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“The Current Situation May Very Well Revive The Romance Of Travel” -Interview With Tim Weiland Of The Alpina Gstaad

“The Alpina Gstaad is in a privileged position to be able to act as a platform for the exchange of creative thoughts and innovative ideas. At the same time, we are passionate about using this platform to shed light on all matters relating to sustainability, environmental awareness and community development.”— Tim Weiland of The Alpina Gstaad, Switzerland

The word ‘luxury’ when defining a hotel is often used too loosely, don’t you think?

An inconsistent rating system in the hospitality industry has seen many awards being awarded to 5-star ‘luxury’ hotels. Was your LinkedIN feed also flooded with C-suite messages congratulating teams on being voted CN Travellers ‘Best’ Hotel?

How do you define luxury? Service? Friendly Smile? Branded Products? Comfy Beds?

If travel is in your blood you will surely have traveled to some of the world’s greatest hotels with all of the above – branded cosmetics, exceptional service and culinary offerings which make it very difficult for guests to leave their rooms – even in the lush surroundings an Alpine region like Gstaad in Switzerland, there is a hotel that does just that.

The Alpina Gstaad is well and truly one of those hotels commanding your attention as a guest or admire from afar. No matter where you stand in Gstaad you can’t miss The Alpina Gstaad. A million-dollar landmark that perhaps is responsible for Gstaad’s reputation as the premier Alpine resort in Switzerland, if not the world.

Rumour has it the hotel renovation a few years ago set the bar very high for luxury hotels. Apparently, each room is worth US$5 million?

Step inside one of the junior or the panoramic suite at The Alpina Gstaad and you may not question that number.

During the Summer season in Gstaad, I sat down with The Alpina Gstaad’s General Manager, Tim Weiland and chatted about strategies for the upcoming Winter season, what it means for luxury hotels post-covid and how messages like sustainability really matter in our new age of ultra-luxury-travel.

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How have you navigated the Covid-situation for your hotel? 

At The Alpina Gstaad, we have been in a very privileged situation. The main European lockdown happened during the time that the hotel had originally scheduled its inter-season closure on 15th March 2020. Due to this new situation, we decided to postpone our reopening by just a few weeks. The rural surrounding with beautiful mountains, clean air, fresh mountain spring water, and plenty of outdoor activities certainly became even more appealing to many European guests after having

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