanding Georgia Citizen” in 2014 and was described by Fulton County Schools as a “passionate leader whose focus on relationship building and transparency has led to significant results for the communities and students that he serves.”

His wife was an assistant political science professor at Georgia State University Perimeter College, the newspaper reported. She was working toward her doctorate when she died. 

Jamar and Ann Robinson drowned while vacationing in Puerto Rico over the weekend 

Jamar and Ann Robinson drowned while vacationing in Puerto Rico over the weekend 


“She was a beloved and admired member of the faculty and her loss is felt personally and professionally by all of us,” Dean Nancy Kropf told the newspaper in an emailed statement.

Ann Robinson was also known as the “encyclopedia” in her doctorate program because of her intellect and love of learning, the newspaper reported. Funeral arrangements for the couple were pending. 

A New York City couple also drowned while honeymooning in the Caribbean last month. Muhammad Malik, 26, a corporate attorney, and his 29-year-old wife, Dr. Noor Shah, a surgeon, were swimming in chest-high waters at a Turks and Caicos resort on Oct. 28 when they were overcome by strong riptides, the New York Post reported. 

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Atlanta couple drown on Puerto Rico vacation, leave behind 2 sons

The couple met when they were both studying at Florida A&M University

Jamar and AnnMari Robinson were on vacation at a beach resort in Puerto Rico when they were both pulled into the ocean by a current and drowned. The incident occurred on Sunday at Condado Beach, according to the Daily Mail.

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AnnMari was swimming at the beach behind La Concha hotel when she was dragged out to sea. Her husband went in after her, but was also caught in the current. Bystanders attempted to save them but were unable to do so.

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The couple left behind two teenage sons, 14 and 15. One of the them has special needs, according to The Daily Mail.

The Robinsons were prominent figures in the Atlanta area. Jamar was the principal of Westlake High School in South Fulton, Georgia and AnnMari was an assistant professor at Georgia State, working towards a Ph.D. In 2014, Jamar was named an Outstanding Georgia Citizen.

via the Daily Mail / GoFundMe
via the Daily Mail / GoFundMe

According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, an official for the Fulton County school system released a statement about Jamar.

“Robinson was an inspirational leader who brought joy with his passion for education and his students,” the statement said. “We join the community in remembering him and expressing our condolences to his family.”

The dean of George State, Nancy Kropf, said that AnnMari was a “beloved and admired member of the faculty.”

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The couple met when they were both studying at Florida A&M University, before eventually settling in the Atlanta area. 

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