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Bruce Banner Is Deadpool’s Dad In Netflix Time Travel Movie

If Ryan Reynolds isn’t the busiest actor in Hollywood, he’s definitely in the top five. On top of the just-announced Deadpool 3 and the completed-but-unreleased Free Guy, Reynolds has no less than 7 films in some state of production, including a time-travel flick called The Adam Project headed for Netflix. The movie is in early production, and is picking up an impressive cast that includes Mark Ruffalo (Avengers) and Catherine Keener (Being John Malkovich), THR reports.

Reynolds stars as a man who travels back in time to find his younger self, as well as his own father, to save the future, pursued by a woman with powerful technology.

In the above description, Mark Ruffalo plays a physicist, who is the deceased father of Reynolds’ character. Keener will play the villain in the movie. Ruffalo and Keener join a cast that includes Jennifer Garner and Zoe Saldana.

The film also includes newcomer Walker Scobell, who THR says was discovered in an acting class, as Reynolds’ younger self, and Alex Mallari, Jr. as Keener’s assistant.

Stranger Things director and producer Shawn Levy will direct the film; he recently worked with Reynolds to direct the video game-adjacent film Free Guy. Production companies Skydance, 21 Laps, and Maximum Effort are producing the movie; the latter two outfits belong to Levy and Reynolds.

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Woman whose dad died from COVID blasts governor for travel

A woman whose father died from COVID-19 is criticizing Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey for leaving the state with his wife to celebrate the couple’s wedding anniversary amid the coronavirus outbreak

“I came here to celebrate with my dad but my dad is dead and he’s dead because the person in charge lied and because the governor of this state went along with it. And now he has the luxury to go celebrate his wedding anniversary with his wife. Well good for you. … people are dying. It is as bad now as it was when my dad got sick in June.”

Her criticism comes as the coronavirus is coming back with a vengeance across the country and the U.S. is facing a long, dark winter. Governors and other elected officials are showing little appetite for imposing the kind of lockdowns and large-scale business closings seen last spring.

Urquiza also said Ducey had abandoned his duties and failed the state “by not taking simple public health precautions to ensure that people have the information that they need to make sound decisions to ensure that people are safe.”

Scarpinato did not immediately respond Friday to a request by The Associated Press for comment on the criticism of Ducey, a Republican.

Mark Anthony Urquiza of Phoenix died of the virus on June 30. His daughter has said her father was serious about taking virus prevention steps until Arizona’s reopening, when he resumed his normal life and headed to a karaoke bar with friends only to get infected.

“His life was robbed. I believe that terrible leadership and flawed policies put my father’s life in the balance,” Urquiza said in July ahead of her appearance at the Democratic National Convention, where she criticized Trump.

On Tuesday, Ducey released a video on social media about the increase in COVID-19 cases. He urged Arizonans to wear face coverings, wash their hands and distance. Ducey reiterated

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