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Transition Begins, Travel Forecast & TikTok Copycat on Cheddar

Here are the headlines you Need2Know for Tuesday, November 24, 2020:


After Michigan certified Joe Biden as the state’s winner, the Trump administration has formally authorized the president-elect’s team to begin the transition process. The General Services Admin. informed the Biden camp in a letter that they could now get access to federal funds and other government resources that they are entitled to by law. President Trump, coming as close as he is likely to come to conceding, tweeted that he approved the “initial protocols” to begin even as he said he would continue to fight the results in court, where his lawyers are 1-35 in post-election litigation. AP


President-elect Biden has chosen Janet Yellen, the former head of the Federal Reserve, to run the Treasury Dept., according to multiple reports. Yellen, who was the first female Fed Chair, would also be the first female Treasury Secretary. Biden will also appoint John Kerry to a cabinet-level role as special envoy for climate under the umbrella of national security. The president-elect had vowed to assemble the most diverse cabinet ever, and he’s on the path to doing just that: he is said to have chosen Alejandro Mayorkas as Dept. of Homeland Security Secretary, making him the first Latino and first immigrant to run DHS. Avril Haines is said to be the pick for Director of National Intelligence, making her the first woman to be the country’s top spy. POLITICO


The virus surge that had been centered around the Midwest has now spread virtually everywhere in the U.S. At least nine states are reporting caseloads that have doubled in the last two weeks, including places that had already been through earlier waves, like Arizona, Louisiana and California. In NYC, Gov. Cuomo specifically called out Staten Island as “a problem” and authorized a field hospital to reopen in the borough. In California, Gov. Newsom and his family are in quarantine after an exposure. Overseas, UK PM Boris Johnson — who is also quarantining — said England’s lockdown has been flattening the curve and restrictions will begin to lift next week. NY TIMES


A line of severe thunderstorms could cause travel disruptions today and tomorrow in the center of the country, from the Texas panhandle up to southern Illinois before it moves east to create a damp (but mild) Thanksgiving morning for the Northeast, mid-Atlantic, and Southeast. The Pacific Northwest is looking at rain and mountain snow that will ease up just in time for the holiday, and the South and Midwest will get a quiet and warm Turkey Day that will be conducive to outdoor dining. ACCUWEATHER


In the biggest indicator yet that the business world is moving on from the Trump administration, General Motors reversed course and said it would no longer support the White House’s efforts to ban California from setting its own emissions rules. GM is pulling out of a lawsuit with the EPA — which is
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As Homelessness Increases, NYC Community Divided Over Hotel Housing on Cheddar

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Shams – better known as Da Homeless Hero – has lived in four different locations. His current address is The Lucerne Hotel in the Upper West Side of Manhattan, where he and over 200 other homeless men are residing as part of a New York City program. He loves his most recent home, which has provided him with support during a difficult time.

“This is a deadly disease,” Shams, who recovered from COVID-19 a few months earlier, explained. “A lot of us are older, and going through being homeless, a lot of times you’re not getting the right help that you should.”

But some locals believe Shams and the other Lucerne residents would receive better care in a different area of Manhattan. After a months-long battle, a judge will decide next week whether the homeless men will stay or be relocated to the Radisson Hotel in the Financial District of Manhattan. 

“For me it was both as a parent my concern and especially as an anesthesiologist,” said Westside Community Organization president Megan Martin. “What I was seeing was that people were in the throws of an addiction who were not receiving services.”

Hotels for Homes

From Baltimore to Los Angeles, many local cities across the United States have struck deals with hotels to pay for unused rooms during the pandemic. These spaces are then turned into temporary shelters in order to help socially distance homeless individuals. Similar to the Upper West Side, many area residents are pushing to relocate them outside of their own neighborhoods.
The issues may continue to increase as more people find themselves displaced. Up to 250,000 additional people could become homeless as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, according to an analysis by Columbia University professor of economics Dr. Brendan O’Flaherty. The unemployment rate in October reached 6.9 percent, an improvement from earlier in the pandemic. However, as states begin to shut down schools and businesses again with coronavirus levels spiking, there are worries more people could find themselves destitute. 

The Lucerne is one of three hotels in a ten-block radius that house homeless people. It is specifically earmarked for men in substance abuse recovery and many of its residents have mental health disorders. New York Mayor Bill de Blasio visited the facility in September and called the conditions “unacceptable.” WestCo’s Martin said the hotel is far from the shelter of origin for many of its residents and other resources like methadone clinics are also quite a distance away. The new proposed location is closer to those facilities.

“When you have this severe mental illness and chemical addiction and you are not receiving the proper medical care and substance abuse services, you are basically saying you are just warehousing individuals, and then not giving them the proper treatment,” Martin said. 

Safety Concerns

Keeping the homeless men in the Upper West Side is also putting families in danger, she adds. She says there’s open prostitution, needles on playgrounds, robberies, and illicit

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CDC Begs Not to Travel, Home Sales on Fire & All ‘Likes’ Lead to Rome on Cheddar

Here are the headlines you Need2Know for Friday, November 20, 2020:


Georgia has finished its hand recount, affirming that Joe Biden won the state. President Trump has invited Michigan Republican legislators to the White House today, an extremely unusual move as his legal team attempts to overturn the results of the election in that state. Georgia has to certify its election results today by law. Michigan and Pennsylvania’s deadline to certify is on Monday. Those three states, combined with the states where the results are not being contested plus Minnesota on Tuesday, would give President-elect Biden more than 270 electoral votes and thus would make him the certified winner. Election law experts, constitutional scholars, the right-leaning Chamber of Commerce, and a small but growing number of Congressional Republicans are urging the president to accept defeat, worrying that a continued assault on the vote is doing significant damage to the integrity of America’s electoral process. AP


The CDC is all but begging Americans not to travel for Thanksgiving. The agency gave its first media briefing in months for the purpose of recommending that people stay home for the holiday and celebrate only with members of their own households. Meanwhile, the White House coronavirus task force returned to tell Americans to “increase their vigilance” ahead of a vaccine rollout. Dr. Fauci made a point of saying that the two vaccines that are close to being approved had not been rushed and are “really solid.” CHEDDAR


The Treasury Dept. will not allow some of the Fed’s successful lending programs for small and midsize businesses to be extended past the end of the year, a move that could hamstring the economic recovery just as a new administration is taking office. Treasury Sec. Steve Mnuchin told the central bank to return nearly $500 billion in unused funding to Congress, drawing a rare rebuke from Fed Chair Jerome Powell. Powell wrote in a letter that those lending facilities are still needed and the money provides an important backstop if the economy gets worse. POLITICO


A late-season heat wave in the Southwest is shattering records left and right, with Phoenix on track to break its record for most 90-degree days in a calendar year. The city broke its record for the latest 90-degree day of the season twice already this week. A slight cool-off is forecast for Thanksgiving week. ACCUWEATHER


The U.S. housing market is on absolute fire. Home sales rose in October to their highest level since 2006, powered by rock-bottom interest rates, higher household savings rates, and the desire to splurge for more space as many families — especially Millennials — continue to work, eat, learn and do pretty much everything from home. It’s not just existing-home sales, either. The shortage of housing across the country is powering demand for newly-built homes, too, which has the knock-on effect of creating jobs in the construction industry and robust sales
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