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Gary Adkisson: Take a vacation from your problems, Bismarck | Columnists

Then one day NASA engineer Jim Crocker was taking a shower in a hotel and noticed how the shower head was mounted on adjustable rods with folding arms. Eureka! The answer did not appear while working late hours in the lab but rather when Crocker was in the shower on vacation, when he created space (no pun intended) from the perplexity of his problem.

Why does creating space work? Our brain, like any muscle in the body, requires rest. Imagine lifting weights every day of the week but only using the biceps. Doing so strains and fatigues those muscles. They will repair only when given a break.

Similarly, when we are consumed by daily tackling the same challenges at work or at home, we actually lose mental energy needed to identify solutions.

That’s when it’s time to create space!

As we move through the remainder of 2020, take time, create space, and allow deep thought to happen subconsciously.

Let me be perfectly clear. I’m not suggesting kicking the can down the road or embracing an avoidance strategy. Avoidance will simply create additional problems. But like Bob Wiley, or Jim Crocker, you may find answers to your greatest problem when you take a vacation from your problems.

For me, that “vacation” is usually a bike ride along a quiet country road. When my focus is on the scenery, sweeping views of the river, cattle grazing, or windmills turning, ideas begin to pop; solutions begin to take shape.

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