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10 Best CBD Oils For Dogs

According to the latest report commissioned by the veterinary charity PDSA, 26% of UK adults own a dog and one quarter of those owners take their dogs on holiday with them. Another UK survey showed that 56% of dog owners said that they choose to travel with their dog as they enjoy their holiday more. In the United States, the latest surveys of pet owners, by the American Pet Products Association, revealed that over 63 million households own a dog, with nearly 50% taking their dogs on vacation by car, plane or train.

Most airlines allow small pets in the cabin for a small additional fee if it’s organised in advance. Trains in Europe and Amtrak in the US are happy for dogs to accompany owners too. But this doesn’t mean travelling with one’s pet is smooth sailing, especially at an airport where passing through security is essential. This can be stressful for both dogs and their owners so an effective means of calming an animal is appealing. Likewise, owners look for ways to make a journey with dogs, who get agitated in a car or train, more relaxing. Using a CBD supplement made especially for dogs could relieve some of that tension. The American Kennel Club says that while there’s no definitive scientific data on using CBD to treat dogs, there’s good anecdotal evidence from dog owners on its anti-anxiety impact. CBD (cannabidiol), a compound found in cannabis and hemp, is also touted for its anti-inflammatory properties, cardiac benefits, anti-nausea effects and appetite stimulation. With this in mind, here are ten companies that produce some of the best CBD oils and treats for dogs.

1.Verma Farms (oils, treats)

Hawaii-based Verma Farms sells some of the world’s bestselling CBD oil for dogs. Their CBD dog edibles are also top notch. The highly praised, tasty, CBD-infused steak bites ($59.99 for eighteen 100 mg treats), suitable for mature dogs or pups, are THC free. Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the compound that gives marijuana its psychoactive properties, is to be avoided unless prescribed by a vet. Verma Farms’ CBD is sourced from Hawaiian-grown, pesticide-free Cannabis sativa plants that are rich in nutrients and freshness. While their real beef treats are justifiably popular, Verma Farms also recommends buying CBD for dogs as a liquid so dosage can be adjusted drop by drop and administered in small doses by mixing it into food or treats. Verma Farms’ products are at a premium price for good reason: not all CBD oils are equal. For highest effectiveness, the oil should be organic and THC and additive free. Look at

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Man suspected of abusing, killing 4-year-old girl at CBD hotel captured in Houma | Crime/Police

Law enforcement agencies on Tuesday tracked down and arrested a man suspected of killing his girlfriend’s 4-year-old daughter in a New Orleans hotel earlier this month, officials said.

Anfernee Steele, 21, faces one count each of second-degree murder and cruelty to a juvenile in the Oct. 3 death of Jo’nyri Hawkins.

Police said that Steele had been on the run since he was named a suspect in the case on Oct. 15. New Orleans police, Houma police, Terrebonne Parish sheriff’s deputies, the U.S. Marshals and the regional chapter of Crimestoppers worked together to find him, and did so about 1:30 p.m. Tuesday while he was alone at an apartment complex in his hometown of Houma, authorities said.

Jo'nyri Hawkins obit photo

Obituary photo of Jo’nyri Hawkins

According to court records, Jo’nyri — who is not Steele’s daughter — was in good health when her mother left her, a 1-year-old sibling and a teen relative with Steele in a room at the Sheraton Hotel on Canal Street while she went to a party.

When the mother returned about 5 a.m., she realized Jo’nyri was limp and unresponsive, and paramedics were called out to the hotel to bring the girl to the hospital, police said.

Anfernee Steele’s story just did not add up.

Doctors at the hospital pronounced the girl dead. A forensic pathologist later determined that Jo’nyri died from “massive internal bleeding” following blunt trauma to her abdomen.

The pathologist said the little girl was likely punched or kicked with so much force that it ruptured her liver and spleen.

The girl’s body also showed signs of prior physical abuse – bruising, scars, human bite marks, a fractured rib which had healed and injuries consistent with sexual molestation, police wrote in records later filed in Orleans Parish Criminal District Court.

Police questioned Steele while the results of the autopsy were pending.

He allegedly said that a fall in the bathroom was what led to the girl’s injuries.

According to Steele, the girl had soiled herself and he was bathing her in the hotel room’s tub when he stepped out to take a nap because he had smoked marijauna earlier.

Steele allegedly said he heard the girl fall in the tub. So he woke up, pulled her out of the tub, dressed her and put her to bed.

According to the report, Steele said he didn’t think anything was wrong with Jo’nyri until her mother returned to the hotel.

New Orleans police have obtained a warrant to arrest a man accused of killing his girlfriend’s 4-year-old daughter in a Central Business Distr…

A search of the hotel room failed to turn up evidence supporting Steele’s version of events, according to police.

Among other things, police said all of the towels in the bathroom were dry. Also, they found a pair of Jo’nyri’s underwear and it was clean, which they said contradicted Steele’s story about bathing the girl after she soiled herself.

Following the autopsy, police said they believed Steele had abused and killed the toddler. They

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