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This hotel chain is letting you take advantage of your freedom to work anywhere


So, let’s say you’re one of the millions of people who suddenly and unexpectedly became a full-time remote worker earlier this year. 

Let’s say you’re also one of the millions of people who is pondering a move to a new city — somewhere cheaper, less crowded, with more space — but not sure how to go about it. 

A creative solution from Marriott

Bonvoy is giving people the opportunity to take advantage of their newfound freedom to work anywhere, and it’s the perfect way to go check out a new place without even taking any paid time off. 

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Marriott Bonvoy’s Work Anywhere program offers remote workers a few different options to use their hotels as offices and/or home bases to experience a new place. The program’s “Stay Pass” offers early check-ins and late checkouts and is designed to combine the best parts of a hotel stay with the ideal conditions to be productive and get work done in new surroundings, including:

  • Fast and reliable Wi-Fi and technology
  • Clean and disinfected places to work
  • Ample desk space with a comfortable chair and plenty of nearby electrical outlets
  • Modern space with a view and natural light
  • Peace and quiet with no distractions
  • A $10 food and beverage credit 
  • Access to hotel perks like the gym and pool

Available at nearly 2,000 hotels world-wide, the “Stay Pass” can be used to work remotely in a new city you’re curious about, or you can book a staycation in your own city to get out of your home office (read: dining room table) and away from the many distractions so many of us are dealing with working from home. 

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