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Naked, mad and tattooed, mother walks around hotel after passing out in the bathtub: Strongsville Police Blotter


Bathtub blues, Royalton Road: On Oct. 10, a Royalton Road hotel maintenance worker called police after receiving a complaint about water coming out of a room.

Upon entering the room, they found a woman passed out in the bathtub with a sleeping toddler nearby. At that point, the naked woman was walking around the hotel yelling at the worker for waking up her sleeping 2-year-old.

An arriving officer talked to the heavily tattooed woman, who it turned out had a warrant. However, Brunswick Hills asked for her to be advised of the warrant and released.

The officer noted the woman, who wasn’t under the influence, said she fell asleep in the tub, but was now alert. She did call her mother to come stay with her.

Suspicious situation, Prospect Drive: On Oct. 10, a resident called police after hearing three or four screaming girls jump out of a car or a van and start running toward Rudy Drive.

An arriving officer searched the area, but was unable to locate any screaming girls.

Disturbance, Pearl Road: On Oct. 10, a Pearl Road resident called police about what sounded like a loud party taking place in front of the apartment complex.

An arriving officer located six people, who were advised of the complaint.

Suspicious situation, Royalton Road: On Oct. 10, a police officer doing a premise check of a Royalton Road business saw what looked like a gun in plain view inside of an unlocked vehicle.

The officer checked the weapon, which turned out to be a BB gun. The officer put it back inside of the vehicle.

Street racing, Royalton Road: On Oct. 10, police observed a Nissan sedan without a license plate racing two other vehicles on Royalton Road.

It turned out the passenger had a warrant from North Olmsted; however, that police department asked for the passenger to be advised of his warrant and released.

As for the driver, they were cited for speeding, as well as given a warning about racing and not having a license plate.

Confused man, Westwood Drive: On Oct. 10, a Plain Dealer delivery person called police after seeing a sleeping man sitting in the lobby of Westwood Place.

An arriving officer talked to the man, who was a little confused. The man was escorted to his room.

Dog lover, SouthPark Center: On Oct. 10, an animal lover called police after seeing a dog locked inside of a black Kia Forte parked in a lower lot.

The caller said the dog was panting because the windows were only cracked a little bit. An arriving officer located the Kia, which checked out fine.

Not only was the dog fine, but it was only 70 degrees outside and the windows were sufficiently cracked. When the officer checked back a short time later, the vehicle was gone.

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