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RedAwning Partners with TurnoverBnB to Automate and Optimize Vacation Rental Cleaning and Provide Homeowners with a Network of 25,000 Cleaners

Emeryville, CA, Nov. 18, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — RedAwning, the only complete hospitality and reservations platform for short term rentals, and TurnoverBnB, the leader in vacation rental cleaning solutions, today announced a new partnership to enable hosts to automatically schedule, manage, and pay their cleaners for all RedAwning guests.  This new partnership also opens a network of 25,000 experienced vacation rental housecleaners to RedAwning participating homeowners. 

This launch of a combined cleaning automation solution will enable RedAwning homeowners to much more efficiently manage their cleaners at a time when cleanliness is top of mind for guests and robust demand continues to set occupancy records.  RedAwning provides industry-leading bookings demand for homeowners, and average revenue per property listing was up 120% in September over 2019. RedAwning will also provide a hospitality grade cleaning checklist that exceeds all of the new requirements being set by Airbnb.  Better still, homeowners who are happy with their current cleaners can keep their same cleaners and still benefit from all of these capabilities.

“RedAwning seeks to provide the most revenue with the least work for homeowners and property managers.  We already generate more business per property than anyone else, and this new integration will save a ton of time for our very busy owners and managers, while improving the guest experience too,” said Tim Choate, Founder & CEO of RedAwning.com. “TurnoverBnB works with thousands of property owners and managers, and we are excited to offer this combined solution to RedAwning property owners and also all our participants too,” said Assaf Karmon, Founder & CEO of TurnoverBnB.

TurnoverBnB adds to RedAwning’s long list of exclusive, industry-leading benefits for property owners and managers to help them generate more revenue with less work.  These include free professional photography with Meero, pricing optimization, distribution everywhere guests shop for travel, Amazon Prime Now delivery mapping, a mobile app, a web portal, 24/7 Reservations and Guest Services, payment processing with Stripe, Amazon Smart Concierge, and much more. 

To learn more about RedAwning’s industry-leading hospitality and reservations platform, visit www.redawning.com/list.   

To browse and book the RedAwning Collection, visit www.redawning.com.


About RedAwning

RedAwning is the only complete hospitality and reservations platform for short term rentals. RedAwning presents the world’s largest collection of vacation properties to guests wherever they shop for travel.  With over 35,000 properties represented on behalf of thousands of property owners and managers, RedAwning covers virtually every leisure destination in North America, and includes a comprehensive layer of exclusive services and support with every stay. RedAwning is the largest single U.S. vacation rental supplier to every major travel website, including Booking.com, Expedia, Vrbo, Airbnb, and Google Travel. RedAwning also operates exclusive vacation property booking websites, including RedAwning.com for travelers, and RedAwningTravelPro, which enables 20,000 travel agents to book vacation properties. 

RedAwning has been a leading innovator in the vacation rental industry since 2010, with a mission to redefine the customer journey for guests, hosts and property managers alike, and to drive new approaches that make the booking and staying experience

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Five Top Gun Moves For New Vacation Homeowners To Make The Most Of Their Investment

Clark Twiddy is the President of Twiddy & Company, a hospitality and asset management firm along North Carolina’s Outer Banks.

With busy residential real estate activity across the country over the past few months, there’s a chance that the blurring pace of transactions has obscured the recognition of a knowledge gap for many new homeowners and investors. Now that you have an asset, how do you operate it in such a way to optimize revenues and minimize costs?

This operational challenge particularly applies to homeowners and investors of second or investment homes. With the coming IPO of Airbnb, this asset class is going to have renewed visibility and public reporting. As we learn from this IPO, we’ll also learn much about the industry as a whole. The sharpest investors, as always, will seek to make the expert moves early that lead to superior results and also avoid the common traps that frustratingly lead to common outcomes.  

Considering the work of Stephen M. R. Covey in his book The Speed of Trust, let’s build on his thinking around trust with an eye toward residential real estate operation. Imagine this formula as a road map to results:

AQ + Strategy + Execution * Trust = Superior Results

AQ is the quality of any asset (which includes location), strategy is the vision of the market, execution is the delivery of that strategy on a day-to-day basis and trust is the multiplier for the people relationships around the home. In this equation, trust is a multiplier, but as Covey points out in his book, in the absence of trust the multiplier can become a painful divider as well. 

Building on this equation, here are five top gun moves that new homeowners and investors can make to keep an enduring competitive advantage in the market:

1. Don’t Underestimate Risk

It’s easy for newcomers and rookies to underestimate risk. Think about any young person doing something for the first time — say, driving — and it’s easy to see how the first attempt at a new skill often means we underestimate what could go wrong. In a home, risks can be profound as a home fire or as small and common — think home Freakonomics — as a slip-and-fall. Professionals recognize risk early and plan ahead for risk when it materializes. Sharp professionals proactively transfer the risk early in the form of insurance or smart operational constructs.

2. Understand Variables Are Related

For anything complicated, we tend to isolate components for simplicity — imagine building blocks in a larger construction. However, in the operation of a vacation rental home, few things are isolated. It’s much more of a spider web, meaning everything is related. Using our earlier equation, the level of investment in quality is related to the service demand while the levels of trust for those service providers are related to the speed to market of the operator. Rather than isolate any variables, sharp professionals relate everything. 

3. Avoid Polarization In Customer

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