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Hotel where Princess Diana stayed offers package with the same room and food she ate

A hotel where Princess Diana stayed is letting guests recreate her trip, including sleeping in the same suite and eating the same meals as she did.

The British royal stayed at the Drake Hotel in Chicago back in 1996 while visiting the city for a fundraiser for cancer research, and now the hotel has launched a ‘Crowning a Lady’ package to recreate her trip.

We’re talking the same room, the same food and even the option to request the same in-room extras that she did.

Guests who opt for the package will be staying in the aptly named Princess Diana suite; the same suite where the royal herself slept. (At the time it was called the Presidential Suite, but the Drake renamed it after her visit).

a group of people standing in front of a building: Princess Diana arriving at The Drake in 1996 with Martin Lawrence (General Manager at the time)

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Princess Diana arriving at The Drake in 1996 with Martin Lawrence (General Manager at the time)

The 1,500 sq ft suite is seriously luxurious with its own ‘grand entranceway’, a marble foyer, a huge ensuite bedroom and a separate living room and dining area. Oh, and there are some beautiful views over Lake Michigan to be had too.

Then of course there are heaps of glamorous features from velvet furniture to crystal chandeliers – all fitting for a royal of course.

a living room filled with furniture and a large window: The suite is the same one where Diana stayed

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The suite is the same one where Diana stayed

The suite has been left exactly as it was decorated and designed when Princess Diana visited, with only some minor renovations to keep it modern.

Nowadays there are plenty of photos of Princess Diana adorning the walls and commemorating her Chicago visit.

Feeling peckish? Guests will get a three-course dinner complete with the same food that Prince William and Prince Harry’s mother enjoyed.

a living room filled with furniture on top of a wooden floor: It's a pretty glamorous stay

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It’s a pretty glamorous stay

So, what’s on the menu? Starters include mixed field greens, hearts of palm, walnut, chevre croutons and sherry. The mouthwatering main course boasts King Salmon, citrus, asparagus, red pepper, ratatouille, ‘gnocchi romaine’.

As for dessert? Cinnamon biscotti soufflé glace, pear and berries. Oh, and if you fancy a tipple, Princess Diana reportedly opted for a Peach Bellini with her dinner.

a living room

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But it’s not just the room and food which will be similar. Guests will also have the option to include plenty of extras in homage to Diana’s original trip.

For example, when she stayed at the Drake, Diana requested a Lifecycle exercise bike and heaps of mineral water. Guests who book the package can also opt to have the stationary bicycle and water combo, just as she did.

text, letter: Guests will be able to see her signature in the hotel's autograph book

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Guests will be able to see her signature in the hotel’s autograph book

Other perks include the option to see Princess Diana’s authentic signature in the hotel’s autograph book, an in-room set-up so you can binge watch all series of Netflix’s The Crown, and a delicious afternoon tea.

The suite will also feature some quirky nods to some of Diana’s reportedly favourite things, such as the perfume Quelques Fleurs by Houbigant Paris, forget-me-not

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