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Mike Pence is taking a vacation in Florida, but he’s not going to Disney World

MIAMI — Being vice president is a tough job. Especially one who has just been voted out of office and is fighting to stay in it.

a person standing in front of a boat: Vice President Mike Pence disembarks Air Force Two at Kinston Regional Jetport Sunday, Oct. 25, 2020, in Kinston, N.C.

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Vice President Mike Pence disembarks Air Force Two at Kinston Regional Jetport Sunday, Oct. 25, 2020, in Kinston, N.C.

So Mike Pence can’t be blamed for wanting a little R&R.

Where is he going? Florida, of course.

The vice president isn’t heading to President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach or Disney World near Orlando. According to the Federal Aviation Administration, the 61-year-old Indiana native is headed to Sanibel on Tuesday and will stay through Saturday.

Pence has reportedly vacationed in the area before, but not likely when a tropical storm is hanging around.

The vice president’s office didn’t immediately comment Monday about the getaway, so we will have to assume what he’ll do on his trip. We also aren’t sure if his wife, teacher Karen Pence, will be along for the ride.

We can be certain the itinerary will not include soaking up sun on the beach. Unfortunately, the weather on the Gulf Coast isn’t looking too hot. According to local weather reports, Tropical Storm Eta brought heavy rain, high winds and some downed trees to Southwest Florida on Monday.

A forecast for Lee County, where Sanibel is located, shows continuing showers and overall poor conditions through at least Thursday.

“Go ahead and secure anything you may have in your property that may be blown away, an umbrella, furniture, any signage, and just be prepared for about three days of poor weather,” Keith Williams, Sanibel’s director of community services, told TV station Fox 4.

On Saturday, when Pence is set to return home to Washington, D.C., the sun will be back out in Sanibel.


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Trump says report that he failed to pay $287M debt tied to failing hotel shows he’s a “smart guy”

Donald Trump; Chicago Trump International Tower
Donald Trump; Chicago Trump International Tower

Donald Trump | Chicago Trump International Hotel and Tower Photo illustration by Salon/Getty Images

This article originally appeared here on Salon.com

President Donald Trump had $287 million in debt forgiven by his lenders after failing to repay loans tied to his Chicago hotel and other projects, according to a new report.

Trump’s federal income tax returns obtained by The News Times showed that most of the debt was tied to Trump International Hotel & Tower — “another disappointment in a portfolio filled with them.”

Lenders gave Trump years of extra time to repay the debt, and Deutsche Bank even loaned him $99 million — more than previously known — to pay off his $99 million debt to another division of the bank, according to The Times. But Trump still did not repay the debt, and lenders ultimately forgave much of what he owed.

The New York Attorney General’s Office is now investigating the debt forgiveness as part of a larger probe into Trump’s company, according to the report. The IRS considers canceled debts as income, but Trump, who paid no federal income tax for years, appears to have paid no taxes on the funds.

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Alan Garten, the Trump Organization’s chief legal officer, denied any impropriety.

“These were all arm’s length transactions that were voluntarily entered into between sophisticated parties many years ago in the aftermath of the 2008 global financial crisis and the resulting collapse of the real estate markets,” he told the outlet.

But Trump publicly insisted that he had made a “great deal” with his lenders in order to avoid having to cover his hotel’s losses.

“I was able to make an appropriately great deal with the numerous lenders on a large and very beautiful tower” he tweeted. “Doesn’t that make me a smart guy rather than a bad guy?”

When Trump set out to build the tower in 2001, he arranged for two of his LLCs to borrow more than $700 million for the project, according to The Times. Most of the money came from Deutsche Bank, which was one of the few lenders willing to do business with Trump after a series of bankruptcies and defaults.

The bank agreed to lend the LLC $640 million after Trump said that his daughter Ivanka would be in charge of the project, according to the outlet. Trump personally guaranteed $40 million of the loan.

Another firm, a hedge fund called the Fortress Investment Group, agreed to loan Trump an additional $130 million, which he would pay back once the first loan was repaid. Lenders could seize the building if Trump defaulted under the terms of the agreement, according to the report.

Deutsche later sold off parts of the loans to overseas banks, while Fortress sold off parts of the loans to other equity and hedge funds, including Dune Capital Management, which was then run by now-Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin.

Trump was projected to earn income from the

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Wife of Brit pilot carried daughter, one, into hotel lobby sobbing ‘he’s killed my child’ – World News

The wife of a British pilot carried her motionless one-year-old daughter from the lift into the foyer of a luxury hotel sobbing that her husband had “killed my child – he hit her”, a court was told.

Hong Kong Airlines captain Mohamed Barakat, 41, faces up to 20 years in a Kazakhstan jail if convicted of murdering their child named Sophia.

But his wife told the court how she was “threatened” with being made a murder suspect if she refused to testify against her “wonderful” British husband.

Barakat – who denies murder – claims he is not getting a fair trial in Kazakhstan.

Hotel security chief Madi Alimkhanov told the Almaty court that he had seen Barakat’s wife Madina, 22, carrying her British child who he believed to be dead.

Madina and Mohamed on their wedding day

The couple on holiday

“When I approached the reception, I saw a crying woman in whose arms was a child,” he said.

“The child was all blue, the eyes were closed.”

“The woman shouted: ‘He killed my child, he hit her’.”

Security then went to the room where the pilot was in the bathroom “screaming”.

When police entered the room soon afterwards, Barakat “was lying on his back…with his underpants on and looking away”, said Alimkhanov.

He “behaved aggressively, cursing in English.

“He was later taken away by police.”

The child’s head was banged against the walls and doors of his suite, claims the indictment.

Another hotel employee Miyat Yerkinov, a security shift supervisor, said he saw Madina “crying very loudly”.

“She said the girl had been killed, and that her husband could commit suicide”.

He told how he detained Barakat who had approached him with a piece of wood in his hotel room.

“I grabbed his right hand, swept it round, put him down on the floor and folded his arms back,” he said.

He used sticky tape to secure his hands before police arrived.

Alimkhanov’s testimony appeared to contradict Kazakh law enforcement allegations that Barakat had beaten his wife during a row which led to the British child’s death.

“She did not seem to have bruises or abrasions on her face, her clothes were not torn,” he said.

Madina and Barakat’s legal team have argued that Sophia’s death was “essentially an accident”, and suggested the evidence against the pilot was “fabricated” and riddled with errors.

An attempt by the defence to change the judge in the trial, Bakhytkhan Bakirbayev, failed.

Barakat has been held in custody in Kazakhstan for 11 months since his arrest at the five star Intercontinental Hotel in Almaty where Sophia died.

In an earlier hearing he told the court: “I completely reject the (murder) indictment.”

Forensic experts established the child suffered multiple injuries and had no chance of survival in their eighth floor room, a remote session of the court hearing was told.

Her skull was fractured and her brain “crushed”, it was reported.

Madina earlier told the

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