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Azur Lane Vacation Lane Collab Event Guide: New Ships & Collection Rewards

Azur Lane’s ship girls meet the ladies of the Dead or Alive series in the Venus Xtreme Vacation special crossover event aptly known as Vacation Lane.

diagram: The new Dorm theme in the Vacation Lane collaboration event with Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation for the Azur Lane mobile game.

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The new Dorm theme in the Vacation Lane collaboration event with Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation for the Azur Lane mobile game.

Now, there’s fan service. And then there’s Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation. Let the nosebleeds begin. Anyway, I’ve managed to acquire all the new ships from the event so it’s time to do a rundown of the crossover. There’s a lot to unpack here so hold on to your seahorses as we blaze through all of them.


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New collection rewards

Now before you all get excited and run to the beach to play with watermelons, let’s start with a friendly reminder that this update also came with new Collection Rewards in the game’s Memento section.

These include some game-changing auxiliary gear like Nelson’s Pennant of Victory, which you can unlock by fully limit-breaking Nelson and Rodney. This aux can be equipped by Battleships, Battle Cruisers and Aviation Battleships and allows the ship that equips it to absorb 24% of the damage that the ship in the frontmost position of your Vanguard receives during the first six seconds of battle.

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Now what kind of serious damage can your Vanguard receive in the opening of a battle that could possibly require this kind of mitigation? Oh, that’s right, torpedo fleets and that deadly Richelieu and Jean Bart combo from PVP. It’s also still useful for PVE use thanks to its stat boosts of Firepower +50 and Hit +20 at Level 10. That compares quite nicely to the gold Type 1 white Piercing Shell’s Firepower +55 and Hit +15. Granted, it doesn’t have the white shell’s 25% boost to critical damage but the stat boost is still quite good for battleships.

Up next is another great PVP equip, the Eagle Union Elite Damage Control auxiliary unit. To get this, you will need to fully limit-break your Yorktown-class carriers, so Enterprise, Hornet and, of course, Yorktown. If you still don’t have Yorktown, by the way, she is one of the possible ship drops from the SP4 and VSP event maps for Vacation Lane.

Anyway, this aux can be equipped by all Eagle Union ships and comes with a special skill that allows its user to survive an attack that would otherwise kill it. The equipping ship will then turn invincible for eight seconds and sink after that. It’s almost like a mini-version of Hiryuu’s Final Counter skill and we all know how annoying that is to deal with in PVP. By the way, if you equip this on Juneau, her Martyr skill will trigger at the same time as the Elite Damage Control aux skill and not eight seconds later when she sinks. And no, her Martyr skill will not trigger twice because that would just be OP. This aux also boosts

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