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Will Trevor Lawrence play vs Notre Dame? No but he’ll travel

Trevor Lawrence won’t be playing against Notre Dame, but he will be on the sideline.

Clemson’s star quarterback will travel with the team to South Bend for Saturday’s Top 5 showdown.

Lawrence will have completed the required 10-day isolation period in time to travel with the Tigers, but he will not have passed the cardiac requirements.

“He’s doing great. He really is,” Clemson coach Dabo Swinney said Tuesday. “He’s in the meetings. He’s Zooming in and all that stuff. So he’s doing well. He’s just anxious to get out. He’s back with us Thursday or Friday, so he’ll be with us. He’ll travel with us. He just can’t play because of the cardiac back-to-play protocol that’s in place.”

Atlantic Coast Conference rules require players to isolate for at least 10 days from the start of symptoms or a positive test. They must then undergo a cardiac evaluation before beginning a phased return and a re-acclimatization period.

There is no set minimum period for the phased return from the ACC. For Clemson athletes, it’s typically a minimum of two to three days for the phased return.

Having Lawrence at the game will provide another voice of reassurance and another set of eyes to help Tigers freshman quarterback D.J. Uiagalelei.

The California native will be making his first career road start and second career start against the Irish. Last week against Boston College, Uiagalelei completed 30-of-41 passes for 342 yards, with two touchdowns and no interceptions. He also had a 30-yard touchdown run.

Swinney is counting on Lawrence to help Clemson’s young QB on Saturday.

“He’s an incredibly knowledgeable guy and he’s been there,” Swinney said of Lawrence. “I think he’ll be able to bring a good presence to D.J. He’s got a great mind. He’s got great eyes. So he’s gonna be coach Lawrence.”

In addition to being down its starting quarterback, senior defensive leader and starting middle linebacker James Skalski will also miss the Notre Dame game.

Skalski has a groin injury and has been out the past two weeks. But like Lawrence, Skalski will travel with the team and will do everything he can to help on the sideline. Redshirt sophomore Jake Venables will start in Skalski’s place.

“Skalski’s going to be with us as well, so we’ll have coach Lawrence and coach Skalski this week,” Swinney said. “I told them I wasn’t gonna take them unless they were gonna be productive coaches for us, so that’s going to be their roles this week. So they’ll both take a lot of pride in that.”

No. 1 Clemson (7-0) at No. 4 Notre Dame (6-0)

When: 7:30 p.m. Saturday

Where: Notre Dame Stadium


Line: Clemson by 5.5

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Pence’s top aides have COVID; he’ll keep up travel schedule

Vice President Mike Pence plans to maintain an aggressive campaign schedule this week, the White House says, despite an apparent outbreak of the coronavirus among his senior aides.

Pence’s chief of staff, Marc Short, and “a couple of key staff surrounding the vice president” have tested positive for the virus, White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows said Sunday.

The vice president, who along with his wife, Karen, tested negative on Sunday, according to his office, is considered a “close contact” of the aides under Centers for Disease Control and Prevention criteria but will not quarantine, his spokesman said.

Devin O’Malley said Pence decided to maintain his travel schedule “in consultation with the White House Medical Unit” and “in accordance with the CDC guidelines for essential personnel.” Those guidelines require that essential workers exposed to someone with the coronavirus closely monitor for symptoms of COVID-19 and wear a mask whenever around other people.

O’Malley said Pence and his wife both tested negative on Saturday “and remain in good health.”

President Trump commented on Short early Sunday after his plane landed at Joint Base Andrews, outside Washington. “I did hear about it just now,” he said. “And I think he’s quarantining. Yeah. I did hear about it. He’s going to be fine. But he’s quarantining.”

Saskia Popescu, an infectious disease expert at George Mason University, called Pence’s decision to travel “grossly negligent” regardless of the stated justification that Pence was an essential worker.

“It’s just an insult to everybody who has been working in public health and public health response,” she said. “I also find it really harmful and disrespectful to the people going to the rally” and the people on Pence’s own staff who will accompany him.

“He needs to be staying home 14 days,” she added. “Campaign events are not essential.”

After a day of campaigning in Florida on Saturday, Pence was seen wearing a mask as he returned to Washington aboard Air Force Two shortly after the news of Short’s diagnosis was made public. He is scheduled to hold a rally on Sunday afternoon in Kinston, N.C.

Pence, who has headed the White House coronavirus task force since late February, has repeatedly found himself in an uncomfortable position balancing political concerns with the administration’s handling the pandemic that has killed more than 220,000 Americans. The vice president has advocated mask-wearing and social distancing, but often does not wear one himself and holds large political events where many people do not wear face coverings.

By virtue of his position as vice president, Pence is considered an essential worker. The White House did not address how Pence’s political activities amounted to essential work.

Short’s diagnosis came just weeks after the coronavirus spread through the White House, infecting Trump, the first lady, and two dozen other aides, staffers and allies.

Short, Pence’s top aide and one of his closest confidants, did not travel with the vice president on Saturday. Top Pence political advisor Marty Obst tested positive for COVID-19 earlier this

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Maggie Q and Luke Hemsworth Suffer the Vacation from Hell

An American couple has the vacation from hell in Death of Me, the latest horror flick from Saw franchise director Darren Lynn Bousman. The film is chock full of gruesome imagery and blood, but sadly lacking any real scares. A decent first act establishes a compelling mystery that is quickly fluttered away. The narrative then devolves into standard genre tropes with cardboard characters and a gratingly annoying score. Death of Me becomes an absolute chore to sit through.

Christine (Maggie Q) and Neil (Luke Hemsworth) wake up in a state of confusion. Their vacation villa is in complete disarray. They are disheveled and covered in dirt. Christine clasps a strange amulet around her neck. She has never seen it before. Neither of them can remember the events of the previous night. The television warns of a powerful typhoon barrelling towards the small Thai island. They decide to leave on the next ferry.

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The arrival at the ferry reveals another problem. Their passports are missing. Christine notices the island natives are treating her with a strange deference. They are told there is another ferry the following day. None of the islanders express any concern for the typhoon. The island hasn’t been hit in hundreds of years. The couple return to their villa and make a shocking discovery.

Neil had previously uploaded a video to the television’s memory. It shows him brutally strangling Christine, then burying her body in a hand dug grave. They are both horrified. Christine runs to the bathroom in abject fear. Neil swears to her it cannot be real. She is clearly alive. Neil embraces his terrified wife. The video has to be a hoax. They must do everything possible to return to the mainland before the storm arrives.

Death of Me has an interesting initial premise. The protagonists are a foreign couple in a strange place in a freaky predicament. Anyone would be scared silly after watching a video of their own murder. Their actions after discovering the recording makes zero sense; especially when they begin to experience grotesque hallucinations. The couple are obviously in a dangerous situation. But instead of using common sense and an ounce of self-preservation, they behave like foolish teens running blindly into the woods. My willing suspension of disbelief can only go so far.

Darren Lynn Bousman gives up on the mystery too early. It becomes easily apparent where the story is going. The clues are broadcast in neon spotlights by Bousman’s editing choices. He switches the focus from building tension to graphic violence. This is done purposely because it’s expected. Genre fans expect to see blood, guts, and torture from this director. The plot did not have to be sacrificed for a carnage quota. Psychological terror is just as effective. The best horror films marry both tactics.

Death of Me is a frightless and futile experience. The awful soundtrack was the only thing that

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