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U.S. is heading for 100,000 COVID-19 patients in hospitals as experts worry about a coming Thanksgiving travel spike

• U.S. added record 4.2 million COVID-19 cases in November

• Osterholm says there’s light at the end of tunnel in form of promising vaccines

• Vietnam records its first case of local transmission in almost three months

The U.S. set a record for hospitalizations with the coronavirus illness COVID-19 on Tuesday at almost 100,000 patients, and health experts worried that the situation will worsen in the coming weeks after millions of Americans traveled around and across the country for the Thanksgiving holiday.

There are currently 96,039 COVID-19 patients in U.S. hospitals, according to the COVID Tracking Project, breaking the record of 93,265 set a day ago. The peak for hospitalizations during earlier case surges were 59,712 on July 23 and 59,773 on April 21.

Epidemiologist Michael Osterholm, a member of President-elect Joe Biden’s COVID-19 advisory panel, told CBS the numbers could go much higher.

“What happened during Thanksgiving is a lot like a 100-mile-an-hour wind going into a forest fire,” Osterholm said. Things could get even worse over Christmas, when many more people are expected to travel, he said.

Yes, there is light at the end of the tunnel in the form of promising vaccine candidates, but, said Osterholm, “we have to get to the end of the tunnel. I think what is really sobering today is the challenges we have before we’re going to see most Americans have access to a vaccine.”

Others agreed and noted the impact a vaccine will have on the economy’s recovery.

On the vaccine front, Pfizer Inc.

 and partner BioNTech SE

 have submitted their COVID-19 vaccine candidate BNT162b2 for conditional marketing authorization, or CMA, from the European Medicines Agency. If the agency recommends granting a CMA, that could lead to use of BNT162b2 in Europe before the end of 2020. The companies submitted BNT162b2 for emergency-use authorization by the Food and Drug Administration on Nov. 20. On Monday, Moderna Inc.

filed for an emergency-use authorization of its COVID-19 vaccine candidate, and said it would apply for CMA with the European regulator.

‘What happened during Thanksgiving is a lot like a 100-mile-an-hour wind going into a forest fire.’

— Dr. Michael Osterholm, epidemiologist

The U.S. counted another 167,756 cases on Monday, according to a New York Times tracker, and at least 1,265 people died. The U.S. has averaged 160,387 cases a day over the last week. Cases are rising in 38 states and territories, while deaths are climbing in 34 states and are headed toward their spring peaks. Deaths are climbing fastest in South Dakota, New Mexico and Illinois, the tracker shows.

Alarmingly, the U.S. added 4.2 million new cases in November alone and continues to lead the world by cases, at 13.5 million, according to data aggregated by Johns Hopkins University, and deaths at 268,103, or about a fifth of the global totals for both.

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Travel stocks are ‘very vulnerable to a sell-off’ heading into Thanksgiving, trader warns

The travel trade is in trouble.

Trading Nation: Travel stocks are sinking after CDC’s Thanksgiving warning



Airline, hotel and cruise line stocks slid on Friday ahead of Thanksgiving week after the CDC issued a warning on traveling for the holiday amid climbing Covid case counts.


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Expedia data released before the CDC’s announcement showed 60% of U.S. consumers said they would not be traveling for Thanksgiving. Those who will travel will go an average of 250 miles away from home, down from 450 miles a year ago, the data revealed.

Travel stocks’ road to recovery will likely be a bumpy ride, according o Boris Schlossberg, managing director of FX strategy at BK Asset Management.

“The market is discounting an absolutely perfect scenario that hasn’t even occurred yet, which is the idea that a vaccine is going to immunize everybody and we’re all going to go back to travel,” Schlossberg said Friday on CNBC’s “Trading Nation.”

“Between now and then, all of these companies are going to have a very, very hard time surviving and actually making any profits,” he said. “To me, a lot of these names have been overbought at this point, and I think they’re actually very vulnerable to a sell-off as they see very, very little engagement from the consumer.”

Schlossberg warned that consumer activity risks “retrenching” in the coming weeks amid the nationwide rise in Covid cases.

“At this point, the behavior of the consumer is going to take much longer than the market thinks to come back for these companies to really perform well,” he said.

One travel play seems to have been “vaccinated” before the rest of the industry, Piper Sandler’s Craig Johnson said in the same interview.

“Look at the JETS ETF,” the firm’s senior technical research analyst said. “I think most investors are looking beyond this near-term travel season.”


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“The first chart is I look at the correlation of the JETS ETF to the coronavirus cases,” Johnson said. “Back in the June-July time frame when there was a spike in cases, you actually saw that ETF trade lower. Now, you’ve got the exact opposite happening that there is a vaccine out, and you’re seeing that cases are moving up sharply higher and yet you’re seeing the ETF … move higher, too.”

To Johnson, that meant investors didn’t care much about how long a full-fledged comeback in the travel space might take.

“They’re … focused on that vaccination, and a move above $21 would open up a new leg higher on the JETS ETF, perhaps up to around the $30 range,” he said.

Schlossberg didn’t quite agree.

“To me, the runaway trade in JETS is just going to be a fade at this point,” he said.

JETS closed about 1.5% lower on Friday at $20.76 a share.


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Top destinations private jet flyers are heading for winter

  • Wealthy leisure travelers are returning to the skies in private jets this winter to escape for the holidays. 
  • Business Insider polled some of the country’s leading private jet firms to see where they’re heading. 
  • The mountain and beach regions of the US continue to be popular but flyers are also leaving US shores for more exotic locals.

Winter is fast approaching, and so is the holiday travel season. 

While budget travelers shop around for the cheapest commercial airline tickets for a Thanksgiving or Christmas getaway, the wealthy are calling their aircraft brokers to book their private jet flights. Pent up demand for safe travel has brought the private aviation industry an abundance of new business and Business Insider polled leading private aviation firms to see just where their clients are going.

After a summer of unusual flying patterns, private jet firms are reporting a return to the traditional destinations for the winter. Mountain destinations are still popular for ski lovers while the beach provides a warm escape from the winter cold as temperatures and flyers head south. 

International destinations are less prominent on the list as travel restrictions still impact Americans but Latin American and Caribbean destinations remain a popular escape. Countries in those regions have relaxed their entry requirements for US citizens arriving by air as they rely on tourism dollars

“Last year, we saw our clients traveling to London, Paris, Venice and other international destinations, but this year they’re sticking to familiar locales,” Flexjet Chief Operating Officer Megan Wolf told Business Insider in a statement.

Here are the top destinations to where the wealthy are flying this winter. 


Aspen Colorado

Aspen, Colorado.


Colorado is proving to be an all-year-round destination for the wealthy in 2020 as the mountainous state is among the most popular destinations for four jet companies. Jet Linx, Flexjet, FXAIR, and Silver Air Private Jets are all reporting an increase in flights to the state that also saw a busier than expected summer season for wealthy tourism.  

Aspen and Eagle are the most popular points of entry to Colorado, offering direct access to the ski slopes and an idyllic setting for social distancing in the mountains. Winter travel to these destinations can also prove difficult due to the mountain terrain, especially at night or on longer flights to the East Coast where a fuel stop might be required, so flyers should be flexible.  


Palm Beach, Florida,

Palm Beach, Florida.

Walter Bibikow / Getty Images

Florida is also once again topping the lists as a top destination for the wealthy, according to FXAIR, Flexjet, and Jet Linx. Palm Beach and Naples are the favorites in the Sunshine State and were similarly popular during the summer as Florida reopened before most.

The New York-Palm Beach route is among the most popular in the US thanks to a mix of private jet and commercial traffic. And even the president of the United States spends winter weekends in Palm Beach.


Cancun, Mexico

Cancun, Mexico.


The wealthy are also heading south of

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2 injured in Downtown crash involving squad car heading to weapons call at hotel, Madison police say | Crime

crime scene tape

An officer and another person were injured in a three-vehicle crash Downtown Thursday night involving a squad car heading to a weapons call, Madison police reported.

The crash happened about 10:15 p.m. at North Park Street and West Johnson Street as the officer was heading to the Best Western East Towne, 4801 Annamark Drive, Lt. Kipp Hartman said in a statement.

After the crash, one person was transported to a local hospital for treatment and the officer who was driving the squad car was treated for a minor injury at a hospital, Hartman said.

UW police took several witness statements and an internal investigation will be conducted as to the cause of the crash, Hartman said.

No further details on the crash were released.

Shell casings pile up in Madison as city, activists try to contain spike in gun violence

Meanwhile, three people were arrested in the weapons violation at the hotel, where police were called shortly after 10 p.m. on an initial report of a disturbance inside a room, Hartman said in a separate statement.

Arriving officers were met by Brooks, who was described as “extremely hostile” and attempted to physically engage with officers, who disengaged and attempted to retreat from the room, Hartman said.

But an officer’s foot became lodged under the door as Brooks continually attempted to slam it shut. Officers then heard what they believed to be a gunshot from inside of the room, Hartman said.

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