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Types of Recreation

There are tons of recreational activities that people, regardless of age, can take part in and enjoy with friends and family members. Here is a Plentifun article that will give you some examples of such activities.

While caught in the rut of hectic jobs and routine chores, everyone needs some time to rejuvenate their minds and bodies, and indulge in these activities. Even though there are endless activities to choose from, if you are stuck for ideas and are looking for some innovative suggestions, this is the article for you!

We can guarantee that you will definitely make up your mind about trying out at least one leisurely activity after having gone through the information we are about to give you. Well, to begin with, we must acknowledge the fact that ‘recreation’ is a subjective thing, what might be my idea of fun, might not sound fun for everyone else, and vice versa.

Indoor Recreational Activities

If you are not an outdoor person, or if you can’t go out due to bad weather or any other reason, there are always a number of activities that you can indulge in.


Woman Reading

The benefits of reading cannot be stressed enough. We feel that people who love reading can never get bored when they are alone. Reading is not only a great source of entertainment, but also a vast source of knowledge and inspiration. Reading can be one of the best activities you can enjoy indoors. You can pick a book or novel in any genre that suits your style. Fiction, non-fiction, poetry, newspapers, magazines, or even comic books; the options are plenty! So, the next time you are looking for fun things to do indoors, just pick up a book and start reading!


Writing on notebook

What better way to spend a lazy afternoon than to allow your creative juices to flow with a pen and a paper! Well, writing cannot just be fun, but it can be great stress buster as well. After a hard week’s slogging, try to sit and write in your journal on the weekends, and you will be surprised at all the positive thoughts you will have once you begin.

Computer and Video Games

Couple playing video game

Well, before we tell you anything about the kind of options you have in computer games and video games, we must warn you that these games can be quite addictive! We mean it! There is just no end to the type of games you can play. No matter what your interests are―fashion, cooking, airplanes, bikes, astronomy, languages, business―you will find a game that you will absolutely love! In case you want to purchase a video game console the hottest options are Nintendo Wii, Sony’s PlayStation, and of course, the Microsoft Xbox.

Playing Cards

Friends playing cards

Remember the Friends  episode where the characters sit down for a game

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