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Iconic Vienna hotel turns to drive-in cake as pandemic bites

The coronavirus pandemic may have forced many of Vienna’s luxury hotels to close indefinitely as global travel restrictions keep away the many millions of tourists who usually visit the Austrian capital every year.

But the city’s iconic Hotel Sacher is determined not to let fans of its world-famous chocolate cake go hungry.

The hotel’s concierge, Uwe Kotzendorfer, is selling “Sacher Torte”, as the rich delicacy is known, on a drive-in stand just across the road from Vienna’s prestigious State Opera house.

“I do a bit of everything now,” says Kotzendorfer, standing next to a small two-wheel cart stacked high with cakes, as he hands an imperial red bag containing one of them to a customer driving past in his BMW.

“I thought it was a fantastic idea,” says another customer, Claudia Bednar.

“Because we can no longer travel, I am going to send one to my aunt in Germany for her 65th wedding anniversary,” she explains, then pays for the cake, which typically costs between 50 and 60 euros ($60 to $71), with her credit card.

The vast majority of the Sacher’s staff are now on government-subsidised furlough.

And the rooms and dining halls in the six neoclassical buildings — decorated with autographed images of previous guests such as Britain’s Prince Charles, Franco-German film star Romy Schneider and US opera singer Jessye Norman — are deserted.

Nevertheless, the hotel insists on displaying fresh flower arrangements in honour of the five business travellers currently staying there.

For those parts of the hotel not currently occupied, the management is taking the opportunity to carry out some much-needed maintenance, and Kotzendorfer often guides workmen around the deserted swathes of the building.

– Past crises –

According to owner and managing director Matthias Winkler, the Sacher is the last five-star hotel in Vienna that is still in family hands.

The hotel has survived a number of existential crises in the past and during the global economic cri...

The hotel has survived a number of existential crises in the past and during the global economic crisis in 1934 event went bankrupt


But it has survived a number of existential crises in the past and during the global economic crisis in 1934 event went bankrupt.

“We’ve gone through many trials since the creation of the brand and our family is still planning for the long term”, said Winkler, who took over the hotel from his mother-in-law in 2015.

The current virus-induced economic downturn is also taking a heavy toll.

International travellers typically account for more than 90 percent of the hotel’s annual 23,000 overnight stays, with rooms costing anything between 400 and 2,300 euros ($480-$2,700) per night in the low season.

However, with the virus lockdowns, that source of income has now been all but wiped out.

Sacher’s cakes, which are shipped and sold across the world, are helping keep the brand alive.

Although competition in the upscale hotel industry can be ruthless and international brands have larger financial resources, Winkler believes that being family-run is turning out to be an advantage during the pandemic.

“Here, decisions are made at a

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Framingham’s iconic castle Sheraton hotel hitting auction block

The famed Framingham Sheraton Hotel & Conference Center is scheduled to be auctioned off in December.The MetroWest Daily News reported that the 376-room hotel that is visible from the Mass. Pike. is part of the Marriott brand of hotels and is listed on the JJ Manning Auctioneers website. The auction for the two-parcel area (1651 and 1657 Worcester Road/Rte. 9) will held at 11 a.m. on Dec. 15 at the hotel.Menus and other paper souvenirs from the archives of the Sheraton Framingham, which opened in 1972 and was originally known as the Sheraton Tara.Jim Giammarinaro, president of the MetroWest Chamber of Commerce, called the development “very sad news.””The Sheraton has been a significant part of our community,” he said. “So many of our members have had large events at the hotel. Many of our non-profits have held their fundraisers in their beautiful ballrooms. It has also housed a number of conventions and tradeshows. Our chamber has had many events there throughout the years. Their staff has been so great to work with. Our entire chamber community will feel this loss.”Giammarinaro is hopeful that whoever purchases the iconic building will utilize the facility in a similar manner. The Sheraton’s ballrooms can hold up to 600 people.”There is not another indoor facility within MetroWest with that capacity to service our businesses and non-profits for their larger events,” he said. “The effects of COVID continue to challenge our hospitality and retail businesses.”Justin Manning, president of JJ Manning Auctioneers, expects there will be significant interest in the property at next month’s auction.”We have received numerous calls from heavy hitters in the hospitality industry,” said Manning. “This is an iconic and well-located hotel property which is familiar to so many people in the region.”The auction firm is conducting a national advertising campaign for the site. The targeted buying group is hotel owners, operators and managers of properties with more than 300 rooms.”This property has had major improvements done to it over the last decade,” said Manning. “This will be a post-COVID winner for someone no doubt.”History of the Sheraton castleBuilt in 1972, the hotel is one of four remaining designed to look like a castle with the others in Braintree, New Hampshire and New Jersey under the name Sheraton Tara Hotel. Over time, with different owners, the medieval theme faded away.The Sheraton company was started in Springfield by Ernest Henderson and Robert Moore in 1937, according to the company’s websiteThe hotel was bought by Waterton, a U.S. real estate investment and management company, in 2011. In Massachusetts, Waterton also owns or operates the Courtyard Boston Marlborough, Doubletree Westborough, the Sheraton Needham and Rosemont Square in Randolph, a residential property.In 2013, the company renovated the lobby, grand ballroom and fitness center. Much of the distinct architecture, such a brick archways, remains a part of the interior of the building.Another renovation was completed in 2018.Sheraton building and auction detailsThe City of Framingham values the 58-year-old building at about $33.15 million and the auctioneer’s website says a 5% …

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This Indonesian YouTuber’s Recreation of the Iconic Scene From ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’ is Going Viral

a group of people standing in front of a window: This Indonesian YouTuber's Recreation of the Iconic Scene From 'Kuch Kuch Hota Hai' is Going Viral

© Provided by News18
This Indonesian YouTuber’s Recreation of the Iconic Scene From ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’ is Going Viral

Bollywood is an international legacy, leaving India’s footprint of the rest of the world. From fashion to dance, the influence of Hindi film Industry can be found across nations on any part of this globe. As people often say that art cannot be contained by the bounds of country or language, an Indonesian YouTube celebrity has been proving just how deep and far-reaching is Bollywood’s impact.

Recently, the YouTube account by the name of Vina Fan uploaded a video to the channel that has all Indian Bollywood fans applauding their talents. The video contains a recreation from one of the most monumental films of 1990s, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai.

It is an accurate, frame-by-frame copy of the iconic scene where Rahul (Shah Rukh Khan) tells Anjali (Kajol) about who he wants as his future partner. In the film, their conversation is intercut with shots of Tina (Rani Mukherjee) as each of Rahul’s descriptions are reflected in her moves. The serious conversation ends with a comic scene where Rahul unknowingly gossips about their principal, Mr. Malhotra (Anupam Kher) to Tina, who is his daughter.

The group of Vina Fan manages to pull-off the entire 5-minute long sequence with close accuracy. They even managed to wear clothes identical to those worn by the actors in the film. The video is edited in a way that the actual movie scene plays in bottom left half while their recreation mimics the scenes in the top right half.

The artist pinned a comment in Indonesian, which says, “The first time I have tried to make a scene, still kept it simple. Everything depends on the audience response, if they think it’s good, then it’s good.”

Here is the video:

The comment section was full of both Indian and Indonesian Bollywood fans, but majority comments are in Indonesian. “The girl who played Kajal’s part really did amazing job wonderful just brilliant,” wrote one user, while another observed, “I love the scene you recreated… love your expressions costume and hats off for the lip-sync u did without knowing the language…keep it up vina fan.”

This is not the first Bollywood recreation from the content creator. The channel has some of the most popular Bollywood song numbers mimicked and recreated, but never parodied. In fact, even Shah Rukh Khan was impressed by their art when they remade his famous song Zara sa Jhoom Lu Main from Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge.

In fact, even Shah Rukh Khan was impressed by their art when they remade his famous song Zara sa Jhoom Lu Main from Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge.

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Keanu Reeves’ New Hairstyle Suggests Recreation of Iconic Matrix Scene?

Keanu Reeves, Keanu Reeves posing for the camera: Keanu Reeves’ New Hairstyle Suggests Recreation of Iconic Matrix Scene?

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Keanu Reeves’ New Hairstyle Suggests Recreation of Iconic Matrix Scene?

Keanu Reeves is famous for three things, his movies, his never-ageing appearance, and his long and dark locks. While the first two are still going strong, fans will be both excited and saddened by his new buzz cut. Saddened because the beautiful hair is gone, excited because it signals the production of the much-awaited and hyped the fourth instalment of the Matrix series.

While many shared his paparazzi pictures taken in Berlin, an entertainment

Keanu’s luscious locks are gone! This haircut is definitely giving me The matrix 4 vibes!! (Obviously) _ #keanu #keanureeves #keanureevesofficial #keanureevesedit #keanureevesmovies #keanureevesfans #recent #redbubble #keanureevesquotes #keanureevesmemes #keanureevesfan #johnwick #billandtedsexcellentadventure #billandted3 #billandtedfacethemusic #billandtedsbogusjourney #johnwick2 #johnwick3parabellum

A post shared by Keanu Reeves (@keanu_reeevesss) on Oct 26, 2020 at 10:07am PDT

The pictures here were clicked while he was being dropped off to his hotel in Berlin by his girlfriend, Alexandra Grant. Berlin also happens to be the location for the Matrix film shoot. According to LadBible, the 57-year-old actor claims the sequel will be “something special.”

“We have a lot of hope and ambition, and we hope that people really enjoy them, and we have an ambition to make some really special films,” Reeves said. He went on to say that the director Lana Wachowski is “an incredible filmmaker” and artist. He also called the script she has written as “beautiful.”

The Matrix series is one of the most influential and iconic science-films to-date. While Reeves will be reliving the hero Neo, actress Carrie-Anne Moss will reprise the role of the female warrior Trinity. Also appearing from the old cast are Jada Pinkett-Smith as Niobe and Lambert Wilson as The Merovingian. New faces in the cast will include Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Jessica Henwick, Neil Patrick Harris, Priyanka Chopra and Jonathan Groff.

While the original shoot began in February, it was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown. The pre-production phase resumed in August. In an earlier interview to The People, Reeves said all COVID-19 protocols will be followed diligently during the entire shoot. The film is reported to release on December 21, 2021.

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An Iconic New York Hotel Is Closing Its Doors: What It Means for Real Estate Investors

It’s no secret that hotels have been struggling since the start of the coronavirus outbreak. Travel restrictions and safety concerns have led to unprecedented vacancies, and while some hotels may have enough cash reserves to sustain themselves through an extended downturn, others may have no choice but to permanently close their doors.

Such is the case for New York City’s famed Roosevelt Hotel, which has become yet another casualty of the pandemic. The iconic hotel, which has been around since 1924, announced in October that it will be shutting down at some point this year. And that’s a harsh blow for New York City hotels in particular.

A sobering turn of events

The Roosevelt hotel, located minutes from New York City’s famed Times Square and Grand Central Terminal, has been a huge part of the city’s history. In fact, it served as the election headquarters for Gov. Thomas Dewey when he incorrectly announced his victory over Harry Truman in the 1948 presidential election. The hotel has also served as a movie backdrop for films such as The Irishman.

Now, the Roosevelt Hotel will be closing its doors due to low demand related to the coronavirus crisis. Of course, it’s not the only hotel that’s taken a hit. The pandemic has decimated the hospitality industry, causing widespread layoffs for hotel staff as occupancy rates have plunged to record lows. In fact, the U.S. leisure and hospitality industry lost 7.5 million jobs in April, reports the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and since then, only about half of those jobs have been brought back.

But losing the Roosevelt Hotel is an especially harsh blow for New York City, which is deep in the throes of a vacancy crisis. Manhattan landlords are growing so desperate they’re giving away free rent, while commercial landlords are facing vacancies and untold financial hardships.

Local hotels are feeling the pain, too. In September, Hilton (NYSE: HLT) announced that it would close its 478-room hotel in Times Square.

Of course, travel has been halted globally since the start of the pandemic, but New York City, which thrives on tourism, has become a virtual ghost town in the wake of COVID-19. Not only have city residents already staged a mass exodus, but tourism has declined substantially, fueled in part by quarantine restrictions and the long-term closure of Broadway. It’s therefore not surprising to see a famed New York City hotel like the Roosevelt shut down, but that doesn’t ease the sting for investors who may be worried that their hotels will be the pandemic’s next victims.

Though New York City started out as the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak, its numbers have improved dramatically since last spring. Still, with cases beginning to surge again both locally and nationwide, it’s fair to say that tourism in the city won’t be picking up for quite some time, and that could leave hotel investors in quite the unfavorable spot. In fact, hotel operators may already be bracing for a very lean holiday

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nomah & JSa transform iconic office building in mexico city into sense-engaging hotel

architecture firms nomah and JSª have transformed an iconic 1924 business building of mexico city, into the ‘hotel umbral’. the old structure named ‘edificio españa’ had been neglected for years, when in 2017 curio collection by hilton, recovered the property, in order to restore and rejuvenate it with a new function.

nomah & JSa transform iconic office building in mexico city into sense-engaging hotel
all images courtesy of rafael gamo



the name and concept for ‘hotel umbral’ by nomah and JSª emerges from a specific architectural element: each room within the building has a threshold (‘umbral’ in spanish). this spatial repetition generates interesting aesthetic effects between the different areas and builds a cohesive discourse that brings past and present together. meanwhile, the overall design preserves the authentic character of the structure and benefits from its unique surrounding corridors, to define the functionality of the architectural program.

nomah & JSa transform iconic office building in mexico city into sense-engaging hotel



the interior is decorated with versatile furnishing that draws inspiration from 1920s functionalism. in the common areas, the furniture can be used in different ways to transform the space into multifunctional office/workspace or leisure rooms. all pieces have a modern, delicate appearance that can accentuate and harmonize any room.

nomah & JSa transform iconic office building in mexico city into sense-engaging hotel



the hotel is designed to encourage guests to experience and experiment with their senses, guiding them from dark to light; from city bustle to tranquility. upon crossing the gold-framed threshold, visitors meet a dark and mysterious contemporary common room. on the other hand, in the private rooms, a bright, luminous, and fresh sleeping area awaits. following the same approach, the bathing furniture is designed to stand out with a dark, clean, minimalist design. 

nomah & JSa transform iconic office building in mexico city into sense-engaging hotel



the contemporary living environment generates a scenographic atmosphere, where both public and intimate areas enclose the senses. ‘hotel umbral’ adds to the richness and uniqueness of mexico city, offering a kinesthetic experience that brings the past and the present together.

nomah & JSa transform iconic office building in mexico city into sense-engaging hotel

hotel umbral the restoration of an an iconic building in the heart of mexico city 6

hotel umbral the restoration of an an iconic building in the heart of mexico city 7

hotel umbral the restoration of an an iconic building in the heart of mexico city 8

hotel umbral the restoration of an an iconic building in the heart of mexico city 9

hotel umbral the restoration of an an iconic building in the heart of mexico city 10

hotel umbral the restoration of an an iconic building in the heart of mexico city 11

hotel umbral the restoration of an an iconic building in the heart of mexico city 12



project info:

name: hotel umbral
architecture office: JSª, nomah
lead architect: javier sánchez
lead designer: laura natividad, dania gutiérrez
project team: carlos mar, alejandra monter, rodrigo álvarez, samuel torres, anuar portugal, gabriela gonzález, karen osorio, rebeca yáñez
furniture manufacturer: electrón 14
developer: compañía origen inmuebles
location: mexico city  



designboom has received this project from our ‘DIY submissions‘ feature, where we welcome our readers to submit their own work for publication. see more project submissions from our readers here.


edited by: myrto katsikopoulou | designboom

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Column: Iconic Hyatt hotel gets new trendy look

When the Hyatt Regency La Jolla at Aventine opened more than three decades ago, it quickly became an iconic building anchoring the west end of the La Jolla Village Drive UTC community corridor between I-5 and I-805.

Its design incorporated symbolism of ancient Rome with its coliseum-like health spa rotunda, statuary, columns and extensive use of marble. Rome was erected on seven hills — one was named Aventine.

Developer Jack Naiman held a competition between two highly regarded architects, I. M. Pei and Michael Graves. He chose the design by Graves, a giant in the postmodern design movement and a professor of architecture at Princeton.

Every aspect of the building, including its interior built-ins, furniture, light fixtures, wallpaper, fabrics and flooring were designed by Graves.

The exterior paint, in earthy shades of terracotta and ochre, set a tone for future development in the community, says Scott Pedersen, a jazz concert promoter and civil engineer by training who harbors a love of architecture.

He notes that the Aventine hotel, sporting club and office building complex influenced surrounding development, notably the Renaissance residential and retail space, the North University library and Illumina headquarters.

It also became a public event landmark as the site of a jazz festival for years and an annual “Times Square West” New Year’s Eve celebration that, when the millennium dawned, was broadcast live on CNN and FOX TV networks. “The Hyatt Aventine is not just a hotel — it is a location,” he argues.

But the new color, Pedersen maintains, takes the hotel from San Diego Architectural Foundation “Orchid” award winner in 1990 to “Onion” status.

“I believe Mr. Naiman and, specifically, Michael Graves would have never agreed to allow the current ‘white washing’ and removal of the iconic and stunning exterior treatments that went into this work of art,” Pedersen protested in a recent note to city senior planner Katie Witherspoon.

It isn’t the paint job, per se, but the potential ramifications of the damage to a Michael Graves building that bother Pedersen. He complimented the interior remodeling as looking “fresh and contemporary to meet the market demand. My only issue is the exterior.”

The 16-story hotel has had numerous owners. It and the former sporting club were sold last year to Hong Kong-based Gaw Capital, a private equity fund manager focused on real estate. Gaw has embarked on a $15 million renovation with the help of Hyatt, which manages the property. In their view, they are giving the property a much overdue face-lift.

But do you update the Roman coliseum? asks Pedersen. Do you repaint Mona Lisa’s smile?

“Over the last 30 years there really has been no change whatsoever to the outside of building,” explained hotel General Manager David Lockard. With all the reinvestment by Gaw in the hotel’s meeting space and its redesign of the market, lobby and public spaces, they felt compelled “to match that on the outside of the building as well.”

To the right of the recently repainted Hyatt Regency La Jolla hotel is the rotunda and office complex in the original colors.

To the right of the

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Iconic Denver Hotel | The Oxford Hotel

An Icon Among Denver Hotels

Found at the intersection of timeless elegance and modern luxury, The Oxford Hotel stands today as an iconic Denver landmark, rooted in its unique history and groundbreaking beginnings of 1891. In the bustling heart of downtown, guests step through our doors and feel taken back to a simpler, more quaint point in time. From the classic artwork hung on our walls to the custom, tailored service reminiscent of the Gilded Age, The Oxford offers guests a truly unique Denver hotel experience.

With more than 100 years under our belt, we are your key to refined comfort as we continue to set the standard for loyal and exceptional service. As the most historic hotel in Denver, The Oxford Hotel has been a part of the city since the beginning, and always will be.

Always Oxford.

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