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Bloodborne Threaded Cane Gets An Incredible Fan-Made Recreation

This Bloodborne fan went to great lengths to create one of the most iconic weapons from the beloved PS4 game, the Threaded Cane.

While it’s been five years since its release, Bloodborne has still left a mark for those that made their first ever trip to Yharnam. The PS4 exclusive by From Software has continued to spark the imagination of fans in the years since its debut, including some exceptional cosplay and recreations from the game’s haunting gothic setting. However, one fan has taken things to the next level by recreating one of the game’s most iconic weapons, the Threaded Cane.

Bloodborne fan Mitori (Twitter) shared their fan-made recreation of the Threaded Cane weapon which is not only extremely accurate to the game, but also works and can extend its blades. You can check out a video of the Threaded Cane in action along with some photos:

While the blade doesn’t fully extend into a whip like in the original game, it’s still an impressive recreation that brings one of Bloodborne‘s most iconic weapons to life. Of course, we’ve also seen plenty of other incredible fan creations tied to the From Software classic, including a funky bass remix of its boss battle music, a near-perfect Lady Maria cosplay, and the Bloodborne Zelda mashup called “Yarntown.”

Bloodborne is available now on PS4 and can also be played through backward compatibility on the PS5; the game is included as part of the PlayStation Plus Collection for PS Plus subscribers.

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