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The vacation rental industry has grown leaps and bounds over the past 10 years. Many U.S. families have started to shift away from the non-family orientation of
hotels and into the family environment behind a vacation home. After the decline in home sales in 2008, realtors began to see more profit in renting vacation rentals
vs commissions from sales, causing an influx in market competition. With so much competition in a market that was already growing, it became clear that a streamlined
process needed to be created. That’s where we came in.

For the last 10 years, Streamline has worked tirelessly to simplify the vacation rental management process. Our quality suite of programs has made it easier
than ever before to manage a large volume of properties by providing property managers with every function they may need. As you’ll see, this is truly the all-in-one
software suite you have been looking for!

Lead Management: Creating a quote and responding to a quote request can become your first impression to a client, and is thus one of the most
important parts of any vacation rental management software. With Streamline, a quote can be automatically generated within seconds by our system or your sales
agents can generate a personalized quote under a minute. That means no more manually responding to leads, no more manual price calculation, and no more copy
and pasting!

Websites: For us and many others in the industry, website design is a constant study on what works to attract the demographic you target, and
“what works” constantly changes. However, with Streamline, you can be secure in the knowledge that we have taken the extra step to stay ahead of the curve.
From desktop computer, to tables, to mobile responsive websites. Each one has unique visitors.

Responsive/Adaptive Websites: Google put their foot down in April. They made it public that they give more weight to phone searches for websites
that are responsive and adaptive. As mentioned above, we stay abreast of these changes in website design, and have made certain all our current and potential
clients were ready for this latest evolution. We did this by creating a great suite of responsive and adaptive websites, so you can stay in Google’s
good graces.

Trust Accounting: This is a critical component to your company. Operating in trust is extremely similar to running a title company, which manages
escrow. Fortunately, when you have the right technology in place, this is easily accomplished with little effort. That’s why Streamline provides the technology and
the functionality for trust accounting.

Distribution Channels: It’s very important to diversify your portfolio and consider every possible booking source! To help you
achieve that end, we integrate with the most powerful distribution channels in the industry to help generate as many bookings as possible., AirBnB,
Expedia, Homeaway, VRBO and the list goes on and on. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Automate, distribute and increase bookings.

Partners: We surround ourselves with innovation and utilize those partners who dedicate their technology to specific areas. Automated locks,
distribution channels, full home management, yield management, electronic signatures, powerful marketing software like NAVIS, integrated email newsletter capability,
and more. These are just some of the partners that we utilize to improve your vacation rental management company.

CRM: Everyone advertises that they provide a CRM. With our mobile apps and our powerful automated document system, you are able to build stronger relationships.
Profiling guests for targeted marketing is extremely critical. As a property manager, a small investment in your most loyal customers will go a long way. Remember,
repeat business will change your “stress level”.

Document System: We have created a document system that is driven by triggers. These triggers are any relationship to a reservation, owner activity,
housekeeping actions, maintenance activity. Once the trigger takes place, the document is sent out, automating the process so you can spend less time manually
dealing with certain tasks. These are custom documents that are created dynamically and created by YOU for YOU. Days before check-in, days after check-out,
lead management status, hours a reservation has been on hold and the list is extensive are just a few documents you can create with our powerful system.
The right trigger will go a long way.

P.O.S.: Streamline also offers an advanced point of sale system, which allows you to keep inventory. Many clients use this feature for running
their small shops or sales at their vacation rental offices. You can take in inventory to enable you to do average costing, create triggers to notify you
when specific items need to be replenished, and even integrate this feature with your maintenance area to manage that critical light bulb inventory!

Reporting Suite: Our extensive list of reports allow you to understand how your company is performing. And, while you are able to create your
own custom reports, our reports will provide you with the information you need to understand your performance. Our revenue forecasting report allows you to see
into the future for company and individual units, while pacing reports enable you to compare today vs last year on this date. We help you understand where your
business is coming from, and if any significant shifts! You may be doing a lot better than you think!

Monthly Owner Statements: Enter any fees you want to charge your owners, define your date range, click generate and approve them. That’s it.
No need to go into Quickbooks or any other third party software. For those of us who truly want to Streamline this process, set up ACH and you don’t even have
to pick up the checks at the printer! It’s that simple. ACH will deposit money directly into their account.

Vendor Payables: Streamline has a very powerful vendor payables system, which allows you to pay vendors and keep a historical list of payments for
those vendors who think they were not paid! How convenient would it be to pay your owners and your vendors with a few clicks and the confidence that they were paid with ACH?

Payment Types: We allow you to pay owners and vendors via checks and ACH. Print your check, align your delivery address and send your checks!
These checks will be logged into the owner statements which will allow them to see what check was used to pay them.

Bulk Mail: Our custom bulkmail system, replaces third party systems and allows you to create dynamic lists to target specific niches.
Target marketing works!

Yielding: Our industry and other industries have historically increased their revenues by yielding their rates. Yielding rates is a constant study
and evaluation of pricing and occupancy in your area. Studying the supply and demand curves in your home locations, allows you to maximize your revenue!

Vision: Our vision is to create a software system that provides property managers with exactly what they need to operate as efficiently as possible.

“By property managers, For property managers” is not just a slogan. It is what has made Streamline the fastest growing property management software in
the industry. We are committed to grow technically, creatively and innovatively as we move into the future. The moment you feel that you have reached the top, you will
begin a quick descent to the bottom. Surround yourself with the best and they will always challenge you to create new ideas and continue to be the best. This also comes
with a commitment to deliver industry leading customer service and groundbreaking property management solutions to our valued partners”.

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