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Buyers cut a deal on Yorkville penthouse in former Four Seasons Hotel

Chestnut Park Real Estate Ltd. Brokerage

155 Yorkville Ave., No. 3201 Ph1, Toronto

Asking price: $5.9-million

Selling price: $5.5-million

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Taxes: $36,019 (2019)

Days on the market: 148

Buyer’s agents: James Warren and Christopher Killam, Chestnut Park Real Estate Ltd.

The action

The former Four Seasons Hotel was converted into private residences in 2012.

Chestnut Park Real Estate Ltd. Brokerage

Agents James Warren and Christopher Killam brought their clients to numerous large condominiums downtown over the space of a few months, but they returned several times to this four-bedroom penthouse in Yorkville. They negotiated a $5.5-million deal in late July.

“This is inexpensive in relation to what else you could buy out there,” said Mr. Warren.

“Other condominiums we considered were in the $4-million to $6-million range, but they weren’t as big, didn’t have the high ceilings nor did they have the location.”

What they got

The penthouse is in the space formerly occupied by the hotel’s restaurant.

Chestnut Park Real Estate Ltd. Brokerage

The condo is in the former Four Seasons Hotel, which was converted into private residences in 2012. This 4,580-square-foot unit occupies what was once the hotel’s restaurant on the 32nd floor.

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Large panes of glass to the north, east and south allow natural light to reach nearly every room, from the kitchen and dining room to two entertaining areas with a 220-square-foot terrace between them.

The main bedroom has a double-sided fireplace, a sitting area, walk-in closet and the largest of five bathrooms.

Monthly fees of $4,865 cover water and heating, plus concierge and use of the on-site gym.

The agent’s take

Floor-to-ceiling windows let plenty of natural light in.

Chestnut Park Real Estate Ltd. Brokerage

“It was carved up from the former restaurant,” said Mr. Warren, “so it gives you glorious 12- to 13-foot ceilings with floor-to-ceiling windows, which is so unusual. And the views are stunning and captivating over Yorkville.

“It has a huge balcony, which you could put a table out on and sit six people comfortably.”

The amount of interior living space was equally impressive. “It’s very much like being in a bungalow in the sky,” said Mr. Warren.

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“A lot of people need space for children and grandchildren, but more so now with the pandemic, for being able to entertain in.”

The master suite includes the largest of five bathrooms.

Chestnut Park Real Estate Ltd. Brokerage

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