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Lyft’s Thanksgiving travel push receives backlash amid worsening pandemic | Lifestyles

As coronavirus cases continue to rise across the United States, Lyft is enticing people to get on the road for Thanksgiving — a message that doesn’t jibe with the recommendations from many local health and government officials.

Lyft, while best known for its ride-hail services, also has a rental car offering in some markets and it’s trying to leverage the upcoming holiday as a marketing opportunity. Through push notifications shared by some customers on social media Wednesday, the company sent the message: “Last-minute Thanksgiving plans? Rent a car and make them happen.” Emails received by some customers contained similar messaging.

Unsurprisingly, some recipients didn’t take too kindly to the call-to-action given the latest surge in the pandemic. “No, @lyft. Read the news,” tweeted one person. Another tweeted that the push was “WILDLY irresponsible. Last time I checked we were in the midst of a worsening pandemic and no one should be going anywhere for Thanksgiving.”

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“We recognize that there are changing local guidelines and regulations related to Covid-19 and Thanksgiving travel, and as always, we encourage our users to follow those guidelines — we should have made that more clear in the email,” a Lyft spokesperson said in a statement to CNN Business when asked about the effort.

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Have Cat, Will Travel! Top Tips for Hotel Stays with Fluffy | Lifestyles

Have Cat, Will Travel!  Top Tips for Hotel Stays with Fluffy (image)

While most pet travelers are typically dogs, there is an increasing number of road trippers of the feline persuasion packing up and adventuring with their people. Staying at pet-friendly hotels is clearly an essential part of the trip — and it’s the number one issue that concerns cat parents. Clearly, there are some unique nuances when staying in pet-friendly hotels with cats versus dogs.

Once you’ve booked your pet-friendly hotel, you need to think about the best ways to ensure your little kitty is going to be happy and safe during her stay.  And, in turn, will allow you both to have an enjoyable trip.  Here are our top tips for staying at a hotel with your cat.

1. Sweep the room

Once you get to your hotel room, do a sweep of the entire room. Be on the lookout for anything that may be dangerous for your cat. Open windows, debris or chemicals on the floor, and enticing dangling objects are just some of the things to beware of and fix.  Take care of the areas that may be a potential “issue” and alert the front desk of any other dangers that you are not able to remedy.

2. Don’t rush the kitty cat

Once the coast is clear, be sure to let your cat come out of her travel carrier at her own pace.  Allow Fluffy to step out and explore when she feels ready.  It might take awhile, so pack your patience!

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Travel: Redesigned boutique hotel now open in West Lafayette | Lifestyles – Travel

Throughout the hotel are Boilermaker touches, including the school crest embedded into carpeting in the public spaces and on pillows in the rooms, historic photos hanging above the beds and tartan prints. The lobby has a very cool bookcase design above the front desk with rotating black and white photos projected onto it, and there are several cozy nooks to have a seat and relax. I love the stylish room decor and luxurious in-room touches like comfy robes, Pharmacopia products (shampoo, conditioner, body wash, lotion) and Caribou Coffee. Rooms feature WiFi, mini fridges and large flatscreen TVs.

We took a walk on the second floor beyond the hotel into the Purdue Memorial Union, which has stunning architectural features and busts of past presidents, along with an information desk with campus maps and information on the area.

Within the hotel are three dining options, and my husband and I had the opportunity to experience each one while we were there. A little bit after checking in we had a reservation for dinner at 8Eleven, the hotel’s full-service restaurant that is named to honor two NASA missions: Gemini 8 and Apollo 11 — both commanded by Purdue alumnus Neil Armstrong. Described as their “refined and sophisticated gathering spot,” the French-American bistro has an open kitchen concept and an impressive menu.

It was difficult making a decision on what to order. We started with oysters and gulf shrimp cocktail, and it was immediately apparent that everything is top-quality. For entrees, we decided on the halibut with heirloom tomatoes, fennel, lemon and sweet pepper and that evening’s special, the Filet Oscar — a medium filet mignon with lump crab, covered in Hollandaise sauce over asparagus. It was phenomenal, and our meal earned a spot as one of my favorite eateries in the state. I never expected to enjoy seafood that good in a small Midwest college town.

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