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Travel Industry Aces Talk About Bucket List Destinations

Staying curious, with a persistent urge to learn about other cultures, destinations, and landscapes is what will connect us as humans during these uncertain times when we have to stick closer to home to be safe. Currently, we can’t cross many international borders, but we can continue to dream about far-flung locales, discover the extraordinary bits, and map out our next adventure for when travel is given a green light again.

Syncing up with travel writers, editors, and public relations professionals, several bucket-list destinations have been highlighted. Read about countries across the globe and American national parks that have gathered these industry champions into their collective grasps, keeping them engaged and absorbed. Antarctica, Rajasthan, Patagonia, Montana, Peru—these are some of the dreamy locales that have captivated these tourism industry mavens, giving them indelible memories to draw upon, even now, while safely situated at home.

Bucket List Destination: Antarctica

Years ago, my boyfriend, also a travel writer, invited me to accompany him on a dream trip to Antarctica. I hadn’t even thought to have put it on my bucket list at that point, as it seemed to be such an epic and out-of-reach destination in my mind. It was even more captivating up close and in person with its ice-choked passages, stunning icebergs, charismatic wildlife, and bergy bits. I was in a perpetual state of awe and have longed to return ever since. That trip was also the last time I was able to fully disconnect and be entirely present in the moment. I believe a satellite phone was our only workable means of communication. It truly is the last frontier. 

Heather Mikesell is the Co-Founder of Well Defined, a new destination for all things related to wellness. Mikesell, the former editor-in-chief of American Spa magazine, is an award-winning journalist and content strategist, skilled in writing, editing, and media relations. As a freelance writer, she has contributed to Elite Traveler, Islands, Kiwi, Luxury Travel Advisor, Organic Spa, Porthole Cruise, Travel Agent, abcnews.com, jetsetter.com, outside.com, and wellandgood.com

Favorite Travel Quote: 

“A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles.”—Tim Cahill

Bucket List Destination: Yellowstone National Park—Wyoming, Montana, Idaho

During these challenging times, I find myself daydreaming of past visits to one of North America’s great wilderness destinations, Yellowstone National Park. It might seem counterintuitive, after so many months of quarantine and social distancing, to fantasize about returning to a place that encompasses over two million acres of remote backcountry and wide-open space, and yet, Yellowstone still calls.

The world’s very first national park (established in 1872 by Ulysses Grant) is an outdoor lover’s paradise that offers a very rare combination of dramatic Rocky Mountain landscapes, incredibly unique geology

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