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Airbnb IPO And The Impact Of Emerging Trends In Short-Term Vacation Rentals

Despite being battered by the pandemic, short-term rentals on vacation homes have surged. While traditional hotels and vacation clubs seem to struggle to keep their doors open, companies such as Airbnb, Luxury Retreats, and HouseTrip are receiving more interest and bookings. Sparse finances mean fewer people travel overseas for vacation and choose instead to stay within their local environment. The health implications of staying in public spaces such as hotels and cruises have also made people evaluate their vacation plans.

The global pandemic has led to the emergence of new trends among travelers seeking vacation experiences. A study conducted in September by Airbnb, which sampled over a thousand American citizens, found that these respondents were changing their vacation plans for the newly adopted pandemic lifestyle.

After a series of postponements, the online vacation rental company finally has its IPO in December. Airbnb intends to raise $30bn through a SPAC – a special acquisition company when it debuts on the New York Stock Exchange in December. The company has an approximate $85 million market cap today, which is an estimation of the total value of shares of the company.

Airbnb’s move is bold, considering that the pandemic has seriously battered the hospitality and travel sectors, the vacation rental industry’s leading drivers. The company’s listing is one of the year’s most anticipated IPOs.

The company’s decision to go public has been bolstered by the noted survey trends which have been forecasted by industry experts, offering positive insight into demand trends emerging in the vacation rentals sector post-pandemic:

Q3 2020 hedge fund letters, conferences and more

The surge in holiday bookings and vacation rentals

Prior to the pandemic, the timeshare industry saw its 10th straight year of growth with a 7% sales increase totaling $12.5 billion; This year travel has seen a decline of nearly 34%. While the pandemic has hindered traveling and tourism, it has not dampened holiday travelers’ enthusiasm. There has been a surge in holiday bookings between April and June, seeing approximately 32% weekly growth. Most people still want to get out and see the world, but how they do it has changed. Cruise lines such as Carnival and Norwegian Cruise announced record-breaking bookings, which, following the lifting of restrictions in more countries, has been uplifting for the sector (This is besides customers who had their bookings rescheduled to next summer). These companies’ positive news implies that travel and leisure companies may witness a record turn out next year post-vaccine distribution.

Remote working

With the acceleration of remote working, many people are now favoring short-term vacation commitments over yearlong leases and rent. Findings from a survey on short-term rentals discovered that a growing number of remote workers are extending their stays on online rental platforms such as Airbnb.

These customers consider moving to another city but want to experience the ins and outs before committing. Others stay in specific destinations for a short period before moving to the next. Whatever may be the case, the rise of remote working has

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COVID-19 impact from Thanksgiving travel and gatherings could be ‘precursor’ for upcoming holidays

Fallout from Thanksgiving travel and festivities could intensify challenges Massachusetts will face as it continues to battle the pandemic through the December holidays, when officials will be navigating more uncertain terrain amid soaring numbers of cases.

a person standing in front of a store: A passenger made a purchase Sunday from the PPE vending machine inside Terminal B at Logan Airport.

© Jessica Rinaldi/Globe Staff
A passenger made a purchase Sunday from the PPE vending machine inside Terminal B at Logan Airport.

While more indications emerge that people are chafing under pandemic restrictions, those measures are vital to curb the spread and ease pressure on the state’s health care system, officials said.


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“Until we have a vaccine, we’re the vaccine,” said Salem Mayor Kim Driscoll. “Our behavior, and what we do, can help prevent the spread of this virus in our community.”

In the wake of Thanksgiving, public health officials will be closely monitoring state metrics to see what effect holiday travel and gatherings will have on the state’s COVID-19 levels. They will be looking at new cases, positivity test results, hospitalizations, and the presence of coronavirus in wastewater, which is seen as an early warning system.

Some experts, including Dr. Robert Horsburgh, a professor of epidemiology at Boston University, warn that in order to limit additional cases, Governor Charlie Baker will need to roll back the state’s economic reopening.

“We need to ratchet things down and get on top of things like transmission before hospitals fill up and we’re having the crises we had before,” Horsburgh said. “It’s definitely going in the wrong direction, and we can’t sit pat, because with more infections out there, the risk is increasing.”

Dr. Alessandro Vespignani, director of the Network Science Institute at Northeastern University, said public health results from those Thanksgiving activities could help officials project how upcoming holidays will affect coronavirus numbers.

“We need to be very careful. What happened during Thanksgiving could be a precursor of all the other many holidays,” Vespignani said. “So if we see a surge after Thanksgiving, then we have to think [about] and factor other possible surges for Christmas, for New Year’s Eve, et cetera.”

On Sunday, the state Department of Public Health reported 2,501 new confirmed coronavirus cases in Massachusetts, which brought the total to 217,163. The state’s death toll from confirmed cases reached 10,487, with 46 new deaths reported Sunday.

The state reported 43,709 people were estimated to have active cases of COVID-19 as of Sunday, up 1,160 from 42,549 reported Saturday.

A Baker spokesman said Sunday that the administration “is not considering changes to public health protocols at this time and will continue to monitor COVID-19 data.”

Dr. Mauricio Santillana, who is director of the Machine Intelligence Lab at Boston Children’s Hospital and is affiliated with Harvard Medical School, said adherence to some public health recommendations has fallen in Massachusetts.

Santillana was part of a group of researchers who reviewed survey data collected from respondents in the state that included questions on public health matters.

The findings from October showed that since April the number of people taking steps such as frequently washing hands, avoiding

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IMPACT: Frontline grocery store worker surprised with vacation and donation made in her name

Meet Brenda Stroble, the “mama” of Giant Food’s with a huge heart for others.

FALLS CHURCH, Va. — For months now, we’ve seen the work of everyday heroes in our community, wearing masks, shields and capes as they stock shelves to keep our families safe.

Brenda Stroble is one of them. She’s a fixture of her neighborhood working as a “Cash Office Lead” at Giant Food since 1984.

Stroble is leading a brand new team that opened a new store right as COVID-19 hit our area. When we met her, she thought WUSA9 was coming to talk about being on the frontlines during this pandemic.

“Morning Ms. Brenda, how are you?” WUSA9’s Lesli Foster asked. “We’re just trying to explain to people what it’s like for all of you who have been working so hard during this pandemic.”

But instead, our Impact team had a big surprise, for the “mama” of the store with a big heart.

“I have never met anybody like Brenda, in my whole life,” Giant manager Bill Randall said. “She makes it very happy to come to work every day.”

“The whole time that I’ve known her, she’s been always about someone else,” another coworker said about Stroble.

Foster asked Stroble what the best part of her daily job is. 

“Helping somebody in need, that is the best part about it,” she said. 

Then, Foster got to do something she’s always wanted to do

“Good morning, and attention shoppers,” Foster boomed over the loud speaker. “We have a special special celebration coming up today, in the floral section. So while you’re shopping in the aisles, if you could join us over in the floral section for just a moment. You won’t want to miss it.”

The pair walked over to the floral department where many of Stroble’s coworkers were waiting to surprise her, and celebrate her. 

“Oh, my God!” Stroble said, clearly shocked. “Oh, wow.”

Stroble calls her colleagues her family and in her free time she helps other families who are experiencing homelessness.

“You are a true servant leader in every way possible,” Foster said. 

Randall then made a special presentation. 

“We made a donation to Mount Pleasant Baptist Church at $250 on your behalf,” he said to Stroble.

Stroble was also presented with a gift basket filled with her favorite things.

But that wasn’t the end of the surprises for this shero.

“We have some friends with visit Myrtle Beach that heard about you as well,” Foster said. “And they wanted us to give this to you.”

Foster handed Stroble an envelope, with a piece of paper inside that said: “You are a winner of a vacation in sunny Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.”

“Oh my god!” Stroble exclaimed. “Thank you so much. Thank you, everybody. God bless you all. Thank you.”

“The big deal is that an entire community wanted to come together to say thank you for all that you’ve given,” Foster said. And our friends at visit Myrtle Beach hope that you

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New luxury hotel near River Walk brings glitz, glamour, much needed economic impact

SAN ANTONIO – The City of San Antonio is growing so fast and you might now notice a new sight on the city’s skyline.

The brand new Thompson San Antonio hotel is full of glitz and glamour and economic impact for the Alamo City.

“At a time where the hospitality industry is a challenging industry, we’re bringing new jobs to San Antonio that really needs it; we will add about 150 jobs at opening and through time that will probably grow to about 200,” General Manager Ted Knighton said.

And San Antonio needs jobs, especially in the tourism industry.

“One in seven San Antonians work in the tourism and hospitality industry so you know when the numbers are down it has a seismic impact on our local economy,” Richard Oliver, director of partner and community relations for Visit San Antonio said.

Photos show 20-story luxury hotel opening up near the River Walk

The pandemic has been devastating across the country, but especially here.

“I think tourism and hospitality especially in San Antonio, the third largest industry in the city, has been hit hard. We have lost almost $365 million in economic impact, just in meetings we’ve lost,” Oliver said.

So, the Thompson Hotel could help our market because there appears to be a need.

“There’s not enough luxury product in San Antonio, particularly on the weekends where the leisure travel is demanding for larger guest rooms with outdoor space, which we have, and a contemporary modern design,” Knighton said.

In fact, this new lavish lodging could actually serve as an attraction.

“The Thompson hotel is going to be a big destination for folks. We’ve seen it with Hotel Emma and it shows that there is a market in San Antonio for a good luxury lodge and certainly the Thompson is going to be that,” Oliver said.

It will a unique feature to the Alamo City to say the least.

“As you can see there’s no rooftop bar lounge perspective like we have and I’m so excited to introduce it to the locals, because you can see San Antonio from another angle 20 stories up,” Knighton said.

The rooftop bars and restaurants are open to the public starting Jan. 27.

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TIRF reports on the Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Travel Behaviour & Road Safety

Road Safety Monitor 2020: The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Travel Behaviour & Road Safety

See link in press release to download Road Safety Monitor 2020: The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Travel Behaviour & Road Safety
See link in press release to download Road Safety Monitor 2020: The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Travel Behaviour & Road Safety
See link in press release to download Road Safety Monitor 2020: The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Travel Behaviour & Road Safety

Sondage sur la sécurité routière 2020 : L’impact de la pandémie COVID-19 sur les habitudes de déplacement et la sécurité routière

Voir le lien dans le communSee link in press release to download Sondage sur la sécurité routière 2020 : L'impact de la pandémie COVID-19 sur les habitudes de déplacement et la sécurité routière
Voir le lien dans le communSee link in press release to download Sondage sur la sécurité routière 2020 : L’impact de la pandémie COVID-19 sur les habitudes de déplacement et la sécurité routière
Voir le lien dans le communSee link in press release to download Sondage sur la sécurité routière 2020 : L’impact de la pandémie COVID-19 sur les habitudes de déplacement et la sécurité routière

OTTAWA, Nov. 12, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Traffic Injury Research Foundation (TIRF) announces the release of a new fact sheet, Road Safety Monitor 2020: The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Travel Behaviour & Road Safety, a summary based upon data from the Road Safety Monitor (RSM) conducted by TIRF, with sponsorship by Beer Canada, Desjardins and Labatt. The results reveal a majority of respondents reported their driving behaviour did not change and a small proportion indicated they were less likely to engage in dangerous driving behaviours. Results also revealed a shift in the preferred method of travel during the pandemic; early findings suggest this may be permanent for some Canadians.

“While these results are encouraging, it’s also important to acknowledge that a concerning proportion of respondents indicated they were more likely to engage in risky or dangerous driving behaviours during the pandemic, as compared to before COVID-19,” cautions Ward Vanlaar, Chief Operating Officer of TIRF.

Compared to before the pandemic, 5.5% of Canadians admitted they were more likely to excessively exceed the posted speed limit during COVID-19 which translates to approximately 1.46 million licensed drivers. In addition, 4.2% said they were more likely to be driving distracted, 9.1% of respondents reported they had more difficulty focusing while driving, 2.4% admitted they were more likely to drive within two hours of consuming alcohol, and, 2.2% were more likely to drive within two hours of using drugs. While these percentages may reveal only a minority of Canadians engage in these dangerous driving behaviours, they still represent well over a million drivers.

“The results from TIRF are a reminder that drivers must remain vigilant during the pandemic,” says Valérie Lavoie, President & COO of Desjardins General Insurance Group. “Injuries and fatalities on our road are preventable, so it is important to remind drivers of the dangerous habits that can put themselves and others at risk.”

Almost 1 in 4 Canadians (23.3%) indicated their preferred method of travel changed during the pandemic. Prior to COVID-19, personal vehicle use was the main preferred method of travel of respondents

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Two COVID positives impact SUNY Schenectady’s School of Hotel, Culinary Arts and Tourism

Categories: News, Schenectady County

SCHENECTADY – Two COVID positives connected to SUNY Schenectady’s School of Hotel, Culinary Arts and Tourism led Sunday to classes there going remote and some services there shutting down, the school said late Sunday.

The school received word of the two positive tests Sunday. The individuals did not have direct contact with the public, officials said. But, out of an abundance of caution, the school closed its Casola, Van Curler, Pane e Dolci and The Boucherie Curbside takeout services, the school said.

All classes at the School of Hotel, Culinary Arts and Tourism were moved remote for two weeks and the facilities will be deep cleaned.

The individuals who tested positive were last on campus Friday and will not return to the college until they are cleared by Schenectady County Public Health Services.

The school has identified the two individuals’ close contacts at the college and the health department will reach out to those who were in close contact, the school said.

“We remind our campus community to stay vigilant outside of school, practice good hygiene, wear masks and follow social distance guidelines as outlined by the CDC and the New York State Department of Health,” the college said in a release. 


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Economic Impact Of Disability Travel Reaches $58.7 Billion

New Nationwide Research from Open Doors Organization

CHICAGO, Oct. 28, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — The Open Doors Organization (ODO) today released key findings from its 2020 Market Study on Adult Travelers with Disabilities. The nationwide survey was conducted by The Harris Poll as a follow-up to ODO’s previous studies of 2002, 2005, and 2015. The new data shows that the disability travel market has a greater economic impact on the travel industry than ever before.

(PRNewsfoto/Open Doors Organization)
(PRNewsfoto/Open Doors Organization)

Economic impact of disability travel market continues to grow as adults spend $58.7 billion on just their travel alone.

In the past two years (2018-19), more than 27 million travelers with disabilities took a total of 81 million trips, spending $58.7 billion on their own travel alone (up from $34.6 billion in 2015). As Eric Lipp, ODO Executive Director, noted in his remarks at the 2020 TTRA Marketing Outlook Forum, “The true economic impact is higher, potentially even double, since people with disabilities typically travel with one or more other adults.”

While each industry segment saw an increase in travel frequency and spending since the 2015 study, aviation has shown the most growth. In the past two years, nearly 15 million people with disabilities took 29.6 million trips by air. This alone generated $11 billion in spending (up from $9 billion in 2015). Recognizing the importance of this market, the International Air Transport Association (IATA), supported by ODO, just this week held its Second Global Accessibility Symposium with the aim of creating a more equitable, inclusive passenger experience post-pandemic.

In addition to shedding light on general travel patterns, frequency, and spending by American adults with disabilities, the ODO Market Study once again provides details on air travel, cruise travel, ground transportation (including rideshare services), the use of the Internet, mobile devices and assistive equipment, and the most popular destinations nationally and internationally.

The study also asked respondents about their plans to travel after the COVID-19 crisis has ended including when they plan to travel again and how likely they are to participate in activities such as staying at a hotel, taking a flight, and visiting cultural institutions.

The 2020 Market Study is available for pre-order by visiting www.opendoorsnfp.org or by email at [email protected]

About the Research
The 2020 Market Survey was conducted online and by telephone by The Harris Poll on behalf of Open Doors Organization between June 1 and July 9, 2020, among 1,100 US adults 18+ who have a disability, defined as: blindness, deafness, or a condition that substantially limits one or more basic physical activities such as walking, climbing stairs, reaching, lifting or carrying. Results were weighted by education, age by sex, race/ethnicity, region, income, household size, marital status, disability type, phone status, and propensity to be online to align them with their actual proportions in the population.

The Open Doors Organization is a non-profit organization founded for the purpose of teaching businesses how to succeed in the disability market and make

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Hotel And Accommodation Market Procurement Intelligence Report with COVID-19 Impact Analysis

The Hotel And Accommodation market will register an incremental spend of about USD 108 billion, growing at a CAGR of 4.95% during the five-year forecast period. A targeted strategic approach to Hotel And Accommodation sourcing can unlock several opportunities for buyers. This report also offers market impact and new opportunities created due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Download free sample pages

This press release features multimedia. View the full release here: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20201022006029/en/

SpendEdge has announced the release of its Global Hotel And Accommodation Market Procurement Intelligence Report (Graphic: Business Wire)

Key benefits to buy this report:

  • What are the market dynamics?

  • What are the key market trends?

  • What are the category growth drivers?

  • What are the constraints on category growth?

  • Who are the suppliers in this market?

  • What are the demand-supply shifts?

  • What are the major category requirements?

  • What are the procurement best practices in this market?

Information on Latest Trends and Supply Chain Market Information Knowledge centre on COVID-19 impact assessment

SpendEdge’s reports now include an in-depth complimentary analysis of the COVID-19 impact on procurement and the latest market data to help your company overcome sourcing challenges. Our Hotel And Accommodation market procurement intelligence report offers actionable procurement intelligence insights, sourcing strategies, and action plans to mitigate risks arising out of the current pandemic situation. The insights offered by our reports will help procurement professionals streamline supply chain operations and gain insights into the best procurement practices to mitigate losses.

Insights into buyer strategies and tactical negotiation levers:

Several strategic and tactical negotiation levers are explained in the report to help buyers achieve the best prices for Hotel And Accommodation market. The report also aids buyers with relevant Hotel And Accommodation pricing levels, pros and cons of prevalent pricing models such as volume-based pricing, spot pricing, and cost-plus pricing and category management strategies and best practices to fulfil their category objectives.

For more insights on buyer strategies and tactical negotiation levers Click Here

To access the definite purchasing guide on the hotel and accommodation that answers all your key questions on price trends and analysis:

  • Am I paying/getting the right prices? Is my Hotel And Accommodation TCO (total cost of ownership) favorable?

  • How is the price forecast expected to change? What is driving the current and future price changes?

  • Which pricing models offer the most rewarding opportunities?

To get instant access to over 1000 market-ready procurement intelligence reports without any additional costs or commitment, Subscribe Now for Free.

Some of the top hotel and accommodation suppliers listed in this report:

This hotel and accommodation procurement intelligence report has enlisted the top suppliers and their cost structures, SLA terms, best selection criteria, and negotiation strategies.

  • Marriott International Inc.

  • Hilton Worldwide Holdings Inc.

  • Accor SA

  • Hyatt Hotels Corp.

  • Wyndham Destinations Inc.

  • Four Seasons Hotels Ltd.

  • InterContinental Hotels Group Plc

  • Melia Hotels International SA

  • Millennium & Copthorne Hotels Plc

  • Choice Hotels International, Inc

This procurement report helps buyers identify and shortlist the most suitable suppliers for their hotel and accommodation

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The Importance and Impact of Recreational Activities in the Educational Curriculum | Ms. Rituparna Devi

“All Work and no Play make Jack a dull boy” goes a popular saying.

The significance of this saying has increased manifold in today’s fast-paced and competitive world where students are forced by both their guardians and the conglomerate of society and situations as a whole to devote increasing hours in academic learning , whether theoretical or practical and knowledge enhancing activities so that they can stay ahead in the rat race. Add to that the present way of life where people mostly stay in small nuclear families and with parents working, the viability of our own home as a place where we can have recreational time has diminished.

What is recreation?

Recreation consists of activities or experiences carried on within leisure, usually chosen voluntarily by the participant – either because of satisfaction, pleasure or creative enrichment derived, or because he perceives certain personal or social values to be gained from them. It may, also be perceived as the process of participation, or as the emotional state derived from involvement.

Students, especially in higher education, now spend most of their time with college friends and outside of home for various purposes and work. Hence, in the current scenario, the best place to include recreational activities in one’s life is one’s place of education rather than at home. This not only provides a chance to include recreations in one’s life, but also helps students to socialize and become less dependent on one’s parents.

Before analyzing the effect of recreations in educational curriculum, it is important to know the impacts and necessity of recreations in one’s life as a whole. Due to the intricacies in present day society and the way of living, students nowadays are weaker than their older generations, both physically and emotionally. This gets reflected in their physical, emotional and mental health as well as their behavior and development which all the more calls for bestowing on recreations the importance that it deserves. Various studies have shown the importance of recreations on one’s life specifically in three aspects- physical health, mental health and improving quality of life.

  • Physical Health: Recreational activities, especially outdoor ones improve one’s health like maintaining lower body fat percentages, lowering blood and cholesterol levels, increasing muscular strength, flexibility, muscular endurance, body composition and cardiovascular endurance. Overall it increases one’s stamina and energy level resulting in more focus for academic activities besides also having an impact on one’s class attendance and attention thus leading to more learning. And as we all know “health is wealth”.
  • Mental Health: Mental health is essential for overall physical health. Recreational activities help manage stress. It provides a chance to nurture oneself and provides a sense of balance and self-esteem, which can directly reduce anxiety and depression. There is also an increased motivation to learn as it can serve as a laboratory for application of contents learnt in classrooms teaching. It provides a channel for releasing tension and anxiety thus facilitating emotional stability and resilience. Such activities help students
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India Hotel Market And The Impact Of COVID-19

Horwath HTL India has conducted a sentiment survey of the Indian hotel industry leaders and hotel managers to understand the depth of the impact of COVID-19 crisis, mitigating measures applied to limit the fallout and the areas requiring supportive measures. The assessment is provided in this sentiment survey report.

Key takeaways from Hotel Sentiment Survey 2020, India

  • 32% of the respondents feel that impact will last for more than six months; while it is heartening to see that 33% feel the impact will last only for 3 months
  • Almost three-fourth of respondents think that impact is ‘much worse’ than any other major crisis
  • 87% believe that the occupancy impact for H1-20 will be greater than 30% decline, compared to H1-19; 56% respondents expect ADR decline of between 10% to 30%
  • 85% respondents expect Total Revenue to drop by over 30%
  • Majority of respondents think that domestic business and leisure travel is likely to hold up; significant fall is expected in foreign business and leisure travel
  • To tackle Covid-19 in the immediate term respondents believe that most important will be to undertake cost control measures and ensure guest and staff safety
  • GST waiver, tax rebates, loan moratorium are amongst top three elements identified as support from government / authorities

About Horwath HTL

Horwath HTL is the world”s largest hospitality consulting brand with 45 offices across the world providing expert local knowledge. Since 1915 we have been providing impartial, specialist advice to our clients and are recognized as the founders of the Uniform System of Accounts which subsequently has become the industry standard for hospitality accounting. We focus one hundred percent on hotels, tourism and leisure consulting and have successfully completed over 16,000 projects.  If you have any questions, please contact James Chappell, Global Business Director at [email protected].

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