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New Cross Park in Pierce County blends local history with modern recreation

Cross Park has turned two historic dairy barns into a community center. (Pierce County Parks)

For many during the COVID-19 pandemic, walks outdoors have become the only chance to get out of the house in any given day — so residents of Frederickson will now have a new option for that daily breath of fresh air at Stan and Joan Cross Park.

Stan and Joan Cross Park is the first public park in the community of Frederickson, which lies between Spanaway and South Hill.

“This park is filling a gap for the community that lives the miles around here, but it’s also a very unique site,” said Roxanne Miles, director of Pierce County Parks and Recreation.

The park may be new, but it lets you step back in time and have a history lesson with your nature walk in the form of two 1930s dairy barns. The green space is on the site of the former Mayflower Dairy farm, a landmark in the community 80 years ago.

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“We actually lifted up the two historic barns, fit them back together, refurbished them, and then built a modern community center inside of it,” said Benjamin Barrett, capital projects manager for Pierce County Parks and Recreation.


To keep things sustainable, many of the original parts of the Mayflower Dairy barns were kept and incorporated in the design.

The park also includes a playground, pathways to walk, and picnic areas. During the pandemic, Pierce County Parks regulations state that people should stay out of picnic shelters, and children should not play with anyone outside their household on the same playground structure.

To view the virtual grand opening, visit the Pierce County website.

Cross Park is open from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. through the winter.

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