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‘Massive Jump In Imaging Capability,’ Travel Photographer Says


  • Apple’s new iPhone 12 Pro Max is here
  • This device features the best camera setup in the series
  • A professional photographer took it for a test drive to see how it performs

Travel photographer Austin Mann tested the new iPhone 12 Pro Max’s rear camera capabilities and said it and the smaller iPhone 12 Pro both had “a massive jump in imaging capability.”

Mann, who also reviewed last year’s iPhone 11 Pro’s mobile photography capabilities, took the new iPhone 12 Pro Max on a trip to see how it will do when used to capture photos in varying locations, times of day, and light settings.

Here are some of the things Mann said about the new 6.7-inch iPhone 12 Pro Max’s rear camera:

“We can now capture photos of the Milky Way with an iPhone — crazy!”

The photographer said he took photos of the night sky immediately after he got his hands on an iPhone 12 Pro Max, and the results were amazing.

One of the images featured on his website shows the Milky Way as a backdrop behind a play of lights on the lower-left corner of the photo. The lower-left portion of the photo is painted with a vivid red glow, above rocks that are colored red and black in the darkness. Behind all of this is a starry night sky, with the planet Venus “shining brighter than all the others.” Everything is filled with sharp detail.

“Less time for camera shake and subject movement”

He also discovered that the iPhone 12 Pro Max takes less time to process images captured in low light compared to the iPhone 12 Pro. While the smaller device takes 2 seconds to process one photo in certain situations, the larger model only takes only 1 second – yet it can produce a better image with more accuracy and sharpness.

“More freedom to see and capture scenes differently”

The iPhone 12 Pro Max’s new lenses also allow users to experiment with the kinds of photos they can take. The ultra-wide lens, for example, “reveals context” while the 2.5x Telephoto lens can “highlight specific details from afar.”

“The ideal camera for The Narrows”

Mann took the iPhone 12 Pro Max on a hiking trip to The Narrows, a popular hiking spot in Zion National Park, Utah. He passed through narrow paths and waded through rivers for miles – and the iPhone was there to document his trek.

The photographer noted how the device was able to capture “golden clouds” in “super dark” environments. He also said Smart HDR3 “can really shine” when taking photos of environments with “extremely diverse lighting,” like that of dark canyons with bright, blue skies behind them.


Despite these comments, Mann noted that the iPhone 12 Pro Max and iPhone 12 Pro seem to be on par with each other in terms of photography. The only major factor to consider when choosing between them, he said, is the size. If the consumer doesn’t mind holding a

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Welcome to Travel Photographer of the Year

Travel Photographer of the Year 2020


In a break with tradition, we are announcing the categories ahead of opening the Travel Photographer of the Year awards this year, to allow those of you who may have plenty of time on your hands – owing to the unprecedented circumstances in which we all find ourselves – to start reviewing the images you have taken in recent years and see what could work with our 2020 categories.

The 2020 TPOTY awards will open for entry later today, May 4th.

We would like to stress that we are not encouraging any potential entrants to go out to take photographs for this year’s competition whilst travel restrictions are in place. We have always accepted images from people’s archives, and want everybody to remain safe and to respect any lockdown or other restrictions that exist in the country in which they are living. VIEW THE 2020 CATEGORIES HERE

If you would like to be kept up to date with the latest news from TPOTY, please sign-up for our newsletter.

London and Chester 2020 exhibitions postponed – read more



Travel Photographer of the Year (TPOTY) awards are run by photographers for photographers. TPOTY is truly global – wherever you live in the world and whether you are amateur or professional, beginner or expert, young or old, Travel Photographer of the Year is for you!

Thanks to our hugely supportive sponsors there are some fantastic prizes to be won, but TPOTY is also about more than prizes.  This prestigious award offers massive exposure for your work through our media activities, books, photographer profiles and exhibitions.

TPOTY-winning photographers have had their work showcased around the world: established photographic careers received a huge boost, new careers were kick-started, and people who never thought they’d see their photographs in print have had a happy surprise!

In 2016 and 2017 our touring exhibitions were seen by 250,000 visitors. The 2018 and 2019 exhibitions were visited by an estimated 1.8 million people!

The awards are judged by leading photographers and experts in the field, whose distinction and integrity add greatly to the prestige that comes with being one of our winners – or even being shortlisted. But whether you’re a winner or not, it’s also about fun – the fun of challenging yourself to shoot to a theme, to look at your images with fresh eyes, to be a part of the TPOTY experience. To be part of the adventure!

To be kept informed about the awards and our exhibitions and books, why not sign up for our newsletter?


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The Photographer ~ on a Family Vacation ~ with Kids

The Photographer, on family vacation, with kids  by Kirsty Larmour

I’m lucky, very lucky – my family (me, hubby, 2 kids aged 4 and 2) have lived in some awesome places and managed to travel to some even greater places in our time – but it doesn’t matter how far and wide you travel, the one thing we all want to do when we’re on vacation is relax, but if you’re a parent with a camera (especially a photographer parent with a camera) you also want to get fantastic pics of your kids on holiday and to create some really great lasting memories.  In fact some of my very favourite pictures of my own kids are from our holidays just because of the fact I’ve been more relaxed and putting myself under less pressure!

So here is a series of points I find help me on that quest!! I don’t consider it a definitive list by any means but I hope it’ll help a few others as we approach the summer holiday season.

1. Put away the big camera!

This in itself takes some of the pressure to perform off you as the photographer! I can’t take my big D700 and the mega lenses on holiday – with a 2 year old and a 4 year old, plus nappies (yeah I’m British!!), snacks, colouring books, leaky water bottles and beach sand it’s just a liability. So I only ever take my old falling apart D80, which I don’t care so much about if it gets a little battered, or needs throwing into a nappy (diaper!!) bag when a toilet emergency occurs! Holidays are a time for relaxing and lying back in a hammock!

pic-01 The Photographer ~ on a Family Vacation ~ with Kids Guest Bloggers Photography Tips

2. Don’t forget the basics – early morning and late evening light are still the best – open shade still beats midday sun – so try and focus your days activities so that you’re in places you might want to photograph at the appropriate times. I personally find that vacation or not, my kids seem to be up early and much as I don’t want to get up that early too, one of the things that works is to get up with them, wear them out and all of us take a mid-day siesta before hitting the pool / sights / beach etc. again late afternoon.  When we went to Petra in Jordan we saw the sites at dawn the first day, but didn’t see as much as we wanted, so 2 days later went back late afternoon after a lunchtime snooze – bingo, less people, even light on the main sites – wonderful pictures!

pic-02 The Photographer ~ on a Family Vacation ~ with Kids Guest Bloggers Photography Tips

3. Don’t miss the shot just because it’s not photographically perfect – it’s still a memory of your holiday or vacation! For sure we don’t want to take photos in that harsh midday sun, but if midday is when you’re there, then go on, take it anyway – I adore this one, taken in Oman near to the border with Yemen –

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