Examples of Recreational Activities – Fun Things to Do

Recreation is anything that is stimulating and rejuvenating for an individual. Some people enjoy nature hikes; others enjoy skiing (or both). The idea behind these activities is to expand the mind and body in a positive, healthy way.

Some solitary examples of recreational activities include reading a book, or taking a trip to the library. Why not explore a genre outside ones you are already fond of, love romances? Take a trip down the mystery genre aisle. Video games are a solitary recreational activity and these days there are not just “shoot em up” games out there but educational ones as well. Flying a kite, fishing, singing and practicing Yoga are all examples, too.

The best reason to take part in these activities is to slow the aging process in that they will help lessen or eliminate stress. Happiness, contentment, fulfillment comes from the feeling that your life is in balance, and when we work too hard with not enough down time, our minds and bodies suffer.

Other, more group-oriented examples of recreational activities include sports of all kinds – football, hockey, basketball, baseball or if those are too physical for you try golf or swimming. Partying is a recreational activity, and one that (usually) makes us happy and gives us a feeling of social connection. That social connection is intrinsic to the well-being of our souls as one of the basic needs of people, in general, is to be accepted.

Shopping is another example, and when done with friends, feeds the soul on two levels, the social connection and the need for people to gather things – (especially women gathering shoes!). There is a “buyer’s high” that occurs when we purchase something we are deeply proud to attain.

Visiting an amusement park with family and friends is a great way to get the heart pumping and the adrenalin racing. A day of fresh air and sun, with family and friends is a supreme recreational activity.

Other activities include:

-Participating in Martial Arts
-Surfing the Web
-Watching Movies

Examples of recreational activities in an organized fashion take place in nearly every institution we come across. Senior citizens in nursing homes take part in classes to help keep them healthy and alert like bingo, craft projects, and water aerobics.

After school activities for children like pick-up basketball, chess tournaments, and band practice are useful recreational activities.

Even inmates in prison are offered recreational activities to occupy their time. Academic classes, music, hobbies, use on exercise equipment are all examples.

It is even possible to earn a degree in Recreation. A Bachelor of Arts degree is obtainable to become a Recreation Specialist. This is the person that decides the proper recreational activities that will be enjoyed by a particular subset of the population; i.e., inmates, senior citizens, the community as a whole. People with this degree generally work in community recreation centers as well as parks and on community projects.

Participating in any of these examples of recreational activities will not only

Outdoor Activities – NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation

Scenic image of mountains with Adventure NY logo


During the evolving COVID-19 situation, please review our webpage for how to enjoy NY’s outdoors safely, locally, and responsibly before visiting state lands.

Find Your Adventure

New York’s breathtaking natural resources are unique, abundant and open to everyone. The opportunities abound, from hunting and fishing, to hiking and rock climbing, swimming and boating, or simply relaxing in a tent under the stars.

DEC plays a vital role in both protecting our natural resources and providing opportunities for people to enjoy them. Under Governor Cuomo’s Adventure NY program, DEC is making critical upgrades to State campgrounds and facilities to better serve people who want to enjoy our outdoors. DEC is also implementing and expanding outreach initiatives to encourage more New Yorkers and visitors to connect with nature and outdoor recreation. Learn more about this exciting initiative (PDF).

Improvements to DEC Lands and Facilities

DEC is committed to completing 75 projects over a three-year period to enhance access to outdoor recreation. Learn about some of our recent improvement projects.

Adventure NY Programs


I Bird NY Logo

I Bird NY was launched in 2017 to build on the State’s efforts to increase access to New York’s vast natural resources and promote low-cost opportunities to explore the great outdoors and connect with nature. Visit I Bird NY to information on birding challenges, where and how to bird watch, upcoming bird walks and other events, a downloadable kids booklet, and additional resources.

First-time Camper Program

family with fishing poles

NYS provides FREE First-time Camper weekends throughout the summer. New York families that have never camped before have the opportunity to see if they enjoy the great outdoors before investing in their own gear by registering for a fully stocked campsite at a select NYS campground for a weekend. Learn more about this popular program, which launched in 2017.

Outdoors Day

DEC will host Outdoors Day events across the state on Saturday, June 13, 2020 in conjunction with National Get Outdoors Day. The events were designed for New Yorkers of all ages and abilities to try out a wide range of recreational activities, including fishing, hiking, paddling, birdwatching, camping, archery and more. Find a location near you and stay tuned for more details on Outdoors Day 2020!

First Day Hikes

Celebrate the New Year outdoors with friends and family! Join one of the dozens of sponsored hikes held each New Year’s Day at state parks, historic sites, wildlife areas and trails across the Empire State. Staff from State Parks and DEC, along with volunteers at many sites, lead these family-friendly walks and hikes, which range from one to five miles depending on the location and conditions. Thank you to all that attended on January 1, 2020. Stay tuned for the list of January 1, 2021 hikes.

Hike With Us – Catskills

Ready to try hiking in the Catskills? Take one of the 15 guided hikes as part of the Hike With Us – Catskills program. This series of 15 beginner-level hikes is designed to provide a fun, safe, introductory experience

What Is the Importance of Recreational Activities?

Recreational activities are important for the physical and psychological wellbeing of people. If a person does not take time out from work, stress and other health problems are more apt to arise.

Recreation is an important process that helps refresh and reinvigorate both the body and mind. Most recreational activities take place in what is known as discretionary time, or time that a person has when he does not have any responsibilities to attend to at the moment.

Recreational activities can range from physical actions such as team sports to playing in the park or taking a hike in nature. They can also refer to exercise such as visiting the gym or running on a trail. These activities allow people to use their bodies and increase their levels of personal fitness for health-related reasons.

Some forms of recreational activities do not need to be physical at all. These activities can help improve cognitive function and take stress off of a person who thinks about work all of the time. Some non-physical recreational activities include trivia nights, card games, board games and even video games.

Recreational activities also offer people a great way to socialize and meet others they would normally not have contact with in their daily lives.

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Monmouth County Park System Activities Therapeutic Recreation

 staff honored
The Park System’s Therapeutic Recreation division was recently honored with the NJRPA Excellence in Health & Wellness Programming Award for its Senior Hikers Program.

Our Mission

The mission of the Therapeutic Recreation Division is to provide access to recreational opportunities for Monmouth County residents with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (I/DD) in order to enhance physical, cognitive, emotional and social functioning, as well as a sense of belonging to the community.

About Therapeutic Recreation

We provide specialized year-round recreation programs for individuals with special needs and are also available to recommend other appropriate Park System programs, community links and support. Our office is located at the Dorbrook Recreation Area Activity Center, Colts Neck. Dorbrook is also home to the Park System’s Challenger Place Playground and Sprayground.

Phone: 732-460-1167, ext. 22, 23 & 24
Fax: 732-460-1168
Email: Therapeutic.Recreation@monmouthcountyparks.com

Inclusion Services and Supports

It is the philosophy of the Monmouth County Park System to provide modifications for individuals with disabilities (who meet minimum eligibility requirements – with or without a modification – documented for the specific program) to participate in regular Park System programs. It is our intent to provide a safe, successful and enjoyable experience for all.

We understand that not every person with a special need desires specialized programming.  Therefore, through our Inclusion Process we will assist and advise prospective participants and families who are interested in general recreation programs offered through the Park System. 

Learn more about available services, supports and accommodations.

Summer Camp  

Summer Camps

The Therapeutic Recreation Division offers several exciting options for individuals looking to partake in summer camp day programs.

Learn all about our camp offerings here!  

Adult Day Services

Our day programs for adults are designed to provide comprehensive individual services for adults with I/DD in our community. We are an approved DDD/Medicaid Provider in the Supports and Community Care (CCP) Programs.

Learn more about our adult day service offerings.  

Group Programs 

Kids on the Block

Kids on the Block   
KOTB is an interactive puppet show designed to teach children about acceptance. A Japanese style of puppetry called Bunraku is used to bring the puppets to life and helps to create an atmosphere where children feel comfortable with the characters in the show.

Topics available include:

  • Visual Impairment
  • Autism
  • Down Syndrome
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Being the Sibling of a Child with Special Needs
  • Teasing
  • Obesity
  • And More

Each show typically consists of three program topics and runs approximately 60 minutes. There is a limit of two shows per day. The maximum group size per show is 75.


Spray and Play

Spray and Play is available to organized groups serving individuals with special needs. The program allows special needs groups access to Dorbrook Recreation Area’s Sprayground facility during a designated time while being closed to the general public. The Sprayground combines water fun with the safety of a cushiony surface. Our intent is to provide an environment that is not over-stimulating and enables children to interact and learn appropriate play with the

Aspen Parks & Recreation – Aspen, Colorado Sports & Activities

Facility Closures

Aspen Ice Garden
is currently closed and
will be closed
from Thursday, March 12, 2020 – Thursday, April 30, 2020

The Aspen Ice Garden is closed until further notice. Thank you.

Golf Simulator
is currently closed and
will be closed
from Thursday, March 12, 2020 – Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Aspen Golf Simulator is closed for the season, thank you.

is Currently Closed

The City of Aspen is working hard to protect the health of our community & visitors and to that end you will see that we have closed various City facilities to the public starting on 3/12/2020:

The Aspen Recreation Center, Red Brick Gym, Aspen Ice Garden, Aspen Golf Simulator, and Red Brick Center for the Arts are closed until further notice. Please know all Recreation Passes will be extended for the amount of time the facilities are closed. Thank you.

Red Brick

is Currently Closed

The City of Aspen is working hard to protect the health of our community & visitors and to that end you will see that we have closed various City facilities to the public starting on 3/12/2020:

The Aspen Recreation Center, Red Brick Gym, Aspen Ice Garden, and Red Brick Center for the Arts are closed until further notice. Thank you.

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Recreational Areas and Activities | USAGov

Learn how to get passes for national and state parks, wildlife refuges, and other federal recreation sites. Explore a variety of outdoor recreational activities, like camping, fishing, and more.

National and State Park Passes

The National Park Service and each of the 50 states operate their own park systems with different fees and types of passes. National and state parks do not accept each other’s passes.

National Park Pass (America the Beautiful)

An America the Beautiful pass allows you to enter 2,000 federal recreation areas. This includes national parks, national wildlife refuges, and national forests. You can’t use the pass at state parks.

There are several types of America the Beautiful passes:

  • The Annual Pass, available to anyone 16 and older for $80
  • A Lifetime Senior Pass for $80 or an Annual Senior Pass for $20 for ages 62 and older
  • A free lifetime Access Pass for people with disabilities
  • Free annual passes for the military, fourth graders, and volunteers

Visit the National Park Service website for information on how to get each type of pass.

State Park Pass

There are more than 10,000 state parks in the U.S. Every state has its own state park system and most charge entrance fees. Many sell annual passes for all state parks in their state. Some sell passes for individual parks or for regions within their state, such as the Lake Tahoe region in California. Some states don’t charge entrance fees for their parks, so they don’t sell entrance passes.

State parks passes can only be used at a specific state’s parks. They can’t be used at national parks located within that state, and they can’t be used at another state’s parks.

Many states offer free or discounted annual passes for special groups such as:

  • Veterans
  • Seniors
  • People with disabilities

The details are different for every state. Visit the state parks website of the state you’re interested in to learn about its fees and passes.

Find a Recreational Area

The United States is filled with nationally- and state-designated recreational areas. These places have special natural, cultural, or historic significance. They offer a variety of activities, and many are free.

Find information and services at Recreation.gov for trip planning, reservations, and more. Learn about parks, forests, monuments, and other public lands across the U.S. and its territories. You can also explore these other options:

Parks and Forests

  • National Parks – There are more than 400 national parks protecting treasured landscapes and historic areas. Find a national park in your state or one you’re planning to visit.
  • State Parks – Each state has its own system of parks with camping, activities, and historic places.
  • National Forests – Discover national forests and grasslands, home to 150,000 miles of trails, 57,000 miles of streams, 122 alpine ski areas, 439 wilderness areas, and 122 wild and scenic rivers.

Monuments and Historic Sites

Protected Land Areas, Fishing Sanctuaries, and Wildlife Refuges

  • Marine Sanctuaries – Enjoy the beauty and variety of marine life, and the cultural significance of shipwrecks,

What Activities Should Hotels Contemplate?

Operating a hotel or motel can be a profitable enterprise, however there is just about no end of upkeep, service and repairs that need to be addressed with the intention to preserve your prospects satisfied and earnings rolling in. Some of the most probably costly and time consuming hotel upkeep involves plumbing and drain cleaning, and the multitude of various corporations that supply these providers could make it tough to search out the very best deal. 4. Hotel guests would really like a member of the employees to be available for help 24 hours a day. Typically the bizarre location of a restaurant can grow to be a promoting point. As a way to market your companies to the hospitality industry, you want to meet the planners and executives of hotels.

Finest enterprise hotels often provide transportation shuttles to main business areas, or help travelers with securing taxis or personal vehicles. Most hotels have strict insurance policies on what kind and measurement of pets they allow. The other methods are by making booklets containing details about the hotels and accommodation amenities accessible at prepare and bus stations.

In case you are planning to display your products and services to the hospitality business, you want to strategy hotel planners. Simple Transportation: Business travelers have to be locations on time and with minimal hassle. This will result in higher publicity of your providers to folks in the hospitality business.

This contains comfy beds with clear sheets, high pace web access within the room, access to movies, full bathroom services, free native calls, continental breakfasts, newspaper within the morning exterior the door, get up name service, alarm clock, hair dryer, espresso maker or complimentary espresso, iron and ironing board, and air-conditioning.

Why don’t we go together to see extra what to think about when to decide on the perfect hotels for business journey. In a time when companies throughout the world are struggling, making an attempt to achieve a aggressive benefit is significant and for hotels, getting their hotel communications right permits them to do that.…

Record Of Recreational Activities

Recreation is anything that is stimulating and rejuvenating for an individual. 5. Recreation and leisure actions will help alleviate melancholy. Sports activities and youth activities provide leadership development for adults and children. I would have to say that my faveorite thing on my listing of recreational activities would have to say an excellent previous day at the movie theater.

Partying is a recreational exercise, and one which (normally) makes us pleased and offers us a feeling of social connection. Therapists will interact in leisure activities with the patron to improve leisure expertise and practice social skills in the moment.

After faculty activities for youngsters like decide-up basketball, chess tournaments, and band apply are useful recreational activities. There are additionally a large number of games for fewer opponents, sports like tennis, badminton and desk tennis. Nonetheless, jousting tournaments, searching tournaments, and the earliest forms of chess, checkers, and different video games developed throughout this time.

There are in fact some obvious solutions to what is sports activities and physical recreation. The people worked laborious, the Church forbade many forms of leisure, but there have been nonetheless leisure pastimes to assist develop the growing history of leisure and recreation.

Thus, people who had labored from dawn to dusk on farms in rural England, moved to the massive city, obtained jobs in factories, and had leisure time away from their jobs. Some surfaces are merely clean surfaces without holes, and the air is generated by a battery-operated air hockey sport puck that generates its own cushion of air.…

What Is Sports activities And Physical Recreation?

There are literally many different snowboarding associations out there on this planet at the moment. Some solitary examples of recreational activities embrace reading a e-book, or taking a trip to the library. Sports activities activities enhance large motor talent development and social expertise. Group sports activities are well-known for selling social assist, networking, and developing friendships.

So that may be the true reply to what is sports and bodily recreation, something that takes some type of bodily activity. Participation in recreational activities improves psychological health, as properly. Examples of recreational activities in an organized fashion happen in nearly each establishment we come throughout.

After school activities for children like choose-up basketball, chess tournaments, and band practice are helpful recreational actions. There are additionally a lot of games for fewer opponents, sports activities like tennis, badminton and desk tennis. Nevertheless, jousting tournaments, looking tournaments, and the earliest forms of chess, checkers, and different video games developed during this time.

There are in fact some obvious solutions to what’s sports and physical recreation. The people labored laborious, the Church forbade many types of entertainment, but there have been nonetheless leisure pastimes to help develop the rising historical past of leisure and recreation.

Once more, research exhibits that older people who take part in recreational actions have higher coping behaviors in response to anxious life occasions and day by day frustrations. Ask them about what they do for fun (sports activities, hobbies, volunteering, youngsters’ actions) and talk about things you have got in widespread or that you simply want to attempt someday.…