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Channel Your Inner Artist At The Renaissance Reno Downtown Hotel

For a long time now, hotels and cruise ships have paid close attention to the artwork displayed on their walls and in guest rooms. For example, the Ritz-Carlton group, for many years, utilized an art consultant here in Boston, who curated collections specifically for the hotel walls, right down to attending art auctions. 

And, more recently, Regent Seven Seas Cruises unveiled a breathtaking $5 million art collection to be permanently displayed aboard their newest ship, Splendor. Taking nearly two years to curate and commission, the 300-piece collection is sourced from artists and galleries from around the world and debuted  when the new ship launched in February 2020.

“Artwork featured on Seven Seas Splendor is one of the most discerningly curated collections of museum-quality 20th and 21st century art on the seas,” said Frank Del Rio, president and chief executive officer of Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd., who personally commissioned artwork for the ship. “We created a contemporary fine art collection that transforms each space with thoughtfulness, color and inspired creativity to perfect the ambience of luxury. This is truly a cohesive collection our guests will appreciate, with each piece impeccably displayed in public areas and in guest suites throughout this magnificent ship.” The collection features works from more than 200 artists across dozens of mediums.

Well, now here’s something else that ups the scale. Now you can visit a hotel that is an artist hotspot, and actually create your own masterpieces.

Renaissance Reno Downtown is transforming their riverside rooms into private art studios, equipped with a blank canvas, acrylic paints, vision-boarding and spray paint, plus any other mediums upon request.

Alicia Cavallo, Director of Marketing for the property, granted me an exclusive interview for Forbes.com, about this new development at the hotel. “When the COVID-19 quarantine kept everyone at home for the most part, some hotels were experiencing business people coming in to use the property as a remote office. We thought, ‘How can we incorporate the arts and culture of our area into this?’” she told me. After all, Reno Tahoe is known for its burning art scene, and streets filled with internationally recognized street art.  That said, the hotel organized easels and canvas, paper, pastels, pencils, charcoal, brushes, watercolors, and more, so that guests staying at the property could create their own paintings. Ms. Cavallo added, “We’re very involved in the art scene here and wanted to take it a step further.”

It’s the perfect destination for creatives of all types to refuel their creative brain juice and embrace the natural artistic energy in the destination. Plus, this package also comes with complimentary bikes to draw inspiration from the Truckee River path, life-sized sculpture parks and mural alleys around town.  


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