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This Treehouse Is A Socially-Distant, Cannabis-Fueled Dream Vacation

Craving a socially-distant weed vacation to soothe the pain of 2020?

You’re in luck. Tucked high up in the trees of the Cascade foothills in Monroe, Washington, about an hour outside of Seattle, sits Mountain Views Tree House Joint. This retreat of cannabis consumption-friendly treehouses offers adults a socially-distant dream vacation.

The whimsical bed-and-breakfast treehouse rooms come with all the amenities— including a locally purveyed cannabis package for an upgrade ($90). The rentals are for adults aged 21-and-up.

The property is located on four acres near Rudolf Reece Park in the lush Snohomish County. It consists of one 3,000-square-foot home, and four treehouses: the Pot Leaf treehouse, the most often-publicized, it’s 100-square feet with mossy pathways leading up to it and a lighted skylight; there is the Hashtag treehouse, a bright, window-panned, yet snug 70-square-feet; and the 420 Treehouse which offers guests a 90-square-foot elevated glamping experience. Three rooms for rent are also available in her large house on the estate.

The resort of treehouses has added its fourth this year, just completed. It’s called The Trippy Treehouse, constructed by legendary treehouse architect Sunray Kelley. This psychedelic addition will be the property’s largest treehouse, at 150-square-feet, and available for rental bookings soon.

The Treehouse Joint is the brainchild of Tracy Rice, founder and cannabis industry veteran. Born a New Yorker, Rice first moved to Washington 14 years ago. She entered in the cannabis industry in Nederland, Colorado, where she opened a medical dispensary called Nedicate in 2010. After selling the storefront and coming back to Washington, Rice began a new chapter in cannabis industry idealization and built her next business. A tourist destination in the trees.

I spoke to Rice about the tourism industry post-pandemic, how she acquired the skills of not one but two legendary treehouse builders, and a unique, forest experience cannot be found on any other cannabis vacation.

How has tourism progressed for cannabis consumers since you entered the industry? Have you seen more interest from a different type of cannabis consumer, or what has been the sentiment for you?

Tracy Rice: I’ve been in Washington for 14 years. In the beginning, when I founded this business 7 years ago, it was still only medically legal in Washington. So the rules have definitely changed to be more conducive for this type of environment. They wrote adult-use cannabis, finally, into our laws about 5 years ago. Now, we can offer cannabis packages to guests. After that change, people were traveling more with marijuana in mind.

I am a huge stoner. I really won’t go anywhere that doesn’t have weed. I am getting a lot of people who won’t go on vacation unless they have weed waiting for them. I am

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