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9 tips for picking the best ski vacation home rental

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There’s really nothing quite like a ski trip — especially one you can take with family or friends. There’s a healthy, central activity to do during the day but with a big wide mountain (or, several, to choose from depending on where you go), there’s also the freedom to spread out and do things your own way so you don’t get tired of each other by the second afternoon.

Then in the evenings, you get to regale each other with tales of your day on the mountain, soak in the hot tub and enjoy some apres-ski beverages as you plot doing it all over again the next day. You can take this type of ski trip and still stay in a hotel, but with a group, it can actually be much more affordable and enjoyable to headquarter out of a ski vacation home rental than individual hotel rooms.

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While there are similarities in what to look for in a ski vacation home rental and, say, a beach home rental, there are also some major differences. You’ll want to do all the normal things you do when looking for the perfect home rental such as read reviews, fully inspect the photos, etc. But, if you’re in the market for a ski home rental, here are nine specific things to keep in mind to find the best snowy house for your situation.

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a car parked in front of a house: (Photo by Summer Hull/The Points Guy)

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(Photo by Summer Hull/The Points Guy)

Bigger is better

Coronavirus issues aside, generally speaking, ski houses become better deals the bigger you go. The really awesome, fully decked-out ski homes with pool tables, vaulted ceilings, hot tubs and chef kitchens are usually the larger homes with four, five or six bedrooms.

Not only are the larger ski houses usually nicer than say the two-bedroom condos, but if you are sharing the big house with another family or two, you’ll also come out better financially than if you are paying the full rate for a two-bedroom ski home or condo just for your family.

For example, we rented a 4,000-square foot home in Breckenridge that was rated for 22 people for $1,100 per night. That’s obviously a big number, but the home pretty comfortably held three families of four and three sets of grandparents. Start dividing that cost out by family and the true cost per person or family isn’t that hefty … and the big home had a sledding hill, foosball, good kitchen and a hot tub.

a room filled with furniture and a large window: Find the perfect amenities for you and book the Airbnb (Photo courtesy of Summer Hull/The Points Guy)

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Find the perfect amenities for you and book the Airbnb (Photo courtesy of Summer Hull/The Points Guy)

It’s also just much more fun to

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