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Ridgewood hotel project offers attractive returns

Ridgewood hotel project offers attractive returns

(The Philippine Star) – November 8, 2020 – 12:00am

MANILA, Philippines — As property developers start luring back investors in hopes of a post-pandemic economic recovery, one investment option that stands out is the 168-room Ridgewood Premier Hotel.

Alfonso Keh Jr., treasurer at Novel Residential Concepts Inc., the developer of Ridgewood Premier Hotel, said the prime facility in Fort Bonifacio offers a guaranteed six percent annual return on investment, plus a yearly performance bonus of up to six percent based on hotel occupancy.

Ridgewood Premier Hotel is set to open its doors to local and foreign guests by early 2023, or about the time global economic activity will have picked up immensely.

“We are excited to become a major contributor to the eventual rise of the Philippine tourism industry, which has no way to go but up as the world slowly climbs out of the economic rut caused by the COVID-19 pandemic,”  Keh said.

He emphasized that the best investment strategy to take amid the pandemic is one that utilizes “guarded optimism,” which means a willingness to put in your hard-earned money in a venture that gives a considerable rate of return while providing ample security.

This, he noted, is why the innovative investment package for Ridgewood Premier Hotel remains the most viable option compared to other financial instruments amid the uncertainties caused by COVID-19.

With a guaranteed annual return plus yearly occupancy bonus, buyers of Ridgewood Premier Hotel can look forward to recovering their investment in about eight to 10 years, plus capital appreciation, Keh said.

“Ridgewood Premier Hotel will provide easy access to travelers considering our proximity to the airport, while for business and leisure travelers the allure of Bonifacio Global City (BGC) beckons,” he said.

The hotel is located  on C-5 Road adjacent to BGC. It has units ranging from standard suite (24.8 sqm at P3.54 million), to a two-bedroom suite (55.7 sqm at P6.92 million). Investors can choose between two payment schemes spread over 24 months.

Novel Residential Concepts Inc. is backed by veteran property developers who have a strong track record in building, developing, and running hotels – including the Ramada Manila Central Hotel in Binondo, Manila – as well as concept restaurants. This assures investors that the hotel property will be run and managed by a professional team.


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