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Mayor Stothert names new Director of Parks, Recreation and Public Property

Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert has named a new Director of Parks, Recreation and Public Property.

a screen shot of a man: Matt Kalcevich

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Matt Kalcevich

Matt Kalcevich comes to Omaha from Des Moines, where he worked as recreation manager. Kalcevich has worked in that field for more than a decade.

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Stothert’s office said Kalcevich graduated from Nothern Arizona University in 2001 and obtained a Master’s degree in recreation management from Arizona State University.

Kalcevich is set to start his new position in Omaha on Dec. 14. According to a news release from Stothert’s office, Kalcevich’s salary will be $162,318.

Kalcevich takes over for Brook Bench, who took a job in public property development.


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PM Hotel Group Names Sage Patel to the Newly Created Role of Corporate Director of Capital Strategies

“As we continue to grow and identify opportunities to increase valuation through asset optimization and enhanced services and guest experiences, I am confident that Sage’s combination of analytical thinking and creativity will help position us for successful innovation in this next chapter,” said Joseph Bojanowski, President of PM Hotel Group. 

Sage joined PM Hotel Group in 2018 as Senior Financial Analyst- Office of the President, partnering on business development, management initiatives and hotel underwriting including structuring, financing, closing and disposition for both acquisition and transition projects. Prior to joining PM Hotel Group, Sage was an investment banking analyst at BMO Capital Markets specializing in mergers & acquisitions and leveraged finance.  He received his Master of Management in Hospitality from Cornell University’s School of Hotel Administration and was recognized by Hotel Management Magazine in 2019 as one of the Thirty Under 30 Hotel Industry’s Rising Stars.

About PM Hotel Group
A Top-15 hotel management company, PM Hotel Group has over two decades of experience building relationships with brands, partners, and third-party hotel owners. We have participated in the development and acquisition of more than $3 billion in premium-branded and independent hotel properties across the United States. As an operator, PM Hotel Group is committed to its core values of respect- for one another, our guests and the planet. We manage with a dedication to sustainability, a tradition of teamwork and a passion for innovation and entrepreneurship. At PM Hotel Group we know that our people are our greatest resource. By focusing on our associates and the communities in which we work, we deliver strong performance for our owners. Learn more at pmhotelgroup.com

Jennifer Diamond Haber
[email protected]

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City of College Station names new Parks & Recreation director

The City of College Station has named the new director of Parks & Recreation. 

a man wearing a suit and tie smiling at the camera

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Steve Wright was announced as the new director Friday and is expected to assume the position by the end of the year. He fills the vacancy left by David Schmitz, who retired in July after serving as director since 2011.


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Wright has more than 40 years of experience in the industry.

Wright worked as the director of Parks & Recreation for three years with the City of Houston and seven years with the YMCA of Greater Houston. He has also served as both CEO and COO of fitness organizations such as Gold’s Gym, World Gym and Mavericks Health Centers. 

Wright earned his Bachelor of Business Administration from Sam Houston State University, and later earned a Master of Arts in kinesiology and a Master of Science in health from SHSU.

At the City of Houston, Wright led a department of 800 employees and a budget of $78 million. 

He oversaw 380 parks, 61 community centers, 38 swimming pools, and myriad courts, courses, fields, facilities and programs.

“Over the past several weeks, we’ve spent considerable time with Steve and have been impressed with his knowledge and experience in the parks industry, as well his leadership and communication skills,” Interim City Manager Jeff Capps said. “We feel strongly that he’ll be a great addition to our College Station team and we look forward to Jodi and him becoming a part of this great community. I also want to extend a special thanks to Assistant Director of Parks Kelly Kelbly, who has done a fantastic job serving as interim director these many months.”

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New Southlake hotel names opening chef at marquee restaurant

Delta Hotels by Marriott Dallas Southlake has announced Enam Chowdhury as its opening chef.

Chowdhury will serve as executive chef and director of food and beverage for Sky Creek Kitchen + Bar, the restaurant hotel, which is scheduled to open in late November.

Chef Dean Fearing collaborated with Chowdhury on the development and design of the restaurant, according to a release from the hotel.

“I’m honored to take the helm and look forward to leading my team to provide a distinguished food and beverage experience,” Chowdhury said. “Sky Creek Kitchen + Bar will be an extension of guests’ own dining tables, offering a hospitable environment to enjoy the thoughtfully designed and executed flavors. It is my goal to have every guest thinking about their next reservation as soon as the meal is complete.”

The hotel is scheduled to open in mid-November in Southlake.

Chowdhury’s background includes 30 years of experience working in upscale hotels and restaurants in Great Britain, Thailand, South Africa, Italy and the United States. He honed his skills under Fearing for 15 years at The Mansion on Turtle Creek in Dallas, before moving to Rosewood Hotels & Resorts and then The Joule. He was executive chef at other restaurants in Texas including The Chophouse on Bankhead in Mount Vernon and Los Pinos Ranch Winery in Pittsburg.

Sky Creek Kitchen + Bar will feature “elevated modern Texas cuisine, bold Southwestern flavors and a commitment to locally sourced ingredients,” according to the release, with a menu that will include locally hunted game and special cuts of beef, not to mention a riff on Fearing’s iconic tortilla soup.

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City names Rudy Flores Parks & Recreation director, begins fitness initiative | Local & State

Rudy Flores, former owner of Changing Lives Dance Center, has been named the director of Lufkin Parks & Recreation.

“We are very pleased to have Rudy bring his success and emphasis on fitness to the City of Lufkin’s Parks & Recreation Department,” assistant city manager Jason Arnold said. “We believe the quality of life for our residents is greatly enhanced through Parks & Recreation programs. We want to see an already fine department expand its impact by adding fitness programs and citywide initiatives in the future.”

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